1. Y

    The 1258 Mongol Grand Invasion of the Song

    I wanted to examine the dispositions of the 1258 war in more detail, since apparently there is limited analysis in western sources for this very interesting war. Everyone seems to allocate little attention to it since we know from hindsight that Mongke Khan died a year in and the war was called...
  2. R

    Could the Southern Song have held out against the Yuan in the long run?

    How could the Southern Song have held out vs. the Yuan for another 40 or 50 more years, until such a time that the Yuan is in the hands of less capable kings, by using the Yangtze as a defence like and using the mountainous terrain of Southern China to its advantage.
  3. W

    On the topic of Song Dynasty vs Mongols

    I've noticed that certain anti-China trolls on this forum have repeatedly brought up the fact that Song was conquered by the Mongols and use it to ridicule the weakness of Chinese. And when I brought up the fact that the Song resisted the Mongols for nearly half a century before it finally fell...
  4. K

    Help! What song is this?

    I went to the Stinson Pioneer Museum in January. I would like to know what song is playing on this Edison 1893(?) Record Player. If anyone knows it, please let me know! Thanks! vQKvlCu9xMI
  5. T

    Song China Chronicles: Who was Sri Deva?

    After the Chola invasion of Southeast Asia during the reign of Rajendra Chola in 1025 CE the Chinese court complained that the number of foreign delegations have decreased lately. But in 1028 CE an embassy from Srivijaya in Southeast reached the Song court. The Song chronicles mention that the...
  6. S

    Is this reconstructed Song Dynasty heavy infantry armor historically accurate?

    IMO the reconstruction is very well-done, what do you think?
  7. F

    Southern Song government in exile in Taiwan

    Suppose Song regime was as shrewd as Kuomintang regime was when its situation in China Proper was getting worse and worse, what would be the maximum Song population, personnel, and treasure evacuated to Taiwan? Could Taiwan and Japan form a defensive alliance against Mongols?
  8. M

    1207 AD: Jin and Song China receive advanced technology

    (1207) Four years before the Mongol Invasion of the Jin Dynasty of China a Time-Traveller gives advance technology to the Chinese Specifically, he gives the Jin and Song Dynasties 18th-Century Muskets, Cannons and lots of papers regarding the metallurgy and manufacturing processes for the...
  9. F

    How did the Mongols defeat Song Dynasty guns?

    This might be a stupid question. The Song Dynasty had the first guns, albeit very primitive ones. Were these guns just not powerful enough to repel the Mongols? Because the Mongols had no such gunpowder weapons until they got them from the Song Chinese. These were hand cannons.
  10. Wenge

    Your Favorite Beatles Song

    The Beatles made many of the best songs of the Rock n Roll Era. My two favorites are Help and A Day in the Life. Above all Help is my favorite Beatles song. The Vic Flick intro grabs it for me and makes me want to listen to more. For me Vic Flick is the greatest guitarist of all time.
  11. VHS

    What was the Song Dynasty really like?

    In spite of losing the equestrian areas of present Northern China and Northwest China, the Song Dynasty still controlled the most productive areas of China: The area behind the Gobi desert and the Tibetan plateau. It is widely considered to be a time of great cultural achievements, relatively...
  12. Z

    Later Han dynasty: translation of Huangfu Song's and Zhu Jun's HHS biography

    Hello all, Not so long ago I posted a link to a translation of He Jin's biography from the website Gongjin's Campaign Memorials. Since then, two more biographies from the same book, History of the Later Han have been translated: the biography of Zhu Jun and the biography of Huangfu Song. Like...
  13. VHS

    State of Song During the Eastern Zhou Period

    The State of Song during the Eastern Zhou Period was a fascinating case in many ways: It was the descendant of the Shang Dynasty, and it had the highest noble rank of duke among the vessels of the Zhou Dynasty. Other high vessels were marquises at best. In spite of its small size, it attempted...
  14. Strontium90

    Song about slavery in USA

    "Discovered" this performer a few weeks ago when doing banjo research. Her name is Rhiannon Ghiddens, an expert musician (Fiddle, banjo, etc) and singer. This song is called "Julie" and it's about a slave couple being separated by force. Pretty nice singing/banjo! PjI-B6O-ajA
  15. King Zog


    Hi! I'm very fond of Albanian history and I wish to learn more about it. My favorite ruler is King Zog (obviously). Right now I'm trying to find the lyrics to D1C-Y5MHwu8 this song. I'm also trying to learn Albanian.
  16. King Zog

    Please help me find lyrics to an Albanian song

    Hello! I have searched the internet for the lyrics to a song called "rritu biri i nënës" but I have not found anything. So I was wondering if any of you knew the lyrics? Thanks! P.S. I am new to this website, but I know how this will go, as my first times on forum websites always lead to...
  17. VHS

    Northern Song aided Liao Dynasty against the Jurchens?

    In a matter of fact, Northern Song Dynasty enjoyed a more peaceful relationship with Liao Dynasty than Southern Song Dynasty with the Jin Dynasty. Now, if Northern Song aided Liao Dynasty against the Jurchens, what might have happened? Note: Liao Dynasty was quite rotten at that point already.
  18. VHS

    Imagine Kievan Rus with population, technologies, and economy of the Song Dynasty

    Kievan Rus was very much Russia in medieval time, without Siberia. If it had the population, technologies, and economy of the Song Dynasty, would it be able to take over Europe? Of course, Kievan Rus was not a centralized state like the Song Dynasty. When most people talk about small medieval...
  19. R

    Industrial revolution in Song dynasty

    Is it true that the Song Dynasty was close to an industrial revolution of its own?
  20. Americanknight

    What's your favorite middle aged song?

    I was just wanting to know, what was/is ur favorite song of the Middle Ages? To kick off mine is palastinalied. Original version: Nû lebe ich mir alrêrst werde, sît mîn sündic ouge sihet daz hêre lant und ouch die erde, der man vil der êren gihet. Nû ist geschehen, des ich ie bat: ich bin komen...