1. K

    Bulgarian patriotic songs

    Exactly today in Bulgaria we remember our freedom fighters.. _o6eXI4Ay5A EsbNq5TUUJA I think we all need a little bit more patriotism than most of us do have now....
  2. Tulius

    Protest songs

    In the 60’s and 70’s we saw the rising of the genre of Protest Songs with strong social motivations, generally more connected with the left wing part of the political spectre. I think that some of these songs are like landmarks for the time period and with would be interesting to post here...
  3. Americanknight

    What's your favorite middle aged song?

    I was just wanting to know, what was/is ur favorite song of the Middle Ages? To kick off mine is palastinalied. Original version: Nû lebe ich mir alrêrst werde, sît mîn sündic ouge sihet daz hêre lant und ouch die erde, der man vil der êren gihet. Nû ist geschehen, des ich ie bat: ich bin komen...
  4. EmperorTigerstar

    Love Songs Made Before 1930

    What are some notable love (as in romantic, not familial or religious) songs of history made before the 1930s? One notable one is the 1910 song "By the Old Mill Stream" by Tell Taylor, which was covered by many people in the pre-Rock era.
  5. W

    Work Shanties and Other Sea Songs

    Thought I might open up a thread for those who enjoy sea shanties or any other music related to working on the water. It's a genre with plenty of history attached so I figure this is a good place to share the songs. :) I've a great-grandfather who worked on whaling ships, so here's a couple of...
  6. EmperorTigerstar

    Songs or Albums that Really Changed History

    What songs or albums really changed history? Not necessarily the history of how music is done but something on a national or international scale. Obviously Elvis' first few songs and albums as well as the Beatles did it on many cultural levels in not just music but in how celebrities work and...
  7. heirtothewind

    Popular songs of the 40s and early 50s

    Once upon a time, song lyrics were short, understandable, and made sense. Some of my favorites are- MARGARET WHITING Tree in the Meadow; Far Away Places; Til We Meet Again; Now Is the Hour PATTI PAGE Changing Partners, Tennessee Waltz; Mockingbird Hill FELICIA SANDERS Song from Moulin Rouge...
  8. Basileios Demetriades

    Folk Songs and Stories about Incest, Cannibalism and Death

    I know some good Greek ones. I will present them in the original Greek and I will translate them in English for you. Feel free to contribute with nice stuff from your countries. Here is a kinky one :o There was a nun who had a beautiful and brave son and the whole country desired him deeply...
  9. Zhang LaoYong

    Hilarious British War Songs!

    I guess it must be the amount of Hitler and WWII Nazi threads around here (normal for a history site I guess), but I was thinking about this hilarious song I heard at a WWII reenactment battle down in Austin, Texas: "Hitler Has Only Got One Ball" Hitler, has only got one ball, Göring, has two...
  10. Kristov

    Songs with History References?

    Hello, I am a music and history fan, looking for both of them! I know there is "Iron Maiden - Alexander" But that's all I know at the moment, I would like to listen to some other songs like that. If you know any please tell me! Thanks :D
  11. Mark Jessop

    France of the 1780s: scandals, songs, and libelles

    (Dedicated to 'Axel') This 23 minute episode gives an overview to the many forms of libelous material that France hungers for in the run up to the Revolution, just before the Affair of the Diamond Necklace. Either through songs, epigrams, pamphlets, or books there is a whole range of...
  12. Glauk


    Albanian folk music falls into three sylistic groups, with other important music areas around Shkodër and Tirana; the major groupings are the Ghegs of the north and southern Labs and Tosks. The northern and southern traditions are contrasted by the "rugged and heroic" tone of the north and the...
  13. JTWuest

    Songs that tell a story

    This thread is inspired by Von Ranke's. But this one is for song's that tell a story, my favorite kind. My absolute favorite song that tells a story is "The Armadillo Jackal" by Robert Earl Keen. One thing I really like about this song is how comparable the topic is to the fur trade of the...
  14. The merchant of Venice

    Propaganda songs

    What are in your opinion the best (from an artistic perspective) propaganda songs? Not only only by regimes, but from any political movements (hymns of partisans like Bella Ciao for example) :) One example is Giovinezza, Italian Fascist part official hymn Giovinezza - YouTube Should be...
  15. Von Ranke

    Rebel songs from your country.

    Here are a few from the British Isles to get the ball rolling : Robert Burns: Ye Jacobites By Name - YouTube The Dubliners - The Merry Ploughboy 1973 - YouTube GLYNDWR v MORTIMER - BATTLE OF PILLETH - YouTube Hanging On The Old Barbed Wire - YouTube
  16. M

    Secret Songs

    Hey! I'm wondering if anyone knows of such a thing as a 'secret song'. I read somewhere the Vatican had a certain composition that it kept the score for, and that it jealously guarded. Does anyone know of anything similar to this? And how feasible, common, etc., is it for this type of thing?
  17. Von Ranke

    I am sick to the back teeth of happy songs.

    I have noticed with a sense of smug satisfaction that there are a few fellow curmudgeons on the forum. This thread is dedicated to us. I will kick it off with the brilliantly depressing Road to Hell by Chris Rea and I am sure you can all merrily join in with your own favourite downers :) Chris...
  18. Salah

    Songs with Historical Relevance

    Can you give us any examples of songs or music that would have been familiar to historical figures? Here's several versions of a Northern favorite during the American Civil War, 'John Brown's Body'. It was a song about the abolitionist John Brown that inspired a variety of comic spoofs (for...
  19. Y

    Songs Across the World and across Time

    I thought some people might like to post not folk or ethnic just pure pure rock pop punk heavy funk etc... songs from around the world from any time (I'm in for the oldies). Because I surely would and would also like to learn and hear: Czech Republic:
  20. spellbanisher

    Poems, Passages, and Songs

    Post your favorite poems, passages, and song lyrics here Excerpt of "Howl" from Allen Ginsberg First sentence is like 10 pages long.