1. S

    Plebeian Tribunate Source Question

    I remember, but can no longer locate, an ancient text which tells of a late-Republican candidate for the plebeian tribunate who presented himself like an earliest tribune with growing hair, a ragged toga, staring eyes etc. while canvassing for the office. Where do I find the passage in...
  2. R

    What is the Earliest Source of the Ramakatha.

    The Valmiki Ramayana is generally dated from roughly 200 BCE to about 400 CE. My question is... apart from the Valmiki Ramayana, what is the earliest actual evidence we have for the Ramakatha. Does Panini mention anything about Rama, or perhaps does some other ancient author mention about Rama...
  3. Y

    Please help me find the source of this statue

    Whats the name of that status? couldnt find the original pic. thanks in advance :)
  4. R

    Academic Guidance Question for Historians: Footnotes and Interpretation of Source

    Hi all, I have a bit of a technical question about constructing narrative while writing as a historian (I guess it also applies to other humanities). This never really occurred to me as an issue during undergrad and graduate school while writing my thesis, but I have noticed now as I revise my...
  5. Tammuz

    Antique Mystery Cults as a Source of Christian Ideas

    The ancient mystery cults cannot be overestimated as a direct source of some central Christian ideas. See for example Paul´s 1 Cor: 16 a The cup of blessing that we bless, is it not a participation in the blood of Christ? b The bread that we break, is it not a participation in the body of...
  6. Lord Fairfax

    Wikipedia - A reliable source?

    There was a discussion started on another thread about Wiki, so to avoid dragging that one off topic I'll repost here. convenient yes, reliable no. There are numerous inaccuracies and unreliable analysis in Wiki. Level of protection do not ensure accuracy, they often allow privileged users to...
  7. B

    Seeking source about a certain theme in african mythology

    Is there any truth to this? Can someone point out a link or book which supports it?
  8. I

    Byzantine-Ottoman Wars Source

    What are some links or something of that sort that are based on primary sources (e.g. Letters)in the Byzantine-Ottoman Wars?
  9. ShadowSwordmaster

    Need Help finding a Primary Source for the Terracotta Army

    I'm doing a small research paper on the Terracotta Army and need help finding some primary sources for it. Can you help me?
  10. R

    Many faiths, one source

    Hello, This post is intended mostly for theists. Atheists and agnostics may certainly reply, but respectfully, please. I am only expressing my own opinions here, not making any categorical claims or desiring to enter into debate on the various arguments for theism or atheism. It is my personal...
  11. Banastre

    Research Source Access

    I finally found a (Banastre History) dedicated book at the British Library but can not get to it- Book ; Banastre Records. Records of the House and Family of Banastre. Now spelt also Banister, Banaster, Bannister, Banester, etc. ... With numerous illustrations. Arthur Bryan I'ANSON London ...
  12. H

    no original source says tibet is a protectorate of china

    although might have been commonly perceived wrongly and/or misunderstood, but there is no original source speaks that tibet is a protectorate of china. in contrast, all *original* source on tibet-china speaks that tibet is a *territory* of china. such misunderstanding is observed there, in...
  13. B

    Achyuta Rayabhyudaya as a Historical Source

    Could someone provide me an assessment of Achyuta Rayabhyudaya of Rajanatha as a historical source? I read that it is of significant historical value for the reign of Vijayanagar emperor Achyuta Raya but does it deal primarily with historical events? I'm willing to give it a read if I somehow...
  14. B

    Help with source material about Soviet intervention in Warsaw Uprising

    Hey! This is my first post to the forum. I'm an high school student and have decided to write an essay about soviet intervention in the Warsaw uprising of 1944. I am looking for good sources (of any form e.g books, articles, documentaries, speeches) from which I can find information(of varying...
  15. Aham Brahmasmi

    Donald Trump says US should let Chinese keep the underwater drone they seized Source

    onald Trump has said the US should let the Chinese keep the underwater drone they seized off the coast of the Philippines last week. The president-elect, who used Twitter to condemn the Chinese for seizing the drone in the first place, used the same platform to re-enter the fray later in the...
  16. Azad67

    Inside the Quest to Save Afghanistan’s Bactrian Gold

    Inside the Quest to Save Afghanistan?s Bactrian Gold
  17. Swagganaut

    Source hunting for Medieval Central Sudan (Ca. 500 - 1500 AD)

    As already announced some days ago, I want to write a paper on the Kingdom of Alodia (Aka Alwa or Aloa), a Christian Nubian Kingdom which lasted from the 6th - early 16th century in what is now central Sudan. In contrast to Makuria the sources are fairly spare, especially archaeological ones...
  18. J

    Need source for Demosthenes quote

    I just came across a quote from Demosthenes that I'd like to track down, though the author did not give a citation. It starts out: „In früherer Zeit war es anders als jetzt. Damals war Alles, was dem Staate angehörte, reich und glänzend...." My rough translation: „In earlier times, it was...
  19. H

    What is the source of this picture?

    I've seen this picture sometimes in books and on web. It is usually shown in flat earth context. Somewhere it says it's medieval's view of Earth but is this really from those times or what times and place and context was this made for?
  20. Asherman

    Primary Source Fragment from Boxer Relief Expedition in 1900

    Historians prize primary sources, but as noted elsewhere primary sources are only as good as the informant. Often the data is poorly presented and sketchy. Dates and places are often wrong, and we become frustrated that the report leaves out the stuff we are most interested in. Here is an...