1. J

    Essay Question Title: What source problems do we face in reconstructing early Republican history?

    Currently struggling on an essay title for some university course work. Anyone got any, strong, deceptive strong points for me to work off? Currently, I'm writing a paragraph about how Virtus Romana affected non-contemporary historians and therefore our reconstruction of the period. Any points...
  2. Voltaires Hat

    Sources/Conjecture on the Social History of Pre-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa

    The reading I've done on Africa to date suggests to me that the pre-colonial history of sub-saharan Africa is quite incomplete. Just wondering if anyone can reference me to some sources or good reading on this topic that are less political/geographical, more 'what was likely happening on the...
  3. Voltaires Hat

    How do historians study secondary sources?

    Caveat for this thread: it's not about academic guidance, I'm just a guy who's curious about the profession of historian. I've been reading a bunch of books that are targets for academics these days, many marked up university library books, and it's got me wondering about the mind of a...
  4. T

    seeking sources for all roman letters of correspondence (besides cicero and pliny)

    Hello, I am hoping to get some direction as to where I can find publications of extant roman correspondence. cicero and pliny are the most famous, and are easy to find, but I know much more exists from many more people. I just found out augustus himself has some existing letters. Does anyone...
  5. H

    Sources for education in Europe circa 1850-1950

    Where can I find a good source (doesn't have to be primary) that describes education in Europe (in Britain and France specifically) any time between 1850-1950?
  6. Z

    Primary Sources on Sengoky Jidai

    This may be a far-stretched question, but does anyone have any idea where I can find Primary sources on the Sengoku Jidai? I'm trying to find ones which cover Oda Nobunaga, however I can't find any. Any help is appreciated. Also, if anyone knows any books or papers on this period, or on Oda it...
  7. Princess Of Manchester

    Hey, I want to the study the popes. Does anyone know any online sources for me to loo

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  8. wskim

    What Are the Best Books and Sources on Liberian History for a Newbie to the Subject?

    I'm primarily interested in the early settlements of Americos, their early interactions with the natives and the pretty much anything prior to the 1980 Samuel Doe coupe. And why does Liberian history seem so overlooked?
  9. F

    Extraordinary physicality of certain ethnicities according to early foreign sources?

    Were ancient authors quite frank about their impressions of certain foreign ethnicities' enviable physique, athleticism, membrum virile, etc.? What are the most noteworthy accounts?
  10. A

    Sources on the Vietnam War

    I'm looking for recomendations on resources on the Vietnam War. I'm looking for two types of materials: 1. general overview Something that gives a general history of the war (prelude, the war itself and maybe a bit on the aftermath). Doesn't need to go into a great degree of detail and...
  11. Voltaires Hat

    Good sources on contemporary African politics, history, culture?

    Last year I subscribed to the American Publication 'Foreign Affairs' which often includes a sprinkling of articles on African politics and history. The articles that I've read in it so far are quite fascinating, and so I'm hoping to find other good sources of contemporary African history...
  12. J

    Books about ancient Vietnam (hopefully from Vietnamese sources)

    Hello all! In research for a podcast I am seeking books about Ancient Vietnam, specifically in the time before Colonial Indochina. I already have or know of: The Birth of Vietnam by K.W. Taylor Fire in the Lake: The Vietnamese and Americans in Vietnam by F. Fitzgerald Vietnam: A New...
  13. E

    Slavery - 18th century Britain - need of sources

    Hello everyone. I am a new person on this forum. I am a screenwriter from Russia. Currently started developing a screenplay for a feature film with the story happening in Western Africa and Britain in 1770 (+/-). I have several questions which I have not yet found answers to, so maybe someone...
  14. J

    Does anyone have good sources for England in 16th and 17th century

    Can anyone please give me some sources about England in 16th and 17th century.Preferably from the internet(not wikipedia).Books are fine too. Thanks
  15. T

    Sources for the Kingdom of Georgia?

    I've spent several hours now searching online for sources and books about medieval Georgia, however I've run into the problem that almost none of the sources I can find are available as eBooks or PDF, almost all of which are in print and a good portion of those in print are exclusively in...
  16. S

    Sources for Indo-Aryans?

    I don't know a lot about Asian history, so this is probably a very basic question. I'm listening to a history course on CD, and it gives some details about Indo-Aryan life and culture in modern day India and Pakistan between 1500-1000 BC. The presenter says that at least some of the...
  17. Y

    Sources on Hungarian revolution

    I'm looking for some good sources and information on the Hungarian revolution of 1956. Both good information on the build up to the revolution and how good information how the course of the fighting. It would also be nice if it isn't going to cost me too much :laugh:
  18. James Cook

    Sources for the decrees of Pope Innocent II

    I apologize for asking for sources, generally I refrain from doing this, but I can't seem to find the documents I want. Do you people know where I can find all of Pope Innocent II's decrees, even those relating to the Second Council of the Lateran (1139)?
  19. E

    Conflicting Primary Sources?

    I'm researching a local historical event - a riot that took place over 100 years ago. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of literature on the subject that I've been able to find - I haven't found even a general local history text that talks about the riot aside from some basic information. The...
  20. PoeticHoplite

    Roman Sources on "Noble Death" and Gladiatorial Games

    Hello everyone! I thought I would stop by the Ancient History forum to ask for direction and advice concerning some research I am conducting on ancient Rome. I am a student of history, and amateur when it comes to the ancient world, so I thought I would consult with you folks to see if you had...