1. Futurist

    Why did the Southeastern US's population grow much faster than the interior South's?

    Based on this map, you can see that the population of the Southeastern U.S.--specifically Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida--grew much faster than the population of the interior Southern U.S. (specifically U.S. states such as Alabama, Mississippi...
  2. Tsar

    The Balkans of yours

    I'd like to see what comes up to your mind when you read/hear "the Balkans". Where do you draw the borders? Which countries are "balkanic" and which are not? Are the Balkans European? And most importantly, what is the main factor of deciding what's "balkanic" and what's not? Also, I'd like to...
  3. O

    Did southeastern asians fight against Japanese in WW2?

    You know, during WW2, when japan tried to take over whole Asia, Chinese and Korean fought against japanese. but southeastern Asia? I wonder because I heard southeastern asian people are positive about Japanese colonial rule, which was pretty humiliating period for Korea and China. Did any...