1. Pillbox city

    Soviet prisons in the post-Stalin years

    In the Gulag Archipelago*, Soviet prisons and the gulag work camps were described in great detail and in how terrible it was to end up in one. However, I can't find much information of what it was like to get imprisoned in the USSR decades after Stalin's death, were Soviet prisons and work camps...
  2. SenatorIncitatus

    How would Europe changed if the soviets took Warsaw in 1920?

    In 1920 the Soviets pushed into Poland, putting in risk the existence of the country. But because of Stalin, who at the time was the political commissar of southern polish front, the troops were split (putting too much forces on the Lvov front), this event with logistical problems, let the...
  3. A

    what was happening with the army of the satellite states?

    I always think this and now that i have found this forum i registered and i asked the question. They were killed or annexed and were part of the Soviet Union or what? Thanks
  4. R

    Why did Soviet interrogators care if prisoners sign confessions?

    I'm reading "The Gulag Archipelago", which paints a bleak picture of the Soviet interrogation and gulag system. One thing that seems odd to me is the emphasis on having the suspect sign a confession, often written by the interrogator and having little relationship to reality. If the book is...
  5. Underground

    Invasion of Poland by Germany and Soviet Russia in 1939

    In September 1939 Berlin and Moscow jointly attacked Poland, starting the World War 2. They split Polish land into two parts and established brutal control including mass executions, deportation, etc. In addition, the Red Army occupied Western Belarus and Western Ukraine. It is...
  6. R

    Was a soft landing possible for the Soviet Economy?

    Was a soft landing or a gradual China style, or a Czech style transition into a market economy possible for Russia in the early 90s? Or was the Soviet economy so dysfunctional in the late 80s that shock therapy of the 90s was pretty much the least bad option, with a gradual transition to a...
  7. R

    Planned Soviet force structure for 90s?

    Assuming that the USSR did not collapse, what was the planned force structure for the Soviet Armed Forces for the 1990s and beyond? I heard that they planning a smaller force structure, with older weapons like the T-55 and T-72 replaced by a smaller number of more expensive and complex...
  8. Underground

    How many unemployed people were shot and killed in the Soviet Russia?

    I came across this document, and am wondering how many unemployed people were shot and killed in the Soviet Russia? Anyone has data on how many unemployed people were shot to death in 1970s? Or during other decades? This is what the form says (translated from Russian): 1. Full Name 2. Date...
  9. Futurist

    The largest post-WWII Soviet bloc if France doesn't fall in 1940?

    What is the largest post-WWII Soviet bloc that can be formed if France doesn't fall in 1940? As for my own thoughts on this, I think that, if France doesn't fall in 1940 and a long war subsequently occurs--with enough time for the Soviet Union to enter the war on the Anglo-French side--then the...
  10. D

    Soviet prisoners of war

    Stalin was envious of Zhukov's popularity and wanted to have him shot but feared trouble from the military. Yet, did the execution of the returning prisoners of war cause any unrest from the military? Did Zhukov and the other top officers protest, or did they support it? Other than Stalin, was...
  11. Pedro

    Brodsky- Soviet Artist

    I have thrown together 45 pages of the art work of Issac Brodsky one of the foremost representatives of Social Realism. It was the official rage at the time of the revolution. There is some text but I´ve kept it to a minimum. I know how y´all love it short. I´ve also tried to keep my tone...
  12. jameen

    US arms race with Soviet Union

    How come that the US did not become bankrupt like the Soviet Union during its arms race with the latter during the Cold War? how come the US maintain the good quality of life unlike the Soviet Union when having an arms race?
  13. L

    Soviet Invasion of Poland 1939

    I will respond here to some arguments commonly used by Russians to diminish their responsibility for the invasion: Everything was going more or less according to the new Polish High Command's Plan. The new plan (developed until 11.09.) was to withdraw to the so called Romanian Bridgehead...
  14. Davetron the great

    What if the Western Allies bombed soviet oil feilds in 1940?

    Take a look at this video 9mj7biOwRks What are the implications of a Soviet-Axis alliance -The Empire of Japan had a dispute on Attacking the US or The Soviets for resources if The Soviet Union was forced into an alliance with the Axis would pearl Harbor be Necessary ? -And if they did How...
  15. artistauthor

    Why were so FEW Soviet agents executed during the Cold War?

    I have just been reading(or full disclosure; rereading) the late Chapman Pincher's "Treachery: The Real History of MI5") and one thing struck me as curious- why were so FEW convicted Soviet agents in the West(esp the UK or USA) executed during the Cold War(with the salutary exception of Julius...
  16. Futurist

    A map of the Soviet border proposal in 1921?

    Does anyone here know of any maps of the Soviet proposal for the Soviet-Polish border in 1921? I had read that the Soviet proposal was more generous to Poland than what Poland ultimately accepted and that the National Democrats in Poland's legislature caused Poland to reject more generous peace...
  17. Futurist

    Russia regathers a lot of its lost territories after the collapse of the Soviet Union

    What if Russia would have regathered a lot of its lost territories after the collapse of the Soviet Union? What effects would this have on present-day Russia? Also, for the record, the scenario that I am thinking of here is having Hitler get killed in 1923. Thus, here is no World War II and no...
  18. maTiasddsm

    Did people of Prague DESTROY STREET SIGNS to confuse soviet invaders in 1968 “spring”

    Some years ago, in a school book, I read that during the so-called Prague Spring of 1968, the city's residents covered or destroyed all signs with references to streets and locations, leaving only those indicating how to get to Moscow. Or rather, how to get back to Moscow. I've been looking for...
  19. jameen

    WW2 Allied and Soviet forces clash

    Imagine if Allied and Soviet forces of World War 2 clash in a war w/o the use of nuclear bombs but only by means of using tanks, infantries, planes and naval assets. Who do you think will win in the end? Imagine for example if General Patton will fight the tanks of General Zhukov.
  20. Pedro

    Issak Brodsky Soviet Artist

    I have two images labeled the ¨wife of Isaak Brodsky¨. The names given are: 1. Tatyana Petrovna Myasoedova, 2. Lubov Makarovna Brodskaya Neither portrait looks like the same person. Even though Lyubov sounds like a term of endearment. Are these two names for the same person...