1. R

    What method did the Soviets use to nationalize industry?

    In agriculture the Soviet government simply encouraged the peasants to join collective farms as far as I know. In industry did they simply use a decree or some subtler methods?
  2. C

    Why did the Nazis prefer the Western Allies over the Soviets?

    In the European theater of WWII, the Nazis sent the bulk of their forces to the East for Operation Barbarossa; only a small percentage of the German military fought against the Western Allies (UK and USA). Hitler had also tried to bring peace between Germany and Britain, but those attempts kept...
  3. M

    Was Hitler Arrogant or Just Stupid to Think He Could Defeat the Soviets?

    The greatest martial mistake Hiter did was attacking the Soviets in the Second World War, however, I never understood why he thought that was a good idea. Was he just arrogant, and believed that the German Army was superior to the Soviets? Or did he believe that the Soviets would retreat deep in...
  4. T

    Would a combined German-Japanese attack put the Soviets in deep trouble in WW2

    While Germany are busy pushing back the Russians in 1941, what if both Germany and Japan agreed to make plans to carry out a 2 pronged attack on the Russians, in other words the Germans hammer the Russians in the west and then millions of Japanese soldiers come swooping in from the east, this is...
  5. B

    Why did the Soviets get so involved in the movie "Waterloo" 1970?

    They supplied 15,000 soldiers as extras, bulldozed two hills, and so on. Why were they so interested in the movie? I guess it showed Russian soldiers in France.
  6. grey fox

    What would have happened if the Soviets surrendered at Leningrad?

    Earlier tonight I discussed the Siege of Leningrad in World War 2 with my father. My father is not a World War II buff, and he does not know much about history. But my father said something that got my thinking. I mentioned how the Nazis besieged Leningrad in World War 2, and I mentioned how...
  7. Xenology

    Did the Soviets Spy on Their Own People?

    I have talked to ex USSR residents who said the Soviets never spied on the Soviet citizens. Is this true? Can anyone give detailed examples of when they did and books explaining it?
  8. grey fox

    What would have happened to Hitler if the Soviets had captured him?

    The Soviet military entered Berlin in April 1945, and Adolf Hitler committed suicide then. What if Hitler had no committed suicide and the Soviets captured him? What would have happened to Hitler if the Soviet military captured him?
  9. grey fox

    Why didn't the Nazis just buy/trade for oil from the Soviets?

    All my life I have read and heard that one of the main reasons, perhaps the main reason, that Adolf Hitler had the Nazis invade the Soviet Union is to obtain oil from the Soviets. The Soviet Union was a giant and powerful country with a formidable military. To me, it seems like invading the...
  10. Vladimir1984

    Soviets and Russians.

    Where do you draw the line between these two concepts? Are they equal to you or not?
  11. Lawnmowerman

    The fate of the Soviets who came into contact with Western soldiers during WWII

    It is said that because of Stalin's paranoia many Soviet soldiers who came into contact with Western soldiers during the war where either executed or sent to the gulag. Do we have any concrete examples of this. Do we know if there were any repercussions against the air and ground crews who...
  12. H

    If Hitler never came to power, would the Allies have gone to the war with the Soviets

    I don't believe it. Stalin wouldn't have invaded Poland if he knew the Allies were distracted by Germany, and Poland was the last straw that got England and France angry with Germany's acts of aggression.
  13. H

    Why did the Soviets had such a manpower advantage?

    It is always shown that the USSR had an infinite manpower pool. I just checked censuses from 1940. Germany had 69 million people, and the USSR had 170 million. Many times in history nations that were 2.5 times smaller than the others won and fought without describing it as "fighting against an...
  14. G

    Why do Islamists not fight Soviets and China

    Both these nations suppressed people of their faith within their own lands unlike US or the UK. Why is it that the International Islamic groups (ISIS, Qaeda) never tried attacks against these nations despite these events?
  15. EmperorTigerstar

    What if the Soviets Never Made Mongolia a Satellite State?

    Mongolia was a satellite state of the Soviet Union for most of its existence as an independent state after the fall of the Qing Dynasty. What if the Soviets never made it so? Would Japan attempt to invade Mongolia? Would Tannu Tuva become more influenced by Mongolia?
  16. J

    Could America and Britain have defeated the Wehrmacht alone like the Soviets did

    During the war, the Red Army repelled the Wehrmacht's strongest blows and incinerated 75% of all German Forces. What if both countries where put in the same position that they have to fight the Wehrmacht alone? Would either country have the ability to stand up against the entire Wehrmacht...
  17. G

    Why did Soviets not help create the Republic of Mahabad

    A communist stretch to the West of Iran would have been a good location to have in there sphere of influence. Why did they not help create and sustain Mahabad Kurdish Republic which would have been a strong ally for them in the region.
  18. holoow

    Did the Soviets committed attacks on German medical personnel?

    I'm reading now a diary of a Russian princess Marie Vassiltchikov ( she lived in Germany during the war ). From her diary: "Burchard of Prussia was just here, after being sent back from the Russian front because he is a 'royal'. He says it is absolutely beastly. Hardly any prisoners are being...
  19. The Imperial Russian

    Soviets and Germany vs Soviets and Japan

    I am curious, why did the Soviets suffer such humiliating defeat against the Germans, but such great statistics against Japanese? Was it because the Soviets were from a place where if you tried that discipline crap, you wouldn't walk too far without losing your boots, jewelry, and possibly life...
  20. F

    America saved Germany and Japan from Soviets?

    Can you believe it? Germans and Japanese which were the aggressors actually were saved inadvertently by Americans who stepped at the right moment for Axis powers to surrender to the right future owner/master. I mean Germans and Japanese were surely aware that under Soviet rule(and communism)...