1. Satuf

    How did the Afghans win against the Soviets?

    Yes, this is inspired by the other topic in this forum entitled "How did Israel win the 6 day war?" So, how did primitively equipped troops, with the help of mountains and of course, U.S. support, win against the mighty Soviets?
  2. H

    The Soviets Avoid Defeat in Afghanistan

    The fear of American retaliation weighed heavily on the minds of Soviet leaders when deciding upon the invasion of Afghanistan. At that time though (1979-80), I believe Jimmy Carter was not willing to undertake SEVERE reprisals (excluding overt military action, of course) against Moscow, and was...
  3. HistoryFreak1912

    What if Hitler decided to just invade the Soviets and left the other countries alone?

    Okay, so let's pretend that Hitler's not the maniac he was and assume that he decided that he will defeat the Soviet Union alone. He encourages other nations to stand with him in his fight against Stalin. This is the only country he decides to make war with. Would they join? Would they think...
  4. X

    In the Cold war, if the Soviets and U.S. go to war, who would China side with?

    If in the 1970s or 80s, America and USSR go to war, who would China side with? I saw in the movie Red Dawn, they said China sided with America when Russia invaded the U.S. at least according to Wikipedia. However, in the game World in Conflict, China sided with Russia and sent an invasion force...
  5. napoleonteh1st

    Could the Soviets defeat Nazi Germany alone?

    Assuming the Soviets continued to use the same strategies, could the USSR defeat Germany without the help of any of the other allies?
  6. H

    What would it be like today if the Soviets won the Cold War?

    What would it be like if Hitler won? If the British Empire was still supreme? If the Romans were still in charge? I've had an idea for a video game, going on 10 years now, that involves exploring parallel worlds. What's stopping me from making it is that I don't have the research to be able to...
  7. oshron

    Soviets vs. Japan

    lets say the Soviet Union invaded Japan(for whatever reason that may be) sometime before the Union developed its own nukes. what would the outcome have been? the USSR would probably have had the sheer force of numbers on its side due to its own manpower as well as forces from its ally, China...
  8. M

    Could Germans have won Soviets late 1943

    What do u think, did nazis have any change of winning the war on easter front after the Kursk failure in summer 1943?
  9. K

    Soviets start WWII

    Okay, here's one for the speculative books... Hitler is killed sometime in the late 1920s or early 30s, ... Stalin tries to invade China/Japan to get an Empire, but fails, ( but weakens Japan enough so that it isn't in the picture) Failing to defeat Asia, Stalin invades Europe... A weak...
  10. K

    Soviets invade Europe instead of Germany

    What would have happened, if instead of the Germans, the Russians invaded Europe during World War II?
  11. K

    Soviets invade USA

    Sometime in 1970s and 80s, the Soviets decide to invade America. By building up Mexico's army to 500,000 men, Cuba to 300,000 men, and pouring them over the Rio Grande. What do you think will happen?
  12. JerseyPerson14

    how did the soviets turn the tide on the nazis

    how did the soviets turn the tide on the nazis? was it a particular standard operating procedure, a general, a weapon, or the weather