1. Imperia

    effects of the Spanish Armada wins

    Victory of the Spanish Armada The Spanish Navy was defeated by British and Allied forces led by Elizabeth the First. So I ask, A victory of the navy would lead to an effective occupation of England? What would be the British Empire situation? since it was just beginning. Could England be...
  2. H

    The Order of the Knights Templar on Spain- thesis?

    Hey everyone, I'm a senior (Bachelor's) working on my senior seminar research paper on the crusades (25 pages minimum) and I cannot think of a question to ask for my thesis. Complete writer's block moment. Although my subject is the order of the Knights Templar, my paper cannot be fully about...
  3. 2

    Catalan counties after the fall of the Marca Hispanica and before their union with the Crown of Aragon, were they independent?

    Very specific cuestion: What was the political status (read: hierarchy) of the Catalan counties after the fall of the Marca Hispanica and before their union with the Crown of Aragon?
  4. K

    Week 11- is Sam better than Hispania?

    Uncle Sam, Hispania & Juan Dela Cruz are examples of personifying names given to a state or a nation. To wit, Uncle Sam refers to America, Hispania to Spain, & Juan Dela Cruz to Philippines. These are usually used in order to easily grasp or visualize the concept of a state being referred to...
  5. D

    Future of Spain

    Hello everybody.The first spanish republic (1873-1875) was liberal (as the constitution of 1812) the second republic (1931-1939) was socialist.A lot of specialists consider that the story of Spain is not finished.Is it possible to see the avenment of a technocratic liberal system,which will...
  6. D

    Putsch paella in Spain (1981)

    Hello everybody.In 1981,an officer of the "civil guardia" and two nostalgics generals (the opposition to the results of the élections is the hereditary hillness of the fascists) have created the basis of a "pronunciamento a la sudamericana" in Madrid,creating in the world an enormous surprise...
  7. F

    Adoptionism in Spain

    Read that the adoptionist branch of christianity was present in spain but aside from a few clergymen I couldnt really spot anything about it being a major movement. So was it something that gathered popularity for a while or just a curiosity?
  8. M

    Imperial Spain vs Ottoman Empire

    As far as I recall these two power houses never met in open battle, maybe Naval battles but the Ottomans only ever faced the Austrian branch of Habsburgs but not the Spanish. I'm wondering if 16th Century Imperial Spain met the Ottomans in field warfare, head on, no logistical advantages either...
  9. S

    A surviving Islamic Southern Spain:

    Assuming that the rest of European history more or less remains the same up to the modern era, what would have been the implications of a surviving Islamic Spain in the south of the Iberian Peninsula? Let's assume the reconquista results in a stalemate with Christian Spain remaining strong in...
  10. P

    When was the golden age of the Moors in Spain?

    Rather than get in to the subjectivity of it (which provinces, to what extent it can be generalised, or whether there is even such a thing....) I'd like some sort of golden age for the Moors in Spain. Here are a few thoughts: 850-950- It could be a golden age doesn't need to last that long in...
  11. Maoistic

    Why didn't the Spanish Empire ever conquer or annex France?

    What the title says. Why didn't the Spanish Empire, starting with Charles V, conquer or annex France when the Spanish were militarily superior and snatched Italy out of the French during the Italian Wars?
  12. D

    The kingdom of Westfalian and Spain (1808)

    Hello everybody.Please,do we know with precision the military contribution of the kingdom of Westfalian, which was in the hands of Jérôme Bonparte,one of the brothers of Napoleon,in the Peninsula wars (1807-1813).Thank you.
  13. A

    How did Al-Andalus so thoroughly assimilate its territory?

    Before the Reconquista, Al-Andalus managed to assimilate almost all of its population to speaking Arabic. Yet, they were the entire Mediterranean away from a natively Arabic speaking core population. Their neighbors in North Africa spoke Berber with only the upper classes speaking Arabic. Even...
  14. Polynikes

    Gascons, Basques, Spaniards: relationship between Southern France and Northern Spain

    What were the cultural, linguistic, governmental, political and ethnic ties between the south of France and northern Spain during the medieval period? I discussed this before in another thread of mine but I'm much more interested in learning more about this dynamic. Were both areas essentially...
  15. Polynikes

    The Almogavars - Spain's elite medieval shock infantry

    I thought a thread on the almogavars would be fairly interesting, they were notorious warriors who fought numerous campaigns amassing an envious battle record during the high Middle Ages. What made them so feared and effective in battle? And how did their tactics and weaponry evolve as time went...
  16. Linschoten

    Charles II, the death of two kings

    After Charles II of Spain died in 1700, it was supposedly found that his body did not contain a single drop of blood, his heart was the size of a peppercorn, his lungs corroded, his intestines rotten and gangrenous, he had a single testicle, black as coal, and his head was full of water. Which...
  17. S

    500-year-old Spain secret letter code cracked

    I read this on the BBC this morning. I'm not sure why I find these things fascinating but figured I'd pass it along. Spain cracks King Ferdinand's 500-year-old secret code - BBC News
  18. V

    The Kingdom of Spain.

    Well, the Spanish Government handled the whole Catalonian thing badly. Rather than attacking people with clubs and rubber bullets, the should have gone after ONE person. Carles Puigdemont should have been arrested and publicly executed as a Traitor, with his head posted to a pike in the center...
  19. M

    Looking for good illustrations 14th century France, England, and Spain

    I'm making a graphic novel set right smack in the middle of the 100 years war following the travels of a band of mercenaries. Most of it will take place in France after the 1360 marker. I'm planning for it to go all the way to Agincourt at least so it will probably follow the father of the...
  20. S

    Could the Philippines have made it on its own after Spain?

    Hi, first post What if in this alternate timeline the Americans either never came or did come only to kick out the Spanish troops but left afterwards and all the other world powers was just not interested in it or respected its independence. Also would the Philippines really be more...