1. BloodyPirate

    How much gold did the Spaniards take from South America?

    They are still mining Gold in various parts of Central and South America. What is the estimated amount?
  2. Polynikes

    Gascons, Basques, Spaniards: relationship between Southern France and Northern Spain

    What were the cultural, linguistic, governmental, political and ethnic ties between the south of France and northern Spain during the medieval period? I discussed this before in another thread of mine but I'm much more interested in learning more about this dynamic. Were both areas essentially...
  3. Rodri96

    Who was more important to the Age of Exploration? The Portuguese or the Spaniards?

    It's pretty useless to bring other countries in the discussion since I think everyone here can recognize that the pioneers of the Age of Exploration were the Iberian kingdoms, what I'm going to ask you is something different, which was more important? Portugal or Spain? On one hand Portugal...
  4. BloodyPirate

    How much of a grudge do the South and Central Americans have against the Spaniards?

    It's like with the Irish and the English, I hear they fight each other all the time. Any thoughts?
  5. holoow

    Why Spaniards defeated and conquered Aztec and Inca Empires so easily...

    Why Spaniards defeated and conquered large and advanced Aztec and Inca Empires so easily but were unable to defeat and conquer 'less advanced' Mapuche indians?
  6. God Emperor

    Why didn't the Spaniards expell the Muslim population of Philippines?

    The Philippines were part of the Spanish Empire in 1609, when the Spaniards expelled the Moriscos and the Marranos. Why did they not expell them too from the Pacific colony and install the Inquisition?
  7. AlpinLuke

    Spaniards in Netherlands: legacy?

    Thinking to the lands where I live, which were on the borderline of the Spanish domain in Northern Italy in XVII century, and considering the legacy that Spaniards left here [reminded also by Manzoni in his "Promessi Sposi"] ... I was wondering about what the Spanish domination left in the...
  8. P

    How did a small number of Spaniards conquer the Americas

    I was wondering how a relatively small group of Spaniards were able to conquer the Americas. I know that disease played a big factor but as far as technology and advancements, what did the Spaniards have? Also did they use alliances with different native groups in order to create conflict and...
  9. P

    A thousand years of Philippine history before the coming of the Spaniards

    This document is a work of Austin Craig. Craig was an Associate Professor of History at the University of the Philippines. This work was presented to the Philippine Academy at its open meeting in University Hall, Manila, October 13, 1914. The records hereinafter to be cited are for the most...
  10. O

    Spaniards - What does that mean/

    Why did they call the Spanish Spaniards?