1. N

    Where could Spartacus' rebels have fled to?

    If Spartacus and the other rebelious slaves had managed to get on board the pirate ships and escaped Italy, where could they have gone to find freedom and relative safety?
  2. frogsofwar


    While I enjoyed the Kirk Douglas film and the recent Stars series for their artistic value, I can't help but chuckle at the political mythos behind the Third Serville War. Most popular depictions of Spartacus portray him as the quintessential Marxist hero fighting against an oppressive...
  3. K


    So we all know the story of Spartacus and how the revolt he started eventually came to an end, but what of the man himself? Did he die that day it all came to an end, did he escape and start a new life? what do you guys think?
  4. Publius

    Rate Spartacus

    I just finished reading "Spartacus: The Myth and the Man" by M J Trow and I must say that even though the book is not perfect, I've come away from it with a much greater appreciation of the man's generalship. Obviously, any study of Spartacus is problematic given the paucity of sources, but even...
  5. B

    Why didn't Spartacus' rebels flee to the north?

    At that point Roman territory didn't extend much beyond what is now Italy to the north. Did they really have the opportunity to do so?
  6. Majasprat

    Why did Spartacus Turn Back?

    Spartacus travelled from southern Italy to the Alps' foothills, defeating many Roman armies along the way. It is thought that his strategy was to cross the Alps to the security of his Thracian homelands. Others under his command might have returned to their respective homelands, such as Gaul...
  7. F

    Spartacus Rebellion

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew of any good historically accurate books about the Spartacus rebellion. I'm very interested in this specific event in history and I want to know as much as I can about it. You can also use this thread to discuss the event itself. Thanks in advance!
  8. tornada

    Caesar's Participation in the Third Servile War?

    How likely is it that Caesar participated in the Third Servile War? The timeline of Marcus Licinius Crassus' command against Spartacus suggests that he was certainly present in Italy, and had left Greece and Asia Minor by this time, IIRC. I also understand that there are no records as to this...
  9. A

    Accuracy of Kubrick's "Spartacus"

    I'm quite ignorant on Roman hisotry, but I'm curious as to the accuracy of this film. Specifically I'm wondering about the theme of conflict between Gracchus and Crassus, how it was supposedly part of a political conflict between the patricians and, as they put it, the mob. I understand...
  10. Sertorius1066

    Spartacus greatest mistake

    Something I always failed to understand and get annoyed when I read about Spartacus is the fact that after he defeated the legions commanded by the consuls Lucius Publicola and Gnaeus Clodianus he did not escape across the Alps. This leads to the conclusion that either him and his slave army...
  11. Korin

    What's next after Spartacus?

    right section, yes. but I wonder what can be next after Spartacus show. Aeneas journey? Romulus/Remus? Caesar drama with the same actor from Spartacus?
  12. Revo

    What If Spartacus Won?

    What if Spartacus and his gang had defeated all the legions Rome sent after them and they could have marched for Rome itself, what would have happened? would there been an equal society. Or just reverse slavery with the slaves becoming slave owners and slave owners becoming slaves. Also what if...
  13. T

    What if Spartacus had reached out to a possible ally?

    Spartacus' revolt was during the same time period as Mithradates' war on Rome and during the reign of the Odrysian Kingdom in Thrace. So why didn't Spartacus fight his way towards Mithradates to conjoin forces against Rome, go to the Odrysian Kingdom for support(Spartacus was Thracian after...
  14. cymru12

    Spartacus revolt

    I know that 6,000 slaves where crucified does that include the female followers of spartacus
  15. M

    Crassus receives the Triumph for the defeat of Spartacus.

    How might this have affected the course of the history of the Republic, specifically concerning the First Triumvirate? I would venture to guess that Crassus would have been less likely to attack the Parthians to prove himself militarily (if he had still received command in Syria at all; it's...
  16. Ben Kane

    Spartacus: Escape to Vesuvius

    Another short documentary style piece I did in June. Spartacus: Escape to Vesuvius - YouTube
  17. Ben Kane

    Spartacus: the final battlefield? by Ben Kane

    Finally uploaded one of my Spartacus videos, shot back in June this year. Please forgive the occasional stumble! Please share it too, if you can. Thanks. You can take a look here: Spartacus: the final battlefield? by Ben Kane - YouTube
  18. Smoke the Librarian

    What if Spartacus had a united army.

    Basically what if most rebels would never split during the Third Servile War? Do you think they would have had a chance, of escaping further in Europe?
  19. okamido

    Spartacus' fateful decision

    Why did his army decide to turn south when escape was so close?
  20. Cav

    Information on the defeat of Spartacus?

    Hello where could I find information about the last battle of Spartacus? The numbers of soldiers on each side, casualties, what happened etc? And also it is said that Spartacus was killed in the battle but his body was never found. Do you believe in this or do you think that he fled?