1. tuesdayschild

    Dare we speak about "Brexit?"

    To update you, Great Britain and Northern Ireland have given notice that they are to leave the European Union.This came about as a result of a referendum whereby a majority of the population, voted to leave Europe. Despite an unbelievable amount of Governmental procrastination it is still...
  2. N

    Whcih languages did Muammar Gaddafi speak?

    Same question as title, and question is specific to him. Not the arbitrary Libyan demographic. His death is too recent to qualify for the history forum. But he did enough in the past that I feel this question is OK here.
  3. N

    Late 19th century Joseon diplomats able to speak Japanese?

    The Hermit Kingdom was closed until Meiji gunboat diplomacy. Article 3 of the 1876 Japan-Joseon Amity Stipulation states that all correspondence from Japan will be in Japanese, with an attached Chinese translation. All Joseon correspondence will be in Chinese. What type of diplomats did the...
  4. jcorke

    they said to speak softy and carry a big stick

    greetings to all avid history learners of the world, Hi everyone, my name is jcorke and just like many others, I have a profound interest in history. Although, I am very close-minded and ignorant, so I only really focus on American history (please do not take offense, for European and other...
  5. LatinoEuropa

    What Latin language would you like to learn to speak?

    What Latin language would you like to learn to speak? Romanian French Spanish Portuguese Italian. Now tell which one was easier.
  6. Von Ranke

    I have neither eyes to see or tongue to speak....

    In 1642 these words, which have been a mantra for every democrat who believes in the supremacy of Parliament, were uttered in response by Speaker William Lenthall when Charles I tried to have five MPs arrested and laconically remarked "I see the birds have flown." Today Speaker Bercow firmly...
  7. LatinoEuropa

    Which European countries have a Latin language?

    I say these Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Part of Switzerland, Italy, Romania, Monaco, Lieschnstain and Andorra. Or is there more?
  8. LatinoEuropa

    Which continent do you speak more languages?

    Which continent do you speak more languages? Africa Asia Europe American Oceania
  9. C

    What Language Did the Barbarians Speak?

    I'm talking Anglo-Saxons, Franks, Goths, Lombards, Burgundians, and other Germanic tribes, not Huns and other Asians or Slavs. Did the Germanic tribes speak a single common, mutually intelligible language, possibly with great divergence in accent and dialect? Or did they speak different...
  10. RomanEmperor

    How did Romanians come to speak a Romance language?

    Since all the other Romance languages are western European. It seems so random that you have one major one in Eastern Europe.
  11. B

    Humans may speak a universal language

    Humans may speak a universal language, say scientists* It seems to only be relevant to 'basic speech'. Could this really be just the limit of human vocal cords to certain sounds with the most commonly used sounds applied to nouns and verbs which are most often required? Maybe the languages...
  12. B

    Did Lincoln speak with a southern accent

    He grew up in Kentucky and a county in Indiana bordering Kentucky. Were his possible southern accent and southern roots part of his appeal as a Republican candidate?
  13. Darren Singh

    What language do the Holy Roman emperors speak?

    I wonder as the language of the holy roman empire was very diverse and various languages was spoken in the empire but what was the most common language among the members of the royal family?
  14. Ichon

    What 3 languages would you speak?

    Modern and ancient languages included though so many to mentioned I'll simply list ancient other and modern other if not one of the main modern spoken languages.
  15. Denitsa

    Why Croats and Serbs speak the same language?

    Serbian and Croatian are South-Slavic languages from the western group and they are mutually intelligible. The term "Serbo-Croatian language" appeared later, it was used in 19th and 20th century and is still very popular. Serbs and Croats settled as different tribes in the Balkans, they had...
  16. I

    How come that Bulgarians started to speak a Slavic language?

    The current state of Bulgaria was officially formed in the year of 680/681 and the generally recognized fact is that it was comprised of Proto-Bulgarian, Slavic and Thracian tribes. I believe recent DNA studies confirm this theory and even find that Proto-Bulgarians were of Indo-European origin...
  17. Sorcha

    Miscellaneous Greetings In Languages I Don't Speak. :)

    Just someone who loves history. Finishing a degree in English Literature with a minor in Medieval History. Looking forward to learning with all of you. :nuts: TIA. Best regards, Sorcha
  18. H

    Speak well or not at all.

    When you hear someone speak in whatever language, and they have an accent, the first thing that registers is that this person is trying to communicate, rather then, is communicating. It lightens the conversation. Should accent be a bigger, even perhaps a mandatory part, of a language...
  19. Modest Learner

    Would English still be a lingua franca if the Americans didn't speak it??

    Suppose by a stroke of some insane law, or something else, majority of Americans become non-English speakers. Would the English language still be as popular as it is now??
  20. Uhtred

    "Scotland is full of dangerous natives who speak an incomprehensible language...

    "Scotland is full of dangerous natives who speak an incomprehensible language and the is weather awful" I'm not anti-Caledonian. This is what 13th century viking travel guides offered as a warning about voyaging to Scotland! :laugh...