1. D

    The Spear as the Best Weapon?

    Just as the title suggests, I am going to explain why I believe that the spear is the most superior weapon; and yes I am aware that the spear has many disadvantages. This is up for discussion. Firstly I can definitely claim that spears take way less time to make than any axe or sword of...
  2. caldrail

    First File Or First Spear?

    Not so long ago a forum discussion got around to the subject of the Centurionate in imperial Roman times. One member confidently proclaimed that the most senior rank of centurions, Primus Pilus, meant 'First File' and not 'First Spear' as I had asserted. I confess my knowledge of latin isn't...
  3. C

    Spear carriers

    In Greek plays, nobles are commonly accompanied by "spear carriers". Were these "spears" (dory) standard spears also used by hoplites? The length of hoplite spears is quoted as "7 to 9 feet". What was the typical height of doorsills in Greek homes? What was the typical height of ceilings...
  4. S


    Hello everyone! I have one spear at home, I wouldn't know how old is it or where does it come from. I would like to know something about that spear, so can anyone help me :) I know it's a hard thing to say how old is it, but maybe someone will know something Imgur: The most awesome images on the...
  5. Adalraade

    Were Pilums used post-Rome?

    After having read a bit about the strategic use and effects of Pilums as a standard in the Roman army. How they would throw their Pilums at the enemies' shields, rendering them useless (Pilums having a long soft iron spearhead, often with a weight behind it, that would bend upon impact), before...
  6. Darth Raidius

    Spear & shield vs pike

    In the early middle ages, pikemen were unheard of in the northwestern areas of Europe where the armies heavily relied on light infantry with axes and shorter spears, with shields for protection. This changed in feudal times, when long and heavy pikes wielded in two hands came to dominate...
  7. ummon

    Pike vs. Spear and shield vs Sword and shield

    Looking at the battles of the Macedonians (pikes), Greeks (spear and shield), and Romans (sword and shield), as well as later battles between European footsoldiers, it would seem to me that there is a rock paper scissors between pike, spear and shield, and sword and shield for footsoldier...
  8. M

    Why were the traditional shield and spear phalanxes abandoned?

    Why were the traditional shield and spear phalanx abandoned? It seems, to me at least, that they were never adopted by completely foreign cultures, and I haven't seen any late examples of it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  9. Z

    Thoughts on By the Spear

    I'm thinking of buying this book by Ian Worthington but before I buy it, I wanna know what you guys think about it. Thanks in advance!
  10. Petyo

    A shield and spear symbol in Roman architecture?

    I can't remember whether I've made a thread about this before or I only had the intention :rolleyes:, but here it goes: There is this symbol I've seen a few times exclusively on pediments, depicting a round shield with 1 or 2 spears behind it. I've asked around at each location, but haven't...
  11. Thegn Ansgar

    Overarm vs Underarm Spear and Shield debate.

    Spear and shield - overarm vs underarm - YouTube Just wanted to share this with the rest of you.
  12. SNascimento

    Pre-modern armies which the main weapon wasn't a spear.

    I don't have a profund knowledge about the subject, but the impression I have is that most pre-modern armies (ie: before gunpowder) used a pole weapons, especially spears, as their main weapon. Was that really the case or it's just a misconception? If so, why is that? And which ones were the...
  13. P

    Wood for spear shaft in India

    Hello Historians , Will you please inform me which wood/ s did the Indians use to make spear shafts ? I know that in few countries Elm Ash hickory etc were used but really don't know what Indians used . Really worried as I've to answer this to my young nephew very soon . Please help me !!
  14. P

    Wood for Spear shaft in India ?

    Hello Im curious to know which wood(s) were used to make spear shaft in ancient India - in the middle or Murya , Mughal etc era ? I know that in few countries Elm , Ash , hickory etc were used but really have never hard which wood the Indians used . Thank you .
  15. M

    Medjay--The Shield and Spear of Ancient Egypt

    An idea which has always fascinated me is the idea of a civilization after reaching its ultimate height of prosperity and culture going soft. It seemed to have happened to all great civilizations, from Ancient Egypt to Andalusia Spain. By soft I mean, corruption sets in, compounded by internal...
  16. unclefred

    Montana to legalize hunting by Atlatl? (spear throwers)

    Apparently a law is being discussed to allow Atlatl hunting. I found an amusing story from the online news: [Aztlan] Montana law moves to legalize ancient spear-throwing art