1. Y

    Li Shimin's Special Cavalry Tactics

    The great Tang dynasty Emperor Li Shimin seems to have used a unique type of cavalry attack. He did only commence an all out attack in battle once he had achieved some degree of operational superiority, but it does seem probable that this tactic played some role in his enormous success. On the...
  2. M

    What was so special about Africa that many people was affected by slave trade?

    As from past we know that from 16th to 19th century african people mostly affected from slave trade . People from africa was traded on mass scale WHY AFRICA ? How this all started in Africa ? What is the situation now ?
  3. P

    What was so special about Aristotle?

    Aristotle is often considered the most influential person in history, ranking above religious figures like Jesus and Mohammed and conquers like Alexander and Genghis Khan. What makes him and his work so special and in what ways has it influenced the world in which we live?
  4. Jake10

    Would you adopt a child with special needs?

    Let's say there is an infant with a mild disability, and you were asked to adopt him/her. How would you respond? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/11/151125125143.htm
  5. N

    Best/favourite large-scale special forces unit in WWII

    This is sort of a follow up to my poll on small scale special forces. This poll is about units that usually went on missions in larger groups of at least company size, often batalions or regiments. Perhaps the archtype here is the British Commandoes. I'm making a distinction between "beachhead"...
  6. tomar

    Special Forces / Police operations in the past 20 years

    This is a thread regarding operations to free hostages or capture terrorists/ criminals carried out by military or police special units (meaning they have special equipment and training). Discuss tactics, effectiveness, equipment and other relevant matters
  7. N

    Best small-unit special forces of WWII

    This may be somewhat like other pols on Historium, but I wanted one that was more spesific. By 'special forces' I mean units tasked with special operations behind enemy lines. By 'small-unit' I mean units that went on missions with detachments of company size or mostly smaller. Even though units...
  8. D

    Special Forces of the Sikh Empire: Fauj-i-Khas

    The special forces of the Sikh Empire: Fauj-i-Khas - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The regular army forces: Fauj-i-Ain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Sikh Helmet | Sikh Cavalry | Maharaja Ranjit Singh "The Sikh Army 1799-1849" By Ian Heath "Fauj-i-khas Maharaja Ranjit Singh and His...
  9. F

    Why was America special?

    What made American think that they were somehow special and superior to Brits and other Europeans? Why revolution didn't happen in Australia, Canada, Brazil and other European Colonies but only in America? Why America came to dominate the world? What made them think they would dominate the...
  10. M

    Best Special Operations Force

    Title This only encompasses in Special forces trained in conventional military tactics, guerilla warfare, direct action, recon and counter-terrorism. Civilian elite police like SWAT, GSG9, GIGN not included.
  11. Basileios Demetriades

    Words with a special meaning: ΜΗΤΡΙΑΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡ&#

    Words with a special meaning: ΜΗΤΡΙΑΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΖΩ, ΜΗΤΡΙΣ From Liddell Scott μητρ-ῐάζω, worship the Mother of the gods, Poll.3.11. μητρίζω, to be possessed by the Mother of the gods, Iamb.Myst.3.9, 10. μητρίς (sc. γῆ), ίδος, ἡ, one's mother country (cf. πατρίς), Cret. word in Pl.R.575d...
  12. Publius

    Favourite Special Forces Unit?

    For me, this has got to be the Grenzschutzgruppe 9 (GSG 9) of the German police. Widely recognised as one of the best, if not the best counter-terrorist force in the world this elite unit was formed in the aftermath of the Munich massacre in 1972 and the giant, grade A clusterf*ck that was the...
  13. M

    How decisive are Special Forces/Commandos/Light infantry?

    Special Forces/Special Operations/Light Infantry are the Elite of the Elite physically in physicall from WW2 to modern day armies and the most selective. How decisive are they compared to normal Armor and Air Power? Rangers and Paratroopers played a good role in WW2 along with British...
  14. F

    Why do Special Forces perform so poorly in carrying out infantry missions?

    I notice that special forces(who are always generally considered the creame of the crop in armies) fare so horribly when given tasks normally assigned to infantry. Here are examples: 1)Rangers in Italy in WW2 I read of cases in which Rangers were cut off from the main force and ended up...
  15. F

    How do real Stealth Raids by Special Forces and Commandos Work?

    I am wondering. Movies and video games often portray Special Forces and Commandos sneaking into a heavily guarded well-armed base or ship,etc... and they end up easily killing hordes and hordes of men just using knife, unarmed techniques, or silenced guns or so. They are so proficient at stealth...
  16. M

    CIA Special Activities Division, Special Operations Group-How elite

    Many people believe the Delta Force and DEVGRU(SEAL Team 6) are America's most elite force but CIA SAD/SOG are even more selective requiring extreme academic performance and tier 1 backgrounds from either Delta Force and SEALs(along with other SOCOM backgrounds.) How elite is this force military?
  17. Xenology

    Better Special Forces no boasting facts unbiased opinion

    Who are the better special forces Spetsnaz GRU (and other branches) Ghurkas Navy Seals Rangers S.A.S. N.K.S.P. German Special forces a.k.a. G.S.G.9 (not sure if they are if you know their correct name please help!) I.R.A. Iranian Special Forces Waffen SS
  18. HistoryFreak1912

    The Bonnie and Clyde Special on A&E.

    OK, so apparently starting at 8:00 pm Central is the premiere of the two-part Bonnie and Clyde special. I might watch it later on this weekend after Finals and graduation, but it does look very interesting. Just out of curiosity, are any of you seeing this? How accurate to the real Bonnie and...
  19. Uhtred

    1066 Battle site: Time Team special

    Have we found the battle site of 14th October, 1066? I've just watched this programme on Channel4. It set out, with unprecendented access to the traditional Hastings battle site, to try and find original artefacts, as none have ever been found there. Caldbec Hill nearby was also tested, and...
  20. M

    Why all special forces today are Recon/Light infantry? No tank and ace fighter units?

    Hey am a fan on military history. I did notice something in history. Back in the old days from the Ancient to the Napoleonic era the "elite units" of an army was usually heavy infantry or heavy cavalry designed to smash the enemy in a decisive move. Examples are the Companion cavalry, Hoplites...