1. Naima

    If Christianity never spread to Europe

    Woudl we have a Greco Roman Pantheonlike religion similar to Hinduism? Probably including also the Celtic and Norse pagan Deities in a single unique polytheistic religion?
  2. Millennium

    Why didn’t Austronesian spread to Australia?

    Why didn’t Austronesian, as well as Asian Cultures, spread to Australia? & why didn’t Austronesian spread around Mainland Asia? Like they did with SE Asia? Austronesian is the second largest language family in the world at 1,257 languages, second only to the Niger-Congo language...
  3. D

    Black Death 'spread by humans not rats'

    Rats were not to blame for the spread of plague during the Black Death, according to a study. The rodents and their fleas were thought to have spread a series of outbreaks in 14th-19th Century Europe. But a team from the universities of Oslo and Ferrara now says the first, the Black Death, can...
  4. H

    The spread of American chili peppers to East Asia?

    Does anyone have info to share about chili peppers from Mexico/Central America/South America being transported to East Asia during the early-modern era? I noticed a couple claims on a wikipedia article about chili peppers that got me curious: Could anyone who knows the history of the spice...
  5. A

    Chronological Spread of Cavalry

    What do you think of this attempt to map the spread of mounted warfare across Europe, Asia and Africa? I tried to be critical with it and the patchy nature of the historical evidence regarding the exact dates of introduction certainly gives some room for interpretation, but overall I believe...
  6. augustus123

    Muslims took 25-40 years to spread N.Africa and Middle-East...

    Why Muhammad and direct followers took only few years to spread in most North-Africa and Middle-East ? Age of the Caliphs Expansion under Muhammad, 622–632/A.H. 1-11 Expansion during the Rashidun Caliphate, 632–661/A.H. 11-40 Expansion during the Umayyad Caliphate...
  7. civfanatic

    Telugu Expansion and Political Centralization: The Kakatiya Transformation, 1175-1324

    The rulers of the Kakatiya dynasty, who first emerged during the 9th century and remained in power until the early 14th century, were responsible for building the first strong, centralized state based in Telangana. State formation in this semi-arid, relatively infertile, interior region was made...
  8. 0

    Why should the world worry about the spread of nuclear weapons still?

    Why should the world worry about the spread of nuclear weapons when none have been used since 1945? It seems like this is still a current topic of fear among many countries and i was hoping you all could give an educated insight into why this is?
  9. Theodoric

    The Dawn of Civilization - why so spread apart?

    When looking at the birth of civilization, it seems to emerge around the same time in areas of the world that are quite distant from one and other. Egypt and Mesopotamia are close enough, but the Indus River and China seem are across distances that, at the time, were probably too far to...
  10. J

    Possible detail of Arabian bias in Islam and spread of it to other places

    Hello, this is something that I have been wondering for some time. Apparently, according to Islam believers will get be married to these women of white complexion in paradise, which does sound like its following arabian beauty standards/preferences and does seem like Arabian bias. I have noticed...
  11. K

    How Exactly did Gunpowder Spread to Europe?

    Hi all, I was wondering how exactly gunpowder spread to Europe, and how in the early modern era it became of interest to Europeans looking to find new technology to be used in combat. Through simple google searches I have found very little information on the subject. If anyone could recommends...
  12. L

    Did the ancients use conquest to spread religion or was it a Christian/muslim thing?

    Did the ancients use conquest to spread religion or was it a relatively recent Christian/Muslim thing? Did the Romans force their religion on the people they conquered? Ancient Greeks? Egyptians? Did the later Vikings? Goths? Angles Saxons etc do the same? Or their religion was not about seeking...
  13. kandal

    Why didn't Indian civilization spread to its west?

    Indian (South Asian) civilization (culture, religion, language and so on), when it spread, it spread to the east of India. But it didn't expand to its west. Why? What prevented it? Here are some maps that show the spread of Indian civilization, and all of it is to its east: Spread of Hinduism...
  14. W

    Help Spread my new historical youtube series

    Hey everyone, I've recently started a new youtube series. The premise is that I use my My Little Pony original character to review human history (yes I am serious. I know it is a weird premise, but I wanted to do something unique). Basically, the idea is that since he is not human, he has no...
  15. G

    did any hindu ruler ever have a missionary zeal to spread the religion

    Did any Hindu ruler have a missionary zeal to spread the faith among non Hindus? Did they ever persecute non Hindus on religious fervour alone (not polotical)? Who were some of the greatest proleytisers (kings or spiritual seers) in Hindu history? Also how did they convert those in the outposts...
  16. T

    Could Hinudism,Zoroastrianism or Bhuddism have spread to Europe or beyong

    Was there ever a chance these Eastern philosophies could have spread west?
  17. T

    How on earth did the Arabs spread and consolidate so quickly

    The rise of is Islam certainly quite the story- a collection of backward tribespeople scattered across a dry peninsula being united under one Messianic leader who then propels them to Imperial dominance over their rivals within his lifetime. But how? Its a well known fact that the Byzantine and...
  18. G

    Potential areas where Hinduism can be spread and acquire new converts

    Are there any potential geographies or ethnic groups of people who could potentially convert to Hinduism. Please mention only those which are not Hindu already but belong to other persuasions. What could be done to spread Hinduism outside its base in Indian subcontinent? What kind of people...
  19. Andrew Bagpipe

    Integrating New Evidence for the Origin and Spread of The Indo-European Languages

    This international conference will take place in Jena, on 11 - 14 October: "Integrating New Evidence for the Origin and Spread of The Indo-European Languages": L-A-G Conference | Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History
  20. Darren Singh

    Spread of Islam in Indonesia

    Today, Indonesia is the largest Islamic country in the world with 87.18% of the people are Muslims.So, how did Islam spread so rapidly when the ancient kings and emperors of Indonesia patronized Buddhism and Hinduism. Sorry if someone had already started a thread similar like this thread.I'm...