1. Pillbox city

    Soviet prisons in the post-Stalin years

    In the Gulag Archipelago*, Soviet prisons and the gulag work camps were described in great detail and in how terrible it was to end up in one. However, I can't find much information of what it was like to get imprisoned in the USSR decades after Stalin's death, were Soviet prisons and work camps...
  2. Darth Raidius

    What if Trotsky led the Soviet Union?

    What if, after the death of Vladimir Lenin in 1924, Leon Trotsky assumed command of the Soviet Union (either through winning a power struggle against Joseph Stalin, or Stalin dying beforehand)? Obviously there are a great many things that could change if Trotsky had succeeded Lenin, so allow me...
  3. Futurist

    France doesn't fall in 1940; Stalin makes a move on Subcarpathian Ruthenia

    Here is the scenario: Due to the French Seventh Army not being sent to the Low Countries and instead being kept at either Rheims or the Ardennes sector, France is able to stop the Manstein Plan (the Sickle-Cut) in its tracks--thus preventing the Fall of France in 1940 and causing World War II to...
  4. notgivenaway

    Did Hitler have more lasting effects on the world than Stalin?

    People today still drive cars that Hitler founded (Volkswagen). He laid down autobahns. And he created innovative technology, that the Allies practically stole after the war ended. Stalin efforts to industralise the USSR were reversed after he died.
  5. Z

    Was Stalin wealthy?

    That is the question. Was Stalin a wealthy man? Did he have a huge bank account or even a bank account? How much was his salary if he drew a salary and if there was a salary how much was Stalinist rubles worth anyway? I would think that money under his regime would be almost worthless abroad and...
  6. Z

    Orthodox Priests at Stalin's funeral?

    I was watching some videos about Joseph Stalin because I like stories about horrible dictators and pychopaths and Stalin was way, way up there on killing people, from peasant farmers in the Ukraine due to a forced famine called the Holomodor to just killing anyone and everyone that Stalin was...
  7. LionHeartIV

    Did Stalin lie to the allies?

    Q. Someone once suggested to me that Stalin lied to the allies during WW2, concerning the supposed deprivation of munitions and equipment, thereby triggering a reaction from Roosevelt and Churchill to agree to supply arms etc by ship via the Baltic. As a result of this deception, thousands of...
  8. M

    Operation Barbarossa: Stalin avoided war with Hitler

    Operation Barbarossa was the code name for the Axis invasion of the Soviet Union, which started on Sunday, 22 June 1941, during World War II. Read more: Operation Barbarossa: Stalin avoided war with Hitler - History of the world
  9. Futurist

    You can travel back in time to 1914 and kill either Hitler or Stalin with impunity

    You can travel back in time to 1914 and kill either Hitler or Stalin with impunity--but not both of them. Anyway, who would you kill? As for me, I would pick Hitler since he strikes me as being more destructive than Stalin was. I mean, it's an extremely atrocious tragedy that Stalin killed...
  10. ThePrioryPodcast

    Official version of Stalin and 20th Century USSR

    I stumbled across a book on Amazon called Blood Lies written by a guy wonderfully named Grover Furr! :laugh: The book from what I have researched (I've not bought it yet) is a revisionist look at the history of Stalin and the USSR where he claims to debunk a number of attrocities associated with...
  11. Futurist

    Why didn't Stalin demand Subcarpathian Ruthenia in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact negoti

    Why didn't Stalin demand Subcarpathian Ruthenia in the negotiations over the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact? I mean, I understand why Hitler allowed Hungary to annex Subcarpathian Ruthenia in early 1939 (Hungary wanted a common border with its friend and ally Poland), but why didn't Stalin demand...
  12. D

    Was Stalin Russian?

    I thought Stalin was Georgian, not Russian. Stalin was voted in 2008 as the third-best Russian. BBC NEWS | Europe | Stalin voted third-best Russian Stalin was voted as the second greatest Russian in history in 2017...
  13. M

    Documentary on Joseph Stalin. Feedback please.

    Hello everyone, I've finished a new documentary on the life of Joseph Stalin. I'd like feedback and if you like the video please comment on Youtube and subscribe. Roosevelt is next. Hope you enjoy. Regards James gL-EoDnopoo
  14. R

    well conceived Soviet-German alliance in 1939

    Hitler invades Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia on 2 August, 1939 in order to acquire experience and invaluable staging areas and border to invade Poland and eventually the USSR. German troops debark from merchant ships in Riga, Tallin, etc, Ju 52 land troops in airports and airfields to seize them...
  15. Guaporense

    Why Stalin and Mao's atrocities receive less attention than Hitler's?

    Stalin and Mao killed a comparable if not greater number of civilians than Hitler. Yet Hitler is often held up as being the most evil person ever. Why? I can think of a few causes: 1st- Hitler lost the war and so his propaganda machine stopped running after his passing while Mao and Stalin's...
  16. jameen

    What is Stalin's back up plan if Moscow was captured by the Germans?

    How will the Red Army fight if Moscow was captured and Stalin was not captured? If Stalin was captured or killed by the Germans during the invasion, do you believe USSR will be part of Nazi Germany? P.S. I am a newbie here and I expect a nice welcome thanks :)
  17. Lawnmowerman

    Russia bans film on death of Stalin

    This film was bound to be controversial in Russia. Russia bars 'extremist' British comedy The Death of Stalin - BBC News kPpXFnHoC-0 Looks like they are making a half assed attempt to say its getting banned for being disrespectful to Russians who died in WWII. Where as the real reason is...
  18. Underground

    Grain export and liquidation of peasantry as a class in Stalin's Russia

    During the initial years of the Soviet regime, under Lenin, Russia was selling gold and jewelry to the West. These sales included robbed church gold and possessions taken from the perished "capitalists". When the gold export was exhausted, Russia could still offer sales of grain to the West...
  19. C

    Would the USSR still be around today if Joseph Stalin was still in charge?

    Let's say that Stalin stopped aging at 60 and was able to live forever. Given how tough the USSR was under him, would it still be around today if Stalin was still in charge? How would he deal with the rest of the Korean War, the rise of Communist China, the Vietnam War, the Cuban Missile Crisis...
  20. R

    Stalin's family

    Joseph Stalin had two wives (both of whom died young) and three children, two boys and a girl. These wives, at least, were supposed to have been dearly loved (they, and Stalin's peasant mother, were perhaps the only persons he ever really cared for). But Stalin's children all suffered...