1. A

    Glantz: Stalingrad

    Hi, Has anyone read this? (I am thinking of getting the abridged volume) how are the maps?
  2. F

    Punditry on likely outcome on Eastern Front before Moscow & Stalingrad

    What were pundits saying on record about the unfolding event and likely outcome on the Eastern Front before the Battle of Moscow? What were pundits saying on record about the unfolding event and likely outcome on the Eastern Front before the Battle of Stalingrad?
  3. T

    Why did the germans fight for Stalingrad ?

    Once it became clear that the resistance was stiff, why did the germans continue to attack ? Why not simply blockade the remaining parts of the city (as they did in Leningrad) ?
  4. Space Shark

    How could the Germans have won or drawn at Stalingrad?

    I've been looking into why the Germans lost Stalingrad. It seems to me that they left a lot of the back and rear jobs to their allies (Italians, Romanians, etc) and obviously these forces were nowhere near the level that the Wehrmacht was.
  5. C

    Which defeat was worse for the Germans: Stalingrad or Tunisia?

    Which defeat was worse and had a greater negative impact upon the German war effort? The defeat at Stalingrad due to the encirclement and resulting surrender? Or the defeat and subsequent capture of the Afrika Korps in May 1943? Please explain your answer.
  6. M

    Who's fault was it for the poor defense of flanks of German 6th Army at Stalingrad?

    Who's fault was it the flanks of Paulus's 6th Army were not well secured and only guarded by low tier Romanian and Hungarian Armies during Case Blue/Stalingrad? Paulus had zero commands over these armies(including the Panzer 4th army) right besides the 6th? Was it all Hitler's placement? Did...
  7. O

    Will 2015 for Russia Stalingrad or Waterloo.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to do a little exercise here in a non-standard view of history. I hope that many colleagues are familiar with the book by A. L. Chizhevsky "Earth in the embrace of the Sun." In the beginning of the last century social scientists pampered the world of the...
  8. C

    Which was a worse German defeat Kursk or Stalingrad?

    Which greatly impeded the German war effort against the USSR more? Kursk or Stalingrad?
  9. R

    Stalingrad: blowing of the fuel tanks

    Hi, having just watched Stalingrad, I wonder if the blowing of the fuel storage tanks as a last defense was real. Thanks
  10. C

    The Lesson of Stalingrad?

    If you had to compress the lessons of Stalingrad into one short quote or statement, what would it be. For me it is. "Stalingrad showed the world that surrendering to the Soviets is more likely to get you killed than fighting them to your last bullet is."
  11. Z

    What if the 'air-bridge' plan at Stalingrad succeded?

    Would the now well-fed and well-supplied 400,000 axis troops be able to fight its way out of the 1.5 million soviet troops surrounding them?
  12. Tercios Espanoles

    They called it 'Little Stalingrad'

    The rustic and ancient Italian town of Ortona sits on a high promontory beside the Adriatic Sea. In 1943, barely a mile long and 500 yards wide, its dense array of brick and stone buildings were home to 10,000 people. As one of the few deep water ports on that coast, and as the left anchor of...
  13. arras


    Anybody saw it already? Is it any good?
  14. J

    The only record playing in Stalingrad.

    I've always wondered and I've Googled but never found out this...Does anybody know what the name of the record that played during the battle of Stalingrad? The soviet troops had a single record that they played during lulls in the gunfire every day. Does anybody know the name of the song or record?
  15. Korin

    D-Day vs Stalingrad

    Stalingrad had more deaths than D-Day, so why is it more of value in the Western world ?
  16. N

    Eastern Front (World WarII), what went wrong?

    In was often stated that the economic strenght of the Nazi and Soviet government were equal. Militarily, the soviets greatly outnumbered the nazis in tanks by 4x and in aircrafts by 3x and in overall personel the nazis contains only a total force of 3.5 million as oppose to the red army's 5...
  17. Korin


    Operation Uranus and Operation Little Saturn - how was this possible? Why was the 6th Army crushed in the might of the Soviet army?
  18. Lors

    Stalingrad. 66th army failure.

    I would like to present a declassified (I presume by a mistake) NKVD report concerning Barbarossa part of the WWII. I'm not sure what you are thinking about Konstantin Rokossovsky - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia , but in Russia (and USSR) he was sort of a "good" high ranked officer who took...
  19. zauron

    Battle of Stalingrad 70th Anniversary

    Proud Russia remembers Stalingrad 70 years on | World | DAWN.COM Let's all take a moment to remember one of history's (if not the) most bloody battles and bow to the heroes who fought and assured the safety of...
  20. Belloc

    Stalingrad gets its name back on days marking the battle

    News from The Associated Press