1. C

    What does R.I.E. stand for? (British Army)

    Hi, I recently bought a wooden trunk at an auction that has : Major R. Reid R.I.E. painted on it. This is also printed on two canvas army holdalls inside the trunk (which also have O.H.M.S. card tags attached to them). I would like to try and find out more about Major Reid, but I'm not...
  2. Kahu

    Rewi's Last Stand - The Battle of Ōrākau 1864

    Rudall Charles Victor Hayward MBE (4 July 1900 – 29 May 1974) was a pioneer New Zealand filmmaker from the 1920s to the 1970s, who directed seven feature films and numerous others. His films were made on a shoestring budget, and in an interview from 1961 Hayward explains, “We had a sound...
  3. 1stvermont

    I'll Take my Stand –A Southern View of the Causes Of Southern Secession

    I'll Take My Stand – Causes Of Southern Secession Today in America we can say America the nation went to war for one specif reason, we went to war over the attacks on 9/11, we went to war to stop Adolf Hitler etc. In antebellum America states were sovereign and the American nation was...
  4. K

    Film mistakes that stand out too much.

    I have noticed two mistakes that seem to be repeated in Western television in their portrayal of Chinese people. The first is non-Ching dynasty Chinese men wearing queues and the second would be Chinese(of any dynasty) using katanas as a primary weapon. But anyway,I just posted this message so...
  5. RomanEmperor

    What doomed battle/siege/final stand would you be a part of if you could pick one?

    (Delete this post) I am putting it in military history.
  6. M

    Did officers during the 18th and 19th century really stand at the front of their line

    Did officers during the age of musket, the 18th and 19th century really stand at the front of their line while UNDER musket fire? Seems suicidal, much like in the game Empire Total War....
  7. C

    Custard's Last Stand monument different than I thought

    Years back I was able to visit Custard's Last Stand memorial Park monument in Montana. What I found out about the battle and conditions of the United States Calvary was to say the least very surprising. They had two people talk about the battle. One a very interesting guy dressed in a U.S...
  8. Rodger

    Did the Germans stand any chance of success at the Second Battle of the Marne?

    History tells us the German Empire's last push to win WWI came in July of 1918, when German general Erich Ludendorff launched an offensive near Paris. Understanding that it was only a matter of time before the freshly arrived American troops and resources would wear down an already weary German...
  9. Frank81

    Trump: "I could 'shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters'"

    Donald Trump: I could 'shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters' - This was said in Sioux Center, Iowa. But he was talking about shooting people in New York. I really, really doubt he had dared to say it in this other comment: "I could stand here in the middle of Sioux...
  10. R

    are liberals finally going to stand up and talk about islam

    and have that conversation about the problematic aspects of Islam or will liberals continue to shy away go into whataboutisms "Well the Christians killed alot of people during the crusades, and slavery and.." commiting both a logical fallacy and avoiding the question Jakarta bombs, gunfire...
  11. T

    Did the Iraqi army stand a chance of beating Iran?

    By this i mean a full blown victory, would it be possible? and what would the Baathist's plans have been for Iran after such a victory?
  12. decebalus

    Does Trump stand any chance in 2016?

    As someone outside the US I'm really curious if speeches like: "build a great, great wall on our southern border, and I will have Mexico pay for that wall" ("nobody builds walls better than me") and "When was the last time anybody saw us beating, let's say, China in a trade deal? They kill us. I...
  13. Hrulj

    What does Russia represent?

    A lot of people in the west seem to support Russia and its anexation of other nations teritories. Now my question is, why do you/they support Russia and What values does Russia represent?
  14. CathareHeretic

    European Hymn Refusing to stand

    I agree with UKIP and FN about the Anthem. Is not my .Europe is my continent not my country. Ode to Joy is a germanic classic Both of the EU election‘s big winners, UKIP and the National Front, stood out on the opening day of the European Parliament. Nigel Farage’s UKIP caused a stir when...
  15. T

    Historiography - Where do you stand?

    It seems strange that there are few threads on the history of history, or historiography. The two main strands of modern historical thought are The Great Man theory, the belief that great men (or women) are the driving force of history, and Hegelianism, the belief that history follows...
  16. M

    If Rome survived, what would its Army look like and stand up to Invaders?

    Title. Would it look like Byzantine army? High ammounts of Cataphracts and Hunnic horse archers. Maybye Legionaires would be used as well by probaly a lot of citizen archers. Do you think there would be knights? Or maybye the Franks would be expelled across the Rhine and for their own Medieval...
  17. MadKing

    Bands that made a stand

    Which band/singer was/is, in your opinion, the most influential icon in music? Who do you think will NOT be forgotten? :)
  18. funakison

    Will the real Titus Oates please stand up.

    Hastings has not had too many top notch famous sons. Sure we had a battle here, but that was waaaaaay back. So imagine my delight when i found out that `restoration bad boy and ne`r do well ` Titus Oates was in fact a local lad. Time for a blog me thinks, so first call wiki Titus Oates -...
  19. arkteia

    Leonidas' last stand - a sacrifice?

    I think that the famous "300" was actually not a heroic act, but a necessity. We all remember how religious the Spartans were. When they asked the Delphi Oracle about the outcome of the Persian War, the first answer was unfavorable. They asked again (had they sent a more valuable gift :)this...
  20. Emperor Trajan

    The last stand of the 300 reality vs movie

    Anyone who has seen 300 the movie agrees that some of the stuff never happend. Like the rino and King Leonidis dieing last when he died first. Here are some pictures of the movie and what the person or unit might have looked like 1. Immortals Movie What they may have looked like...