1. B

    Were 5 star officers created for equivalent rank?

    There were 5 star generals and admirals in WWII. Only the undeserving Bradley was made a 5 star officer afterwards. Was the purpose just to give equivalent rank to British and Soviet field marshals?
  2. JM1906

    Oumuamua: object from another star

    So guys, Oumuamua is one of the most interesting discoveries in astronomy in the last years. An interstellar object that offers many possibilities and questions. Let us speculate. 1) it is viable to use it as "a ride" to other system? Can we do it? Will we do it? 2) what about the "organic...
  3. P

    movie star james stewart and Swiss bombing court-martial.

    Many W.W. 2 buffs know about Hollywood actor James Stewart's wartime service with the USAAF flyng bombers out of Tibbenham England near Norwich over Nazi Germany where Stewart was a highly popular officer with all ranks. However, much less well known is that -against his wishes-he was appointed...
  4. grey fox

    What if Grant was the 4 star General of the CSA from the inception of the ACW?

    If Grant joined the Confederate Army just before the Civil War started and if Grant's loyalty was with the CSA, and if Grant was the 4 star General of the CSA from April 13, 1861 (the day after Ft. Sumter) onwards, what do you think that the outcome of the American Civil War would have been? If...
  5. Z

    Star Carr

    Evidence of the spread of Maglemosian culture into the eastern parts of Britain was found by a local amateur archaeologist John Moores in 1947 on the edge of the former Lake Flixton situated in the Vale of Pickering near Scarborough in North Yorkshire. Radio carbon dating indicated that the...
  6. G

    The Great Christ Comet

    The Great Christ Comet by Colin Nicholl was published September last year. It breaks new ground on the star of Bethlehem. Its going to create one doozy of a stir in the worlds of biblical research and science. Here is one of reviews coming out on Nicholl’s book. And here is a...
  7. El Cid

    How and where did the negative notions of “decadence” and “intrigues” Byzantium start

    How and where did the negative notions of “decadence” and “intrigues” Byzantium start Before 1960 or so the Byzantine Empire was seeing as a sort of a decadent Empire which was “horrible” or something like that, and full of intrigues or something other...
  8. P

    Career Guidance I want to become a pon star

    Particularly if it's herstory related; But I am unwilling to be "gay for pay". Any leads?
  9. Datong

    Is Star Trek a communist society?

    Just some food for thought:
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    Roman Star Wars

    Apparently an ancient Roman author by the name of Lucian from Samosata in Roman Syria wrote some fiction about a group who travels to explore the world past the Strait of Gibraltar and somehow lands on the moon and there is an ongoing war between forces from the sun and forces from the moon...
  11. G

    Star Plus Mahabharat vs BR Chopra's Mahabharat which one was better

    Which among the two was better as a TV series and why? Which was factually more accurate and a better execution overall?
  12. Sage Celestine

    Is Star Wars the most successful movie of all time?

    Now hear me out in the 1977 Star Wars Episode 3 had only a budget of 11 million dollars but at the box office it hit 775 million dollars and that was just at the box office. Spartacus a film from the 1960's had a budget of 12 million but only grossed 60 million at the box office, still pretty...
  13. T

    Which Nakshatra(Star) were you born under?

    According to Vedik Astrology MOST historians are born under DHANISTHA nakshatra( 23°20" Capricorn (Makara) to 6°40" Aquarius (Kumbha) in example: The MOON at birth was positioned under that star. The purpose of this thread is to see to what extant this applies. You can name your Moon's Nakshatra...
  14. holoow

    The Khalistan Movement.

    Sikh Roots - The Khalistan Movement in Punjab
  15. Hjarloprillar

    Operation. :Red Star:

    That died when stalin was pronounced DEAD. and swept into gutter as a butcher like Heydrich. RedStar the final war to dominate the landmass one was balance of nukes. in '54 the pro ussr was the best. he went vertical in '53 to all who say god saves none god saved us by early retirement of one...
  16. Q

    Russia starts delivering $1 billion arms package to Azerbaijan

    The arms package, signed in a series of contracts between 2011 and 2012, includes nearly 100 T-90C tanks, Smerch and TOS-1A multiple rocket launchers and Msta-A and Vena artillery cannons, said Ruslan Pukhov, director of defense think tank CAST. Russia has almost completed deliveries of a...
  17. Underlankers

    Operation Polar Star: Zhukov's Forgotten Defeat:

    While the Soviet Union's wars in the center and in the south have received more focus from Western scholars, the bitterness of fighting in the Siege of Leningrad has tended to fall into a greater historical vacuum. While in his book on the Siege of Leningrad Col. Glantz estimated as many as 10%...
  18. Z

    Chinese philosophy influence in Star Wars

    Need clarification. I come across some website claiming that The Force,supernatural flow of energy,Jedi and Sith in Star Wars resemble the way of Tao,Qi,Qigong and Yin and Yang in Chinese philosophy. The Tao of Star Wars The Star Wars Connection to Chi Kung The Tao of Star Wars - John M...
  19. qijino1236

    The Star of David

    I am just trying to find some information on the origin and meaning behind the Star of is one persons response... The Star of David - The origin is from Hebrew and the symbolic meaning is a guiding light that helps you thru all your troubles.. it became a symbol of Judaism during...
  20. Tor_Hershman

    ¶¶¶ The Star Spangled Bar Song ¶¶¶

    As far as I know my recording of "The Anacreontic Song," a.k.a. "To Anacreon In Heaven," was, hard as that is to believe, the first one. Anywho, since moi's musical treatment many others have made a recording however.....methinks mine truly captures the quintessential essence of a bunch of drunk...