1. R

    Did the Mongols start to lose their nito after the 1250s?

    If you look at history, the 1250s seem to be the dividing period between when the Mongols basically were univerally successful, VS. when their success rate starts to dwindle, is this due to the Mongols starting to lose their mojo, whatever it was, or were Mongol commanders after the 1250s...
  2. Princess Of Manchester

    when did we start using middle names?

    when did we start using middle names?
  3. C

    The Real Start of the Civil War?

    In another thread I discovered the following: The first shot fired by the South against the Federal government was not in April 1861 but on January 9. The Star of the West, a federal ship attempting to resupply the federal garrison in Fort Sumter, was fired upon by several shore batteries and...
  4. F

    Artillery at the start of WW1

    What I'm curious about is how many and what kind of artillery pieces were in the hands of the European Great Powers in 1914 July? What were the men to artillery and the artillery to army corps/divison ratios in the Great Powers' armies? Thank you in advance for your answers!
  5. WhatAnArtist

    Would Napoleon have been successful if the Allies had great commanders at the start?

    Say, for the sake of argument, the British still had Marlborough, the Austrians still had Eugene and the Prussians still had Frederick - all great commanders that matched Napoleon in their energy and determination and often thought outside the box (and all of whom had beaten the French in major...
  6. T

    When did the majority of Europeans start to believe in heliocentricity?

    I looked everywhere on the Internet for an answer and couldn't find anything. So maybe you people will know the answer. When I say majority of Europeans, that is exactly what I mean. I am not just asking about the opinion of the educated Europeans regarding the validity of the heliocentric...
  7. L

    When did Christians start teaching ‘The End Is Nigh’

    Christianity and the Old Testament has been around well over 2000 years. Did the early prophets and preachers from Roman times teach world is ending soon, we are in the final days, with the ‘second comming’ Etc when god punished the world? Well if the first Christians taught and believed that...
  8. Jake10

    How would society change if women start having babies without men?

    The process by which two female mice can create babies has been discovered, as has the means of using chemicals as artificial sperm. So, if women can start having all female babies without needing men, how will that affect societies around the world? We can create babies without men, claim...
  9. F

    Why would white Germans start Cultural Marxism?

    Why would white Germans want to abolish European culture and power? Makes no sense. And how was this school of thought able to permeate so deeply in schools and media?
  10. K

    Where do I start my US military history studies.

    Hello, my Grandfather passed away recently and he was a major military history buff. I was the only one that was fascinated with his tales of Lexington and Concord and Gettysburg. He would stay up all night telling me stories of our brave ancestors fighting for what they believe. I'm now a...
  11. K

    I need help on where to start with my studies of American History.

    Hello, my Grandfather passed away recently and he was a major US history buff. I was the only one that was fascinated with his tales of Lexington and Concord and Gettysburg. He would stay up all night telling me stories of our brave ancestors fighting for what they believe. I'm now a sophomore...
  12. O

    Germany doesn't start war with USSR in WWII

    What if Hitler never starts war with USSR in WWII, how much harder does it make it for rest of the Allies?
  13. W

    So just bought 17 Revolution books, where to start?

    Wanted to really give into to the Founders and the Revolution. I got a spectacular deal on some books so bought a bunch. Where to start? I have all the main characters. A few on all the Founders as well as the 1776 book. I did read about the book written in 1971 by Higginbotham "The War of...
  14. S

    When did the Frankish royalty start speaking French?

    So I was watching the TV series "Vikings." In season three Ragnar Lothbrok and Hrolf begin their raid on Paris. Anyway in their opening lines, the Franks are speaking what sounded like an early form of French, (probably one based on the Oath of Strassbourg written in old French) Those of you who...
  15. S

    Was the Pact of steel flawed from the start?

    Germany attacks Russia to the dismay of member states, Italy being inadequate militarially in 1939 and Japan bringing another front to an already unholy alliance. They were to come to each other's aid but no thought to the variables on and inbetween their agreement, another ww2 question I apologise.
  16. Oliver Cromwell

    Interested in Anglo-Saxon history. Where do I start?

    Recently I've become rather interested in Anglo-Saxon history and the culture of the Germanic peoples in the Dark Ages as a whole. I'm looking for good books on Anglo-Saxon history, culture and religion, and have noticed quite a few on Amazon. But I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask if anyone on...
  17. W

    Does a crossbow operate like a gun? Can anyone can just start using crossbows?

    After testing my bow and realizing how tiring using them can be (even if the 12 lb draw weight was actually easy to draw and fire until after 15 minutes of non-stop usage), I am reminded of something I saw in reddit...
  18. M

    Want to start learning history. Unsure of where to start.

    Hey everyone, this is my first post on this forum. I've been wanting to learn history but is currently overwhelmed with the wealth of historical information. I've dabbled a bit on the period of hunting-gathering, bronze age, stone age, ancient Egypt, Rome etc but still find my knowledge to be...
  19. Ancientgeezer

    Start your own war!

    Here's an interesting advertisement for the aircraft/tank enthusiast. Rebuilding a Spitfire Mk X? Refurbishing a Chieftain tank or maybe just restoring a Cromwell, Centaur, Challenger, Avenger, Comet, Centurion, Tortoise or Conqueror tank? Unique opportunity for British tank owners, Engine...
  20. B

    Where was Variolation first used?

    The following is a quote from Alberuni's India which describes something that seems to be some kind of variolation against small pox: "After the small-pox has broken out, they recognise from certain signs whether it is virulent or not. Against the virulent small-pox they use a method of...