1. R

    State of the Canadian military during the late Cold War

    What was the state of the Canadian military equipment wise and in terms of quality of human capital during the late 70s and 80s? The military was underfunded from the late 60s onwards during the Trudeau years but got better funding from the late 70s onwards, and also got a bunch of equipment in...
  2. Futurist

    Was there ever a significant movement in favor of a Black-majority state in the US?

    Was there ever a significant movement in favor of a Black-majority state in the United States of America? I mean, I know that Keith Ellison called for a Black ethno-state in his younger years--and for that matter, so did the Communists (specifically in this book...
  3. Constantine V

    Favourite State in Antiquity?

    Mine is the Antigonid Dynasty or Rome
  4. JeanDukeofAlecon

    Middle Byzantium as an 'Early Modern State'

    Could middle Byzantine Rome be considered, outside of being temporally confined to the middle ages, an early modern state? Oftentimes I've seen figures such as Frederick II Hohenstaufen be called the "first [early] modern ruler" (as in the Wiki article), and remarks be made such as "England at...
  5. Le Hoang

    Middle Kingdom of Egypt and Shang: state or union tribes?

    Some people said that First Dynasty of Egyptians is first nation of human and they created first soldier,too.Like Egyptians,some researchers believed that SHang is first nation in Far East but is it right? Firstly,we must give some different between a nation(like Sparta) and a tribe(as Indian...
  6. C

    Flights of USA treasurers

    I found mentions of 4 different Treasurers of United States of America who fled within 12 years in Gilt Age with their respective State Treasuries Isaac Vincent, Treasurer of Alabama, fled in 1883 with Treasury of about US$ 200 000 Honest Dick Tate, Treasurer of Kentucky, fled in 1888 with...
  7. R

    State bank of India is providing easy

    France vs Belgium Belgium vs France France vs Belgium Live Belgium v France world cup semi fianl 2018...
  8. wigglywaffles

    Could the Egyptians have avoided state bankruptcy in the 19th century?

    So what could thr egyptians have done differently in the 19th century to avoid the disasterious bankruptcy that allowed the British to occupy their nation and ruined Khedive ismail's dreams of a truly modern middle eastern nation ? Or was their fate inevitable?
  9. M

    Question from a Dummy: State Duma

    So I'm writing an story revolving around a man who lived in Russia in 1916. I have done a few research, but I still feel like I need some clarity in a few areas: - When one is a member of State Duma, how do others address his occupation? Will simply calling him a 'politician' suffice? - Do...
  10. E

    State history

    Made this thread so Americans(or non Americans knowledgeable on said topic) could educate their non American counterparts/different state American counterparts on the distinctive history of different US states. This is about the history of the different autonomous states of our country rather...
  11. Offspring

    Golden State Killer Suspect Arrested Golden State Killer: Murderer, rapist suspect arrested in CA | The Sacramento Bee Those are not good nicknames. I find stuff like this...
  12. R

    What will a Christian state look like

    Basically nondenominational as long as it adheres to the Nicene creed, and basically operates more like a Confessional state than a pure theocracy.
  13. H

    Warring State Heavy Infantry Charge?

    I remember reading somewhere a long time ago that some kingdoms during the Warring States era had heavy infantry formations with long pikes charge at the enemy in formation. Is this true? Does anyone have anymore information on this?
  14. Kirialax

    Imperial personality in the Byzantine state

    We have a number of threads around here on best and worst emperors of Byzantium. While I have no problem with claiming that some emperors were more skilled at the task of ruling than others, and that some had a much easier situation to deal with, we need to remember that Byzantium was the...
  15. Visigoth Panzer

    Most Powerful Ruler of European State between Charlemagne and Charles V

    Who was the most powerful ruler of a European (excluding Byzantine Empire) state after Charlemagne but before Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire/Spain?
  16. R

    Could a Confucian state work in the modern age

    Could a state with State Confucianism as its ideology function effectively in the modern age?
  17. R

    Is it idea that the state or society should not regulated morals unique

    Is the idea that the state or society has no grounds to regulate morality unique? Because when you look at it is seems that every civilization from the Romans to the Greeks to the Egyptians tried to regulate morals in some way for the sake of a well ordered society.
  18. R

    Can Nazi Germany be regarded as a political successor state of the Second Reich?

    Is Nazi Germany basically the successor state politically of the German Empire? Basically the Nazis are just more outspoken and radical faction or extreme of the Prussian Junker class.
  19. F

    Does foreign leader's security get to check food & drink at state dinner?

    If so, how thorough is the check? What if the host puts (almost) undetectable substance or organism in certain food or drink, or contaminates certain utensils with (almost) undetectable substance or organism?
  20. R

    What was the state of the Austro Hungarian army in 1914

    In comparison to the French, German, and Russian army? How well equipped was it and how ready was it fight a major conflict? What about the Landwehr and the Hondvegseg? How did those two coordinate their operations in WW1 with the Imperial army?