1. Futurist

    Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, & the Caucasian states hold plebiscites

    Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, & the Caucasian states hold plebiscites What if Imperial Germany would have been in a more generous mood and decided--for the sake of public relations--to hold free and fair plebiscites in Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus, and the...
  2. dlnewhouse

    Termination of the employment of the president of the United States

    Under international law, which American official has the legal controlling authority to terminate the employment of the president of the United States.
  3. G

    United States of Poland United States of Poland (Polish: Stany Zjednoczone Polski) was an unrealized political concept of reborn Poland, created by Ignacy Jan Paderewski (1860–1941). It was first presented in...
  4. RidiculousName

    The United States Post-Revolutionary Conditions

    It seems very rare that countries with newly-won independence don't have an incredibly difficult time with bad governments and horrible conditions etc. I think the USA might be the only revolution I've heard about where the immediate aftermath wasn't near-complete devastation and governmental...
  5. Constantine V

    Greatest of the Diodochi states

    Which one had the most cultural impact, which one was most militarily successful, which one was the richest? Im guessing the 1st and the last of the criteria will go to the Ptolemies, but what about militarily? The Antigonids was very successful against the Illyrians and the barbarians from...
  6. Naima

    Warring states as nations

    Where the warring states more of civil war powers or actual endependant and very differing nations ? I mean in terms of culture, art, language, ethnicity etc?
  7. W

    German states post WW2

    Good evening! This post is about post WW2 boundaries. I was doing genealogy research tonight and I have conflicting information. Hours later, I wonder if it is due to post war boundaries. If anyone can assist, it is most appreciated. Here is my question. It says that my distance relative was...
  8. Wrierhans

    Crusader States

    I'd like to see what each of you has to say, if you find the crusades interesting, on what would have made the crusades overall successful? What I've found is that it seems that the crusader states were plagued by the same divisive strife that plagued Europe. Would they have been successful if...
  9. W

    Princely states of India-mere puppets or do they have meaningful power?

    So did the princely states of India under the British have actual meaningful power or were they just puppet mouth pieces for the local British comissoners? How did they compare to other British protectorates? Or the protectorates of other colonial powers? Also were the princely states...
  10. Futurist

    If Germany wins WWI, do a lot of Poles and Ukrainians move to the Baltic states?

    If Germany would have won World War I (specifically by not resuming USW and thus keeping the U.S. out of WWI; that way, Britain and France might be willing to let Germany keep its territorial gains in the East if Germany is smart enough to make some concessions in the West--such as a plebiscite...
  11. F

    Direct Democracy in the United States?

    How would a direct democracy work in the United States? I like to think there would be only one body (More than likely just called Congress) but would essentially be a smaller senate. These people would just go through most of the decisions but leave all big decisions to the people with a...
  12. Voltaires Hat

    Incentives for war during the warring states period

    I've been reading about the Warring States Period in 'Early China' by Li Feng and a few things weren't too clear when I read it: - what were the incentives for each state to be at war? - was there a reason why the states couldn't have remained peaceful? And I'll throw this one in here for...
  13. JoanOfArc007

    Terrorist attack in the United States

    Police on Monday arrested a man accused of killing four people at a Waffle House this weekend, ending a 34-hour, door-to-door manhunt that locked down schools and sent fear rippling across the Nashville region. Authorities discovered Travis Reinking, 29, hiding in the woods behind a...
  14. H

    Metallurgy of Spring and Autumn and Warring States

    What is the state of metals production in Chinese states during these 2 eras? In particular, what is the level of iron production?
  15. Mrbritishman

    Could Germany have ever invaded the United states?

    Could the third Reich have ever invaded the United States of America? Having read quite a bit about this subject, I'm curious to hear from you guys. be it successful, or failed. what is your idea on how an invasion would've went. from the years of 1939-45, or from an alternate reality of a...
  16. G

    Dixie-Confederate states Greek soldiers

    1528: Don Theodoro,officially the First Greek to have been to what is today USA, lands in Florida. 1592: Greek Captain Juan de Fuca sailed up the Pacific coast under the Spanish flag, in search of the fabled Northwest Passage between the Pacific and the Atlantic. He reported discovering a body...
  17. artistauthor

    ICC moves "out of Africa" begins preliminary investigations of two "European" states

    ICC moves "out of Africa" begins preliminary investigations of two "European" states News that the ICC(International Criminal Court) has announced that it will begin preliminary investigations focusing on two( significantly non-African) nations- Venezuela and the Phillippines and potential...
  18. F

    Can we judge the civilizations from the past?

    Can we separate history into bad guys and good guys or not?I mean could we say:country x's genocide killed 10000 people less than country y's genocide and say country x is better?Or can we say "even though rome conquered and wiped out entire civilizations it is a good country because it helped...
  19. Davetron the great

    How much did the United States contribute to WW2 in Europe

    What would it be like if they never entered I assume most People know 80% of Germans died on the eastern front but how much did the US Contribute to the European war ? -10% of the of the Soviet Unions War effort was from the US during the LL act and around the same for the British. -US Air...
  20. C

    Confederate States and Union debts

    In 1860, Union had a Federal debt of about US$ 65 millions. Some of the United States seceded from Union beginning from 20th of December, 1860, and formed Confederate States by ratification of Confederate Constitution by first 5 Confederate States on 26th of March, 1861. Did any of the seceded...