1. Futurist

    Historical statistics for various countries

    Did any countries other than Japan and the U.S. ever publish a compilation of their historical statistics (in one place/book)? To elaborate on this, here are the historical statistics for both Japan and for the U.S.: Statistics Bureau Home Page/Historical Statistics of Japan...
  2. Ceasar

    Statistics on Early Modern Firearms and Artillery

    I've been doing research on various firearms from muskets to cannons and have come up with some statistics that I would like to share with the community and see what everyone else thinks about my findings. Musket Accuracy One huge source of misconceptions I see is the question of musket...
  3. EmperorTigerstar

    Holocaust Monthly Statistics?

    Does anyone know of a good source where I can find statistics of confirmed deaths during the Holocaust (just Jews or in total) every month? I can only find stats up to every year and I would really appreciate it if someone can help me find some stats on this.
  4. A

    Is Bayesian Statistics the Key to a More Scientific History?

    In his 2012 book Proving History: Bayes's Theorem and the Quest for the Historical Jesus, historian Richard Carrier puts forward Bayesian statistical analysis as a new breakthrough in the study of history. He even goes so far as to say that any method that cannot be reduced to this theorem is...
  5. Slavon

    Statistics on Mstislaw Voivodeship

    Have somebody links on populations statistic of Mstislaw Voivodeship of Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth? I am interesting on censuses, lists of settlements, catalogs of administrative divisions and so on. (No need in integral data of all voivodship, need more detailed data)
  6. V

    Use of statistics in history research

    Hello! I wonder can we use statistics method for researching history. Does anyone knows is ever done some statistic research. Statistics is very usefull. With some known data we can predict or calculated unknown data. It can be used to find formulas, years ....basiclly we use math in history...
  7. Earl_of_Rochester

    Eastern Front statistics still leave me staggered

    I've been aware of the enormous difference in human loss on the Eastern Front for a number of years now, despite the Western propoganda to suggest it was won on the Western Front. I'm just reading Beevor's The Second World War and some for the figures of Russian losses, when compared to other...
  8. Phil25

    About the forum

    How many members are there in this forum and who is the head of this forum? In another forum called Game-Debate there are posts like Reporter, Admin, Reviewer etc. are there any posts like these in this forum?
  9. C

    something wrong with military statistics?

    Saudi Arabia has one of the biggest military budgets in the world, but its arms import is quite low (i havent heard about its own armament industry in SA) , how can it be? :eek:
  10. K

    "Stalin" Dry statistics about GULAG

    Link: A little dry statistics about the Gulag "Summing up the consideration of death convicts in 27 years of existence of the Gulag, it is easy to calculate that in this time in the camps, according to the EZLN, died 134,000 people, according to UB mortality was 1,167,000 people, 570 died in...
  11. theauthor

    Statistics versus the supernatural

    "This happened because of this" says someone. Then another one points out that correlation does not imply causality. That's true. For example, supernatural events, or events that seem supernatural (inexplainable events) may be explained by statistics: The more events there are in the world...
  12. Sharks and love

    If your country was the richest, what statistics should it top?

    So its Americas birthday, and on a birthday, people like to reflect on their progress.. I would like to ask... If your country was the richest in the world, what are some statistics you would like your country to rank near the top when compared to the rest of the world? Literacy? Life...
  13. R

    Baseball Negro League Statistics

    The great babseball statistics site,, has added a database of statistics concerning the "Negro Leagues" that existed before Jackie Robinson crossed the color bar in 1947: Negro League Data Sources - I believe that researchers have been waiting...
  14. davu

    15 Stunning Statistics About the Jobs Market

    just when you thought the gov't bailout jobs were going to save us -- think again - :sick: 15 Stunning Statistics About the Jobs Market - Yahoo! News
  15. CIowa

    Slavery Statistics question

    What % of slave owners in America owned 10 or less slaves?
  16. irishcrusader95

    Interesting statistics info on WW2

    here's a link to a page that shows some really interesting statistical information on WW2, worth checking out to anyone interested in the war
  17. S

    Atlas of World History and Statistics?

    Is anyone aware of a comprehensive atlas/book that covers the history of the world in terms of statistics, resources, agriculture, wealth, power; something that basically tracks the history of the Human race and its advances?