1. J

    The theoretical status of medieval H. R. Emperors among medieval Catholic Monarchs

    Hi! What was the theoretical hierarcal relation between medieval H.R. Emperors and other medieval Catholic kings? That time the H.R.E emperors were often simply depicted as the "Roman Emperors" in the chronicles of other nations (English French Italian Spanish etc..) He was often called...
  2. W

    What was the status of the Khedive of Egypt in the late 19th century?

    so was the khedivate an independent country, a Turkish vassal, a British client state? Also why did in 1914 when the British formally took it over they got the ruler to change his title from Khedive to Sultan? Any symbolic meaning in that?
  3. V

    Status of entertainers in ancient Greece/Rome

    Is it true that male performers, entertainers and athletes in ancient Greece were highly respected and adored, but in ancient Rome they weren't at all?
  4. JM1906

    Hong Kong Status: autonomy or integration?

    Hong Kong Status: autonomy or integration? Taking in account the last years, the political situation in HK seems to me (mho) rather ambiguos, and all the people that had talk to me about, seem to have very different opinions to this question: Is HK in route to a stable autonomous situation...
  5. grey fox

    In 1860 AL: Political party affiliation more determined by age and social position?

    This is the third thread that I have created today based on questions I have from statements wrote by William Barney in The Secessionist Impulse: Alabama and Mississippi in 1860. I expect this to also be the last thread that I create today based on questions about statements made in The...
  6. H

    What was the status of Macao in the 16th century?

    I've seen Macao during the 16th century described variously as a trading post, colony, or leased territory. Could anyone help me out and say what exactly the status of Macao was during this period? How much authority did the Portuguese have over Macao's territory, how much did the Chinese have...
  7. M

    Diplomatic status of 13 colonies at Yorktown surrender.

    When Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, to what type of fighting force did he surrender? Diplomatically, did he surrender to a criminal band of insurrectionists, or did he surrender to the colonies united as one, or did he surrender to 13 individual colonies? Likewise with the Treaty of...
  8. K

    Status of women throughout Medieval European History

    Could the women in medieval europe own property? Could they do business? Was the prohibition of divorce real and a degrading of women's right or happiness? Could the women be ordered by their husbands as in slave's terms or be locked up? Did the women participate in major political and social...
  9. K

    Status of women throughout Chinese History

    I recently watched a documentary titled on Empress Wu. Someone in that documentary stated that the status of women during the early Tang period reached a high-water mark in the history of China. I highly doubted this. Did the status of women decline since then, stayed the same, or that the...
  10. B

    Economic and social status of Ancient Greece poets

    I had an exam last week and I couldn't answer this question: What was economic and social status of poets in Ancient Greece in different time periods (under aristocratic, tyrannic and democratic government). I was searching the internet and mostly studied from Whithmarsh book about Ancient...
  11. J

    What was the status of women in the mauryan empire?

    If I recall, I heard that they preferred to have a male child, so I got curios. How were women regarded in the society?
  12. J

    What was the status of the persian empire?

    I was wondering some things about the persian empire. For example, if slavery existed, how did they treat them? Was religious tolerance allowed? What was the role of women?
  13. notgivenaway

    Status of Hong Kong

    Deng Xiaoping demanded that Hong Kong be returned per the late 19th century treaty. However, what if he asked for preferential trade treatment in addition to secret military exchanges, to boost his Socialism with Chinese characteristics macroeconomy? And in exchange, he'd allow the UK and China...
  14. E

    Womens' status after WW2

    Hi Everyone, I'm a new member to the forum :) I have a question, what changes came about after ww2 with regard to the status of women? (particularly Western Europe) Employment was a big thing I know, but what about culture or the social status of women? Any insight would be greatly...
  15. TomarRajput

    Is there any basis for the Yadav claim of Kshatriya status?

    Many Yadavs have started to claim descent from the Yavana Kings and refer to themselves as Yaduvanshis. They also claim to be descendants of Krishna. This is despite there status as "sudras" and cow herders, Is there any concrete evidence showing a link between the ancient Yavana Kings and the...
  16. G

    Status of outsider settlement in North East India

    Which are the states as of today in North East India that allow outsider settlement. Was there any place which had an article 370 like restriction as in Kashmir in the NE India that removed this. If yes how was it recieved by the people. Wanna how the settlement restrictions evolved over the...
  17. F

    The status of Economics

    The questions here are what kind of science isEconomics - if it is a science at all. I have read and stúdied a bit (not that much), and that did not remove all my scepticism. One question has to do with ideas that the economicss of societies develops relatively "independent" - that it can be...
  18. F

    Is English language the "lingua franca" thanks to US or UK?

    US or UK were more responsible for the international status of the language? Hollywood vs British Empire? Which played more instrumental role in your opinon?
  19. Futurist

    Would you agree to solving the Sino-Indian border dispute based on the status quo?

    In other words, would you agree to turn the Line of Actual Control into a permanent international border between India and China? This will make China recognize India's sovereignty over Arunachal Pradesh while India recognizes China's sovereignty over Aksai Chin: Any thoughts on this? As for...
  20. Kormp

    A Separate Continental Status for India and the Middle East

    When look at the seven continental divisions today, we could notice how large the Asian continent looks compared to others. This means that a variety of cultures and continental barriers exist, as how continents are defined. For India (the region, not the state), it holds the status as a...