1. BloodyPirate

    How much gold did the Spaniards take from South America?

    They are still mining Gold in various parts of Central and South America. What is the estimated amount?
  2. H

    American greatest steal from Japan

    It was just before Meiji restoration. and Why North army won in American civil war without Debt of war expense. Have you ever heard that?. of course Japan was stupid at that time
  3. davu

    Shell companies steal hundreds of millions from Medicare -- the REAL COST

    all this B________T about medicare going broke --- that just it -- B_____T -- this has been going on for years -- even i dare say -- back to the Bush years ---- Damn --- :deadhorse: Shell companies steal millions from Medicare - US news - Crime & courts - and they say this was...
  4. Thessalonian

    Swedish Nationalists in Struggling City See Rival Parties Steal Their Thunder "LANDSKRONA, Sweden — The Ahlgren family in this struggling industrial city offers one lens to view both the festering anger that has fueled the rise of anti-immigrant parties in Europe, including Scandinavia, and...
  5. B

    Anonymous hackers attack Iran, and steal email correspondence.

    Anonymous makes off with scanned passports from Iran, 10k e-mails What do you think? Is it activism if you just steal such information?
  6. Eire_Emerald

    Did The Greeks Steal Maths and Philosophy From the Egyptians?

    Did The Greeks Steal Maths and Philosophy From the Egyptians? i have heard this bouncing around a few times, I was jsut curious.
  7. Chookie

    Did the English steal the Stone of Destiny?

    The lump of Perthshire sandstone which, for centuries, has been referred to as the Stone of Destiny, the Stone of Scone or the Coronation Stone is a fake. The physical descriptions of the two stones are so different as to make it clear that this is so. The true Stone of destiny has been...