1. Visigoth Panzer

    Compare Composite Crossbow to Steel Crossbow

    For medieval European crossbows of the same poundage and spanning distance; are composite crossbows (made with wood, horn, and sinew glued together and bound with animal tendon) more powerful/efficient than equivalent steel crossbows?
  2. Naima

    Africans Invented steel

    SO I have read that the Haya tribe invented steel before any other civilization . Archaeologist Peter Schmidt discovered through a literalist combination of archaeology and oral tradition that the Haya had been forging steel for around 2000 years. Now what happened since that discovery , why the...
  3. Maoistic

    Is Steel really that much superior to Bronze?

    What the title says.
  4. RidiculousName

    WW1-WW2 Steel Armor

    I've been wondering why nations equipped some troops with steel armor up into World War 2. How useful was this armor?
  5. Visigoth Panzer

    Comparison of Steel in Ancient/Middle Ages

    How did the quality of steel weapons/armor compare during ancient/middle ages time? By which I mean how did Assyrian steel compare to its neighbors? How did Greek steel compare to Persian? How did Roman steel compare to Persian and Germanic? How did Viking steel compare to Byzantine? How...
  6. Naima

    Steel weapons

    When the first steel weapons appeared ? And what is true steel? I have read a lot of times here and there about steel weapons beeing used but then I read contraddicting affirmations like those weapons were not really steel ... So whats a strel weapon like? Who used them on mass scale? When? What...
  7. VHS

    Imagine stainless steel was developed during the Renaissance

    Today, stainless steel is quite ubiquitous; even silver jewellery has been replaced with stainless steel at some level. Imagine stainless steel or CRES (corrosion resistant steel, the technically correct name) was developed during the Renaissance instead of 1913, what would be the consequences?
  8. cachibatches

    Noric Steel- the Romans got their steel from Austrian Celts

    I had always heard that they imported their steel from India, the famous Wootz steel, but apparently, they got some of it from within the empire. There are two mountains in Austria, one at Eisenertz, Styria and one in Huttenberg, Carinthia, where the locals quarried iron ore and converted it...
  9. soundsgood

    Was the Pact of steel flawed from the start?

    Germany attacks Russia to the dismay of member states, Italy being inadequate militarially in 1939 and Japan bringing another front to an already unholy alliance. They were to come to each other's aid but no thought to the variables on and inbetween their agreement, another ww2 question I apologise.
  10. Guevarist Mayan

    Books on the history of steel?

    I would like to know what are good academic and scholarly books on the history of steel, as I will admit that I'm annoyed at constantly seeing unsourced claims about this metal (for instance, a common one is "X type of steel-making is better/worse") and I don't really know where to start to...
  11. W

    Would iron and steel swords slice bronze age weapons and armour or even shatter them?

    Obviously iron and steel weapons are superior to bronze weapons there's no doubt. But I notice on the internet and even a few TV shows like Deadliest Warriors there is a notion that bronze age weapons are so inferior that an Viking-age longsword or American Civil War saber would simply slice a...
  12. VHS

    CRES (Corrosion resistant steel) or stainless steel: a really important development

    The advent of CRES (corrosion resistant steel) or stainless steel might have transformed many parts of our daily lives. For example, we usually don't need to worry about rusting knives or cutlery in the kitchen. I know the advent of ceramics have replaced some previous uses of CRES.
  13. StatelessInSapporo

    Steel chopsticks of korea

    Why do Korean (Chousen) people use steel chopstick for meal? Is there history?
  14. H

    How Widespread Was The Use Of Steel In Pre-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa?

    I know that Africans have been using iron for thousands of years. I am also aware of the Haya people of East Africa who developed advanced blast furnaces able to produce high carbon steel over 2000 years ago. However was steel the norm in most of Africa before European intervention or were tools...
  15. CathareHeretic

    1951 Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community

    The President of the Federal Republic of Germany, His Royal Highness the Prince of Belgium, President of the French Republic, the President of the Italian Republic. His Royal Highness the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg, Her Majesty the Queen of the Netherlands. Considering that world peace can be...
  16. EmperorTigerstar

    Guns, Germs, and Steel: To What Extent Do You Agree?

    Jared Diamond made a theory that the main reasons that Europe was able to defeat and conquer the Americas as opposed to facing either A) Equal-leveled resistance or B) Failure is due to three reasons: Guns, germs, and steel. You can read more about the specifics here...
  17. cachibatches

    Questions about iron and steel in the ancient world

    Good Day All, Any metallurgy experts out there? I have read various contradictory things about the origins of iron and steel working on this forum and elsewhere, and was hoping to get some things clarified. Could anyone with the knowledge answer and source the following questions: A) It...
  18. Yora

    Advantage of steel over bronze for weapons

    Pretty much all the time you run into statements like "because they had steel weapons, their armies were superior to their enemies who still used bronze". All of the reading I have done on the properties of bronze and early steel does not support that at all. If a steel sword and a bronze sword...
  19. L

    Bessemer process and its purpose, also qualities of steel

    Lately I've been at a technology history course at the university. The professor was quite confusing at times. Let's just say that I'm not much of a scientist. Last time I learned about chemistry and physics was in high school. I have a hard time remembering the useful scientific details which...
  20. E

    Steel and the Development of Warfare

    Throughout military history, the development of technology has altered the face of warfare. In the latter 1800’s, a series of technological changes [often referred to as the second phase of the Industrial Revolution] revolutionized the industrial societies of the Western World. Some of...