1. B

    Stereotypes of the Germans of German Empire and Austrian Empire

    In the early 20th century how where the Germans of the German Empire and the Germans of the Austrian Empire viewed? Where the stereotypes of both groups similar or quite different?
  2. stevapalooza

    Stereotypes about Chinese provinces through history

    If you're curious.
  3. holoow

    Gender stereotypes ... are true?
  4. Precedence

    Does mainstream rap music exist to push stereotypes?

    With the topic about rap and violence, I wanted to look at it from a different perspective and ask a different question. Many people form a negative opinion about the rap genre due to the fact that much of the rap that is being played on the radio is unoriginal, superficial and ignorant. A lot...
  5. Brisieis

    Do people play into stereotypes?

    Do you believe people can exhibit stereotypical traits what other people expect of them? This can be from the obvious traits to the subtle. Do labels have an affect on a person either on a conscious or subconscious level which makes the person show signs of the label even more? Or do...
  6. Essa

    The Stereotypes: The explanation

    I think this can be contraversial and funny at the same time :cool: Did anyone had an experience with that.....facing a stereotype idea about his own people or others...and what was your response? Here are some interesting things I knew... Spanish: - Lazy (either because of timetables or...
  7. Patito de Hule

    Stereotypes of masculinity

    Why are God, Satan, genii, and the classic horror monster always pictured as male? What else universally are so depicted?
  8. Salah

    Islamic Stereotypes

    I'm not a Muslim, and I am neither Islamophilic nor Islamophobic, so I have little bias in either direction on this subject. There are beaches throughout the Middle East where women can be found bathing in bikinis, and there are plenty of predominately Muslim countries in which women can...
  9. sturm

    Racism and stereotypes

    I've often observed how a TV host or a journalist might lose his job even for saying the n word, or a man might get banned in a forum, and the word is absolutely unaccaptable. In fact everything, even jokes about african-americans is practically a taboo (if of course the joke is not carried out...
  10. Y

    Ending stereotypes for america pt. 1 ancient Africa

    YouTube - Ending stereotypes for america pt. 1 ancient Africa