1. R

    The Enlightenment- Stolen Islamic Knowledge?

    i saw on twitter an Islamic scholar argue that alot of the European Enlightenment thinkers stole knowledge from Islamic thinkers? and why is the basis of teaching based on Enlightenment thinkers and not their Islamic predecessors i don't know much about the Enlightenment but is this accurate or...
  2. notgivenaway

    Should African kingdoms learnt to develop stolen gunpower tech?

    Saw the Asante (in modern Ghana) and Benin (in modern Nigeria, and not the modern state with the same name), both of whom were defeated by the British during the Scramble for Africa. But would this have been halted had they both seized arms, and learnt how to make gunpowder?
  3. P

    Rescue of the German-looted art train: fact or fiction?

    Here is an interesting piece of trivia and mystery. Operation Market Garden begins September 17, 1944. Only weeks before, in August, the allied advance is stalled due to logistics. On approximately August 15, 1944 a train containing German-looted French art from Paris is derailed by French...
  4. Dany

    Dacian history stolen?

    We use to read in all history books that our ancestors, the Dacians, were uneducated barbarians, who didn’t know neither to write, nor to read. And when someone dares to assert that the Dacians were the “nest of the European civilizations”, he is derided. Why do we believe one...
  5. Ancientgeezer

    The Myth of India's "stolen" GDP and wealth

    A regular excuse for the failures of the Indian sub-continent and its inhabitants by their apologists and the professional victims is that their wealth was "stolen" by British colonialism. While the British ruled India from 1857 after the Sepoy mutiny was crushed until 1947, the sub-continent...
  6. George Baker

    The Stolen Generations, racism in Australia

    Hi everyone! First of all, I'm not sure if this belongs in homework help but it's not really homework and brainstorming about this subject could give some pretty interesting results... I'm writing a thesis on racism in Australia (it's not a school assignment, even though I am a history...
  7. Emperor Trajan

    $4 million stolen from small Ohio school

    It might not matter to people in other nations but it is huge out in Ohio. The reason being is because of a major scam that went on through out the early 2000's. This is new and happend today. " CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS -- The Ohio Auditor says nearly $4.2 million was stolen from the Cuyahoga Heights...
  8. Satuf

    Ottoman civilisation: original or stolen?

    Some people claim that everything the Ottomans had was "stolen" from the Byzantines, Persians, and Arabs. Agree or disagree? Original or stolen? Or neither?
  9. Linschoten

    Stolen babies in Franco's Spain

    This is a really extraordinary story, apparently hudreds of babies were stolen by a secret network of doctors and nurses and sold for adoption; the mothers were simply told that their babies were dead. BBC News - Spain's stolen babies and the families who lived a lie Hundreds of Spanish...
  10. A

    Stolen Letter from Dr. Warren Found!

    It may have been the last official letter he wrote before losing his life at the Battle of Bunker Hill. After 60 years, Revolutionary War letter is returned to state archives
  11. Y

    Argentina stolen babies trial begins

    Ex-powerful dictatorship of Argentina and his associates have to face again Argentinian justice: They had organized the "stolen babies" project, which consisted to the kidnapping of new born babies whose parents were in prison and in captivity in camps. Videla and his associates have already...
  12. Gile na Gile

    Stolen Carravagio is a copy!! "A valuable Caravaggio painting stolen two years ago in Ukraine has been recovered in a joint effort by German and Ukrainian authorities, police announced in Berlin on Monday. The large chiaroscuro painting...
  13. diddyriddick

    Sign stolen at Auschwitz

    The infamous "Work will set you free" sign at the entrance to Auschwitz has been stolen.
  14. Tudor chick

    China's stolen children

    Just watched a doco on Australian ABC about China's stolen children. I'm afraid I did not see who produced it, but I think it came from Britain. China has had very strict laws under their "one baby" policy since the 1980's which has created all sorts of problems. Mainly people wanting male...
  15. M

    Pacific War Pisco Peru stolen gold late 1800's

    Anyone out there heard the story about 4 australian mercenaries during the Pacific War , late 1800's that stole 14 tons of gold from a church in Pisco Peru. Later hid it in Tahiti on way home.........Is this just a legendary story, or did it actually happen.:)