1. G

    What if Reagan and FDR stood against each other in a general election

    Who would have won consider it to be an era when both parties were equally strong. How do you think the debates would happen? Who would beat the other? Which states will each of them carry and which will be battleground? Which issues will they spar over and where will they be in agreement? And...
  2. haimian

    Did Bavaria always stood with France before 1870?

    I've seen most times Bavaria stood with the side of France, except the war of Augsburg Alliance, is it almost every time? And Why they are so friendly?
  3. amazedkat

    would the nazis have stood a better chance of winning the 'battle of the bulge'

    if they had sherman tanks instead of those big stupid tanks they in fact had been to the battle area for a visit, and it's all small lanes and steep hills and forests, there's a tiger 11 still on display where it got stuck in the battle.
  4. ib-issi

    Where Troy Once Stood

    A couple of months ago i posted a link to a book called the True history of Britain , and from the comments i got i think a few people bothered to read it . So i am going to post this 20 page review of a book published in the 90s about the Trojan war , apart from Thess and a few of our other...
  5. jeroenrottgering

    Why do you think Austria declared war on France in 1809 even though they stood alone?

    Sometimes I think what was Austria thinking? Without any certainty for help elsewhere they declared war on the French Empire in 1809. At the time the Empire was on it's hight and Napoleon's Empire did not yet show signs of break down. What did Austria expect?
  6. jeroenrottgering

    What would you do if you stood in Louis XVi shoes when the Fr Revolution broke out?

    I personally would send my troops to Paris and crush the revolution by force. But how would you guys react when you were King; admit, resist?
  7. Naomasa298

    The men who stood up to the Nazis

    I've always found stories about people who helped Jews during the Nazi regime quite inspiring - the courage of many of these people is quite remarkable. A few of the most interesting: Albert Goering - Hermann Goering's half-brother. It would have been easy for him to have had a good life, but...
  8. galteeman

    When Iraqi peacekeepers stood guard at Hadrian's Wall

    This is an old story which I just came across but it shows how the world can turn on its head eh. When Iraqi peacekeepers stood guard at Hadrian's Wall