1. Y

    STOP saying the bible promotes slavery!!

    Church teaching does not practice or promote slavery, it liberates slavery by teaching a slave is no less of a person and no less value than a slave master, this was never heard of before christianity. Our Lord Jesus took on the form of a slave through poverty...
  2. K

    If the Vietnam war was wrong, why didn't the world stop America?

    And when I say stop, I don't mean to protest it but actually stop it...... sanction America, blockade America, sever alliances and treaties with America, threaten America, protect Vietnamese, protect Vietnam?
  3. NordicDemosthenes

    How would you stop WWI?

    How would you stop World War One? What wuld you choose as your point of departure from our real timeline? Personally, I would try to convince Wilhelm I to abdicate earlier.
  4. Dreamhunter

    Why did Jin & Xia not ally with each other to stop the Mongol threat earliest?

    Why did Jin & Xia not ally with each other to stop the Mongol threat earliest? It was like, when Western Xia was invaded by the Mongols, Jin didn't help Xia; while when Jin was invaded, Western Xia didn't help them Jin; instead of allying together and fighting the Mongols, these two apparently...
  5. h3mp

    If you could go back and stop any one war from happening, which would you pick?

    What effects would this have had historically?
  6. R

    When did Russia stop being seen as a part of Europe?

    When was Russia seen as more of an Asiatic country than a Western/European one? Was it after WW1? Because reading historical accounts of the 7 years war, the Napoleonic War, and the period after it seems like the Great Powers of Europe considered Imperial Russia to be part of the European order...
  7. Valens

    Remilitarization of the Rhineland - a chance to stop Hitler?

    I've been reading about the events leading to World War II in Europe, with the Remilitarization of the Rhineland being a significant step towards war. Under the terms of Treaty of Versailles, Germany had been forbidden to station troops and military equipment in the Rhineland, its border region...
  8. Magnate

    How do we stop terrorism against the west?

    What's the most effective way? I hardly think building a wall would help..
  9. W

    How much war arrows can a shield stop before breaking apart?

    My archery bow came by mail today. It is the model in the link below. With that said I decided to do a little experiment I shot arrows at my medieval buckler. Because the arrows were blunted and the...
  10. B

    When did the US Army stop having units by state?

    In the Civil War and before, the regiments and so on were by state. Now only National Guard units are by state. When was this change made? I think it was before WWI.
  11. Nibelung

    When did Spain stop to be the world global superpowar and was replaced?

    With the death of last Habsburg or earlier, somewhere in XVIIth century?? 1600 - still was a world superpower. 1700 - was not so powerfull, but wasn't yet replaced, so maybe we should look for the end in 18th century, becasue was still able to defent itself and defeat the second in the line...
  12. JeanDukeofAlecon

    When did the muscle cuirass stop being used?

    The muscle cuirass was a very popular armor among ancient greek soldiers for a time, and they left a big enough impact on culture that they continued being used ceremonially by generals for centuries after the common soldier stopped wearing them, and they have a continuous presence in art that...
  13. P

    How did Aetius stop Attila?

    How did Aetius halt the Scourge of God at Catalaunian Plains?
  14. JeanDukeofAlecon

    When did the byzantine empire stop using certain roman technologies (if ever)

    I can't see to find many sources on what roman technologies the byzantines stopped using and when. Does anyone know when / if the byzantine empire... 1) stopped using concrete 2) stopped using cranes 3) stopped making aqueducts 4) stopped making sewers 4) stopped making bathhouses Please...
  15. VHS

    Could France stop Nazi Germany in World War II?

    France might not lack military resources, but its strategic thinking was WAY outdated. If France had an updated military leadership and planning, could it stop Nazi Germany?
  16. Futurist

    The Bolsheviks Stop At the Curzon Line in 1920

    If the Bolsheviks would have stopped at the Curzon Line in 1920 and would have allowed a rump Poland to remain independent, could the Bolsheviks have successfully conquered some or all of the Baltic states and/or Finland shortly afterwards? If so, then how exactly would the history of the Baltic...
  17. Eamonn10

    When did we stop listening to the world around us.

    From the deepest oceans to the darkest jungle in Africa, animals are singing and making noise like you wouldnt believe. Why have we stopped listening to them. I'd like this thread to be one where you could put up your favourite animal sounds. We could even extend it to you favourite sounds...
  18. The merchant of Venice

    Is it ethical to stop a suicide?

    You get out of the house for a walk, reach a tall bridge and see a man - he clearly wants to end his life by jumping into the river below. There's nobody around there apart from you and him. What do you do? Do you think it is ethical to forcefully stop a suicide, and intervene like that in the...
  19. holoow

    US will stop training Syrian rebels and focus on arming Kurds and other groups

    U.S. will stop training Syrian rebels and focus on arming Kurds and other groups - LA Times Arming Kurds is probably the best solution in a war against ISIS.
  20. The General

    ancient roman to byzantine military?

    since when did the byzantines stop using the traditional roman infantry and start using cataphracts? if i remember correctly, even during the times of justinian they had used heavy roman infantry. When did they start using heavy cavalry, rarely used in the ancient roman empire?