1. jameen

    If Ming sea expedition never stops

    Do you believe the Chinese during that time rules the world if Ming emperors never stop the sea expeditions and instead adopted the open border policy like in the days of Han, Tang and Song Dynasties?
  2. R

    Japan stops the insanity in China and goes for the jogular of the rich and weak Ameri

    Japan realizes that it is absurd to waste the mighty IJN and Chinese army over useless territory, when the Americas are extremely weak. In Dec 1940 Japan offers Chiang to abandon half the conquered territory and assit him to eliminated Communists and rebellious landlonrds, if China joins a...
  3. P

    Which stops did the Holland East Asia Line make in 1938-39

    The Holland East Asia Line (Holland Oost-Azie Lijn), a shipping company, had the following route, I learn from a poster from 1922: Rotterdam – Lisbon – Genoa – Port Said & Suez – Aden – Colombo – Singapore – Manila – Hong Kong – Shanghai Did it follow this route in 1938-39? Were there stops in...
  4. Edratman

    Royal Navy Stops Rum Ration 1970

    On July 31, 1970 the Royal Navy stopped issuing the daily ration of grog for several reasons, including the fact that only a third of the sailors lined up for the tot. Here is a link to an interesting article on the history of the daily ration including the derivation of the term grog.
  5. S

    France stops the blitz 1940: A Stalemate on the western front

    So what might have happened if Hitler mistakenly assumes that the French were planning an attack, after German intelligence reports on French troop movements along the Belgian border Part 1. Two thousand feet above the Ruhr Valley, a German Taifun BF 108 plowed through a low fog bank, as...
  6. Von Ranke

    The buck stops here: A dead ideology!

    Harry S Truman's famous words once defined the responsibility accepted by all US presidents. Has President Obama by kicking the decision of military action against the Syrian regime on to the Congress weakened or enhanced the role of America as the leading world power? Please try not to turn...