1. Commodus

    Favorite Civil War story?

    The American Civil War is an incredibly interesting time in history, full of big personalities and big leaps in warfare - from tactics to the technology armies used. And as it's a subject of such interest to this forum, and so many of you are very learned on the issue, I thought it would be nice...
  2. G

    Polynesian newspapers/news stories

    I'm trying to find out how stories related to Polynesia could have been relayed back to France at the end of the 19th century in published form. Was there a colonial newspaper or journal being circulated?
  3. Solidaire

    Stories that shaped the world

    In April, BBC Culture polled experts around the world to nominate up to five fictional stories they felt had shaped mindsets or influenced history. We received answers from 108 authors, academics, journalists, critics and translators in 35 countries – their choices took in novels, poems, folk...
  4. R

    The most beautiful royal love stories

    It's undeniable that most royal marriages, from prehistory until recent times, have been of the dynastic type: pre-arranged in order to create or strengthen ties between different nations. Yet, on occasions, monarchs have been able to choose their own spouses, marrying the great "love of their...
  5. Sod Buster

    Kansas, Camp Fire Stories.

    It's been a while since I've posted, and thought I would share a few of my journeys since then on the Great Plains looking for its history and the locations where that history happened. As a disclaimer I am not a historian just a guy who has a love of the Great Plains and Kansas, I will try and...
  6. B

    Are these British officer stories true?

    Story about General Morgan: Similar story about Andrew Jackson: These are both quotes from Wikipedia about generals from middle class backgrounds. Are these stories documented? They seem so similar that I am suspicious they were made up and reflect attitudes toward the British.
  7. R

    Is there any "stories" of ancient manuscripts being brought to Scotland or Ireland

    Is there any "stories" of ancient manuscripts being brought to Scotland or Ireland What made me think of asking this was the historical jotting down of ancient texts by monks and the occasional palimpsest found with some ancient knowledge hidden. Myths, legends or verifiable facts welcome!
  8. P

    The Great Flood and other Biblical stories

    Are there any evidence that the Great Flood/Noah's Ark, Exodus, 10 plagues, people living 900+ years, etc. happened? I'm very skeptical. Are these stories simply copied from Mesopotamian stories like the Epic of Gilgamesh?
  9. W

    From the Bodhi Tree: the stories of Asia.

    I'm writing a history of narrative across Asia based on my years studying Hindi and Mandarin languages; and working as a journalist across the entire continent. I divide my stories into six sections: Theravada, Brahmanism, Abrahamic, Confucian, Mahayana and Vajrayana.
  10. T

    What are the most unsettling stories in history?

    Im casting the net quite wide here, but ive recently developed an interest in what you might call the morbid and the paranormal, and as a member of this forum , it got me thinking-surely obscure internet legends and campfire stories aren't where the buck stops- real world history has plenty of...
  11. Landsknecht

    African Mythology & stories

    Now I remember reading these two Mythologies a long time ago, I have been thinking about them. I just do not know what they are called! Can anyone help me? The one I was thinking of was about a prince that has to face his fears and go to the ring to face the lion. I thought that was a...
  12. W

    Has anyone read the Akechi Kogoro stories?

    Can anyone give me an opinion on the Akechi Kogoro mysteries by Edogawa Rampo? I was interested by the setting of early 20th century Japan (and I like a good mystery story) but I heard there were some "supernatural" elements in the stories which made me hesitate. I don't mind a bit of fantasy if...
  13. 1759

    Agent Zigzag, and other WW2 true stories we want on the big screen

    Agent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre is one of my all time favourite books about espionage from the Second World War. I really hope its made soon. Rumors are that Tom Hanks bought the rights to the book... If it is made, lets hope its a British production.. Any other WW2 true stories you'd like to see...
  14. G

    Interesting stories and interesting characters/persons from the Hindu universe

    Share some of your favourite interesting stories/incidents and your most interesting characters from the Vedic, Brahmanaic, Aranyakan, Upanishadic, Puranic etc. areas from the Hindu universe. Please give reasons for your choice? Restriction: Please avoid mentioning incidents or characters from...
  15. A Vietnamese

    Stories from a NVA vet

    This is a collection of stories my father told me about his experience in Vietnam war. It is your choice to believe in the accurate of these stories since there are no proofs to prove if they are right or wrong. 1. Back when my father was a kid, a shaman visited his village. This shaman told...
  16. D

    Old Testament Bible Stories in Film

    Most of them are so poorly done. Almost as if the creators want to disparage biblical themes and distortions, never even getting the main storyline right, and simply trying to get the story sexy. Not to mention checking with real experts on the subjects who know things like Jewish midrash, etc...
  17. Basileios Demetriades

    Folk Songs and Stories about Incest, Cannibalism and Death

    I know some good Greek ones. I will present them in the original Greek and I will translate them in English for you. Feel free to contribute with nice stuff from your countries. Here is a kinky one :o There was a nun who had a beautiful and brave son and the whole country desired him deeply...
  18. D

    Graphic Novel about WW2 Stories Großväterland

    Hello history buffs, Next year, the whole world is commemorating the 70 years end of WW2. There are not many eye-witnesses anymore, who can tell us, what cruelties happened then. So many stories, that are unknown so far. I am a German historian and work together with a great artist on a graphic...
  19. D

    Ancient Ghost Stories

    Reading the Penguin Classics 'The Letters of the Younger Pliny' today, an excellent translation by Betty Radice, I came across a letter in which Pliny tells of a remarkably modern-like a ghost story. A version can be found here: An Ancient Ghost Story It got me thinking, what are the oldest...
  20. Jake10

    Survival Stories from History

    Pedro Serrano was a Spanish sailor whose ship sank around 1520, making him swim for his life to a little desert island, with a knife as his only possession. He had no water or shelter, but he managed to live there for 8 years by killing turtles, drinking their blood and using their shells to...