1. T

    Book recommendation: European History for students

    Book European History for student advice A good friend is sponsoring the studies of an Indonesian. I have been asked to recommend a succinct book of European History in the English language. I am aware of a history of Europe with maps existing in French, perhaps something similar would be ideal...
  2. M

    Via Historiae - magazine for students and lovers of History

    Let me introduce magazine about History for students (Bachelor´s degree, Master´s degree or PhD. students) or lovers of history. The journal is published on the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava (Faculty of Arts). Are you interested in History? Follow us :) Thank you very much :)...
  3. notgivenaway

    should university students who demand safe spaces be denied access to universities??

    why do they need that level of pampering? Life is about facing challenge, not being protected from....well life.
  4. A

    How to Teach History to Reluctant Students - webinar info

    Information about an upcoming webinar for teachers and school administrators to be held on February 10, 2016. Please see below: [Live Webinar] How to Succeed at Teaching History to Reluctant Students Get the Most Out of Your Time and Maximize Student Learning in Middle School and High School...
  5. E

    Academic Guidance Any graduate students or phd's here?

    Hello, are there any graduate students (master or doctorate) or phd's here interested to (cross-culturally) exchange ideas and opinions on each other's theses? Currently, I'm writing my master's thesis and I'm preparing a dissertation proposal for future phd applications. I have some colleagues...
  6. N

    48 Missing Students

    This tragedy is getting a lot of attention where I live. 43 Mexican college students who were studying to be teachers have disappeared, most likely murdered. Local police are believed to have acted with the approval of local authorizes and turned the students over to a drug gang a month ago. The...
  7. JeromeChauveau

    International history students workgroup - Join!

    Hi all A freshman in history, I want to create an international workgroup for history students, based on the following assumptions/observations: Today, being historian requires to both communicate your results on an international scale (in english), and be interested in what is produced in...
  8. Gmann101

    Afghan students protest women’s rights decree

    Afghan students protest women?s rights decree | World | DAWN.COM Afghanistan blocks law on women's rights - YouTube yap.. get the USA out of the county let Afghans go back to act like bearded baboons of 7th century. 200 scoundrels trying to control 20 million people in the name of Islam.
  9. theauthor

    Are Chinese students better than students from the West?

    In a recent documentary made by Danish Broadcasting Corporation, Chinese students beat the Danish Elementary School pupils in mathematics AND creativity. I highly doubt the test results. My doubt is based on the fact that China has about 1.5 billion people in its country. It is not hard to...
  10. G

    Geography Resource for History Teachers that Students Actually Use

    If you are tearing your hair out over students who show up without even knowing the 50 states, let alone any world geography, try this free website: Welcome to -- Your link to geography fun! There are plenty of US map games, and a dozen or so for each continent, with many...
  11. Pacific_Victory

    Attention all Historum College Students and Grads!

    I am asking a series of interview questions of current college students and recent graduates for an English Composition assignment. These questions relate to the subjectivity of "good" and "bad" writing and how this affects writing in academia. If you would like to help me, please answer the...
  12. P

    How do I teach James Cook (British Sailor.) So I can my Students to listen...

    I teach Asian and European History in New York at a University. I have always been interested with James Cook, but I need to make my students listen. Most of them only bother about the Battles in History. I was mainly thinking if I should start teaching about the beginning of his life or when...
  13. Brushedwithmystery

    T.S Eliot:Timeless Influence on a Modern Generation

    I happened to overhear a conversation between two of my drama students- they were supposed to present T.S. Eliot’s work in English that day, and they thought his poems were both boring and unintelligible. I interjected, and suggested that they look at him from a modern cultural...
  14. Jake10

    Do teachers prefer female students?

    Do girls have an advantage in school? According to this study they do. Does this mean females are on their way to dominating future societies? New UGA research helps explain why girls do better in school | UGA Today
  15. Jake10

    Students who don't want to learn

    In a lot of countries, school attendance is compulsory, so all the kids go to school, but there are cases where some kids simply don't want to be there, and they don't care what happens if they don't cooperate. When it comes down to it, a teacher can speak to a student all he/she wants and...
  16. RonPrice

    Abbie hoffman and me

    Abbot Howard "Abbie" Hoffman (1936-1989) was a political and social activist who co-founded the Youth International Party(YIP). The YIP or Yippies were a radical youth-oriented and countercultural revolutionary offshoot of the free speech and anti-war movements of the 1960s. I was a child of...
  17. A

    What should students learn about history?

    We assume learning about our own countries, and our own states is only natural, but in today's world, this is obviously inadequate education. However, I firmly believe everyone should have knowledge of history, to have a good perspective on life. So now what should history teach, and who...
  18. Mohammed the Persian

    Why Students ?

    I see it as a trend. Whenever there is a revolution or protests, you always read about "students" being the ones protesting. Whenever you hear about protests, you always see students. It got me thinking, why are students the participants ? Is it because they are possibly more exposed to...
  19. C

    Students With GPS Tracking

    "Students cutting class is something that has existed ever since school was invented. But the Anaheim Union High School District school district is enacting a plan to get their kids in line. According to the Orange County Register, "seventh- and eighth-graders with four unexcused absences or...
  20. K

    School defends experiment to separate black students

    A high school in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is defending its decision to segregate its students by race and gender. The scheme, at McCaskey East High School, separates black students from the rest of the school body, and then further breaks it down into black females and black males. The...