1. Voltaires Hat

    How do historians study secondary sources?

    Caveat for this thread: it's not about academic guidance, I'm just a guy who's curious about the profession of historian. I've been reading a bunch of books that are targets for academics these days, many marked up university library books, and it's got me wondering about the mind of a...
  2. T

    Does one need to study Greek culture and history to fully understand the Romans?

    Simple question! I want to do an in depth study of the Romans and I know they have alot of influence from the Greeks. I am unsure of what starting point or how deep I need to dig into the Greeks to understand. Vitam Impendere Vero
  3. J

    Good study of Treaty of Westphalia

    Can anyone suggest a good study of the Treaty of Westphalia, preferably by someone who understands what a monstrosity it was? Thanks.
  4. D

    Harappan site of Rakhigarhi: DNA study finds no Central Asian trace, junks Aryan inva

    The much-awaited DNA study of the skeletal remains found at the Harappan site of Rakhigarhi, Haryana, shows no Central Asian trace, indicating the Aryan invasion theory was flawed and Vedic evolution was through indigenous people. The lead researchers of this soon-tobe published study — Vasant...
  5. Princess Of Manchester

    Hey, I want to the study the popes. Does anyone know any online sources for me to loo

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  6. C

    Academic Guidance Advice on supplementing study

    Hi everyone, I I am a mature undergrade (39) and am in my second year of a part time honours degree in history with the Open university in the U.K. The modules that we have to take are focused on early modern history or modern history. These don't fall under my main sphere of interest but I...
  7. J

    Good study of the Great Pyramid

    I'd like to find a good study of the Great Pyramid of Cheops that looks especially at the amount of labor it took to build.
  8. Y

    How to study world war 1?

    So, guys I am trying to do a big research on world war 1,and I want to write all the research in one book and divide world war 1 into chapters for example chapter 1: the beginning of the war, but I am having trouble organizing my research and I don't really know from where to get information...
  9. O

    India's Zero Just Got 500 Years Older Due To A New Study

    The findings mean that the manuscript predates a 9th century inscription of zero on the wall of a temple in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, which was previously considered to be the oldest recorded example of a zero used as a placeholder in India, a report by Oxford's Bodleian Libraries said...
  10. A

    How to study european history?

    I want to study it but I do not know where to start though. :notrust:
  11. E

    History study

    I'm really trying to find answers through history, really eager to start.
  12. RidiculousName

    How to Tell a Good Study From a bad Study

    I recently took a class in technical writing. Besides making me want to gouge my eyeballs out with a spork, it showed me how to use my college library's search function online. There I found a great deal of academic studies proving that video-games cause violence, and just as many proving they...
  13. T

    Dark Age Study: A Pictish Enclave Near London ?

    South of Brentford, upriver from central London, where the Thames forms a great loop round Kingston and Molesey, we find some particulary interesting combined evidence which may shed a little light on the Dark Ages in Britain. Modern genetic sampling from the area around Molesey has resulted...
  14. A

    love to study history, great to be here

    Greetings all, I've been into history all my life, mostly military, but other stuff as well. Looking forward to learning and sharing. I'm a special education teacher. I get to teach World History and am always looking for new documents and areas of study to work into my class.
  15. C

    Are there any good sources to conduct further study on the Clovis Culture?

    Hi. I'm currently in the process of conducting research for a fiction novel that I have in the works. One of the characters that I've decided to feature requires slightly more information than I have at my disposal. I know that the Clovis Culture existed somewhere between 13,000 to 14,000 years...
  16. S

    Favorite War To Study

    So I want to study up on a war that I haven't really set much focus on. I really main the World Wars but I've looked into them so much and despite knowing there's a lot to still learn about them, I kinda want to focus on some other wars. So my question is, what is your favorite war to study...
  17. T

    Dark Age Study: The Conquest Of Suffolk

    In Suffolk there is some evidence that may well be associated with the descent of Pictish and Saxon raids on Britain which appear certain to have occurred after the fall of the usurper Maximus in 388. The Fenland in this period almost certainly offered cover to raiders and outlaws as it did...
  18. newtohistory

    How do you study history as a hobby

    So I was wondering how do you guys study history as adults who don't need to worry about exams etc? Most articles on the web are targeted at students, but this time I'm wondering about learning history as a hobby for adults. Is reading books enough or do you have some advanced study techniques...
  19. T

    How does the study of history generate wealth?

    While reading the post "Why do you like history?" popped into my mind this question: In such a competitive world as the one we have now, Does history somehow help to sustain the wealth of the country that supports its study? Many people loves history as a hobby but do not consider it a wealth...
  20. EmperorTigerstar

    Favorite time period of European history to study about?

    Which era of European history is your favorite to study about? Mine is probably the post Napoleonic period between 1815 - 1914.