1. gustavolapizza

    your favourite art styles in history

    what are your favourites? fine by me if you pick as many as you want ( post some example too )
  2. F

    Dynastic architectural styles of Imperial China

    Hello! So as the title suggests, I'm hoping for a civil discussion on the relative aesthetic merits of the different architectural styles of the Chinese dynasties. I'm hoping to focus in particular on the palaces and public works commissioned since they should generally reflect the zenith of...
  3. M

    Is Chinese-style architecture inferior to Indian, Middle-Eastern and European styles?

    Is Chinese-style architecture inferior to Indian, Middle-Eastern and European styles? Chinese style has since the dawn of its civilization has had a dearth of buildings of stone construction, instead preferring simple wood and other composite materials. Indeed, even the distinctive tile roofs...
  4. arkteia

    hair styles through the centuries....

    I found this image on Paolo Orsi museum's website and thought it would be an interesting idea to compare different hairstyles, in no specific order...
  5. Aberc

    Examples of clothing and styles in ancient India

    Art work shows the clothing and styles from the time of the Buddha to the death of Christ(few will be past that) in ancient India. Most of these people are upper class people. Most of the art are coming from three successors of Maurya's . >>>> Satavahana dynasty Sunga Kharavela
  6. E

    Africa of many hair styles

    Cynical-C | African Hairstyles from the 1950s-60s Hairstyles « Petits riens (A blog by Sabrina Moella) I thought it would be interesting to show
  7. Thessalonian

    Global architectural styles

    I hope this thread will live a long life! There is a vast amount of information we can collect and put in here..... from all over the world. :) I expect all members to contribute from their part of the world.
  8. haow85

    Clothing Styles

    Can some expert here give me an introduction on the evolvement of Chinese/Japanese/Korean clothing styles? Judging from what I see from the latest girl singers' bands, I find the Korean girls' dresses to be the sexiest, almost always having allusion to sexuality and maturity while Japanese...
  9. Sharks and love

    Is breast cancer caused by Western Health styles?

    Breast Cancers per 100,000 women I know most of you are not scientists, but what do you think? Do we eat too much meat for our own good? Alcohol? Do we live a life so sedentary that it is unhealthy? How long do...
  10. Pedro

    Sex and Life Styles of the Ancients

    Seems that ‘blonds have more fun’ was even true in the first century A.D. Messalina, wife of the emperor Claudius, amused herself by prowling the brothels in a blond wig, which the law required prostitutes to wear to denote their profession. Sometimes Messalina would return home without it but...