1. Waterloofinalsolution

    Why has Napoleon's life become so subjective depending on who you talk to?

    I love Napoleon and his legacy, but what ticks me off is that everyone thinks they know Napoleon. Napoleon was an absolute monarch, obviously, who believed male's are the dominate force within society. He had written codes for marriages, how people "will" behave, etc. He was a Hitler (Hitler was...
  2. notgivenaway

    is it stupid to not believe in subjective morals?

    since there is no evidence for anything being objective, why not morals?
  3. civfanatic

    Moral Dilemma: Subjective Inequality or Objective Equality of Human Value

    Assume you are given the following two options, and you are required to chose one: 1) Sacrifice your family and close relatives in order to save 100 million strangers living in foreign countries far away from your own home, with whom you have absolutely no contact. 2) Save your family and...
  4. L

    Science is done by humans, humans are subjective beings, ergo science is subjective?

    If science is done by human beings, and human beings are subjective entities, does that mean that science is ultimately a subjective endeavor? Discuss.....
  5. I

    Objective and Subjective

    What splits the line between objective and subjective reality? If objective is anything you can perceive with the 5 senses. Then is time subjective? After all we can see or feal it and it playes different tunes depending on our feelings. Or is it objective because we can measure it? Any thing...
  6. Timmer

    “Living in the Apple’s Core” the importance of the subjective voice in I, Claudius

    This is a book I have recently read that I have used to analyze the reliability of the historical source “Living in the Apple’s Core” the importance of the subjective voice in I, Claudius I, Claudius by Robert Graves is a fictional biography that Graves creates about life in ancient...