1. Voltaires Hat

    Sources/Conjecture on the Social History of Pre-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa

    The reading I've done on Africa to date suggests to me that the pre-colonial history of sub-saharan Africa is quite incomplete. Just wondering if anyone can reference me to some sources or good reading on this topic that are less political/geographical, more 'what was likely happening on the...
  2. Maoistic

    Why are Sub-Saharan, Native American and Oceanian military histories so deficient?

    Basically, when it comes to "Eurasian" (hate that term) military history we have far more detail than with Sub-Saharan Africa, pre-Columbian America and Aboriginal Oceania. In fact, it almost seems as if historians just aren't all that interested for the most part. The most I've found is the...
  3. RidiculousName

    Sub-Saharan Fortifications

    I was recently thinking about how we don't have as much evidence for sub-Saharan cities largely because they were made of wood. However, military fortifications are often made of stone purely because it is harder to knock-down and you can't set it on fire. What evidence is there for sub-Saharan...
  4. T

    Folk islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Islam, like every religion, during his history, spreading to new area, absorbed elements of local beliefs and customs. I'm looking for information about folk islam in Sub-Saharan Africa, especially West Africa and Horn of Africa. Which did local element of native African custom, beliefs pass...
  5. H

    Did Sub-Saharan Africans build cities?

    There is this common misconception that Africa south of the Sahara never developed anything more substantial than hunter-gatherer societies and small farming villages composed of scattered straw huts and tribal cultures. This video series will tackle those views head on. Don't be mislead by the...
  6. H

    Did any pre-colonial Sub-Saharan African Kingdoms/Empires manufacture their own guns?

    When the Japanese were first introduced to the European matchlock in the 16th century, they quickly adopted it as their own and even improved upon it, quickly utilizing it to attack their rivals: Within a year after the first trade in guns, Japanese swordsmiths and ironsmiths managed to...
  7. H

    The difference between North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa

    Had a long debate with another member about this. Personally I think that there are a few major distinguishing factors that are quite obvious while at the same time there are a few similarities as well. What are your opinions? What are the biggest distinguishing differences between North Africa...
  8. holoow

    Was J.Savimbi the most impressive leader in the Sub-Saharan Africa after N.Mandela?

    At least his uncompromising struggle against leftists in Angola deserves respect.
  9. H

    How Widespread Was The Use Of Steel In Pre-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa?

    I know that Africans have been using iron for thousands of years. I am also aware of the Haya people of East Africa who developed advanced blast furnaces able to produce high carbon steel over 2000 years ago. However was steel the norm in most of Africa before European intervention or were tools...
  10. EmperorTigerstar

    Did any Ancient Mediterranean Civilizations Have Access to Sub-Saharan African Trade?

    Did any ancient civilizations have trade routes as far south as sub-sahran Africa? Perhaps some tribes in the Congo or Nigeria regions?
  11. holoow

    Sub-Saharan Africa during the Cold War

    Have there been any political leaders who were anti-Western but at the same time opposed Communism and Soviet/Chinese influence?
  12. Lawnmowerman

    What is Sub-Saharan Africa

    This has come up in another thread. What is Sub-Saharan Africa. Is it a geographical boundary? All countries located below the Sahara desert. Does it include countries within the Sahel????? Is it more a cultural definition??? Countries that are Sub-Saharan have had little...
  13. A

    Slaves brought into sub-saharan africa

    I've been reading up on the sahelian empires and I saw accounts of nobles in Mali, Songhai, and Takrur with arabs, turks, ethiopians, berbers, and other non black africans as slaves. Apparently there was a demand for foreign slaves TO the western sudan. Does anyone know much about this topic?
  14. civfanatic

    Manufacture of Guns in Sub-Saharan Africa

    I know that many peoples and states in Sub-Saharan Africa used guns (muskets) in warfare, which they acquired from European traders. Did any African people attempt to "reverse-engineer" the European muskets and make their own? How about gunpowder? If not, why not? I would like to know specific...
  15. Scaeva

    Roman Contact with Sub-Saharan Africa

    To what extent did Rome have contact with peoples who lived south of the Sahara? Obviously the Sahara is a formidable barrier, then as now, but the Romans were also a sea-faring people. How far along the coasts of Africa did Roman ships explore? Was there any trade between Roman cities and those...
  16. Satuf

    Was there any Egyptian influence over Sub-Saharan Africa?

    Ancient Egypt, undoubtedly, was at one point in the ancient world considered the greatest civilisation humanity has ever reached. When we think of Egyptian influence, we often look at the Near East, North Africa, and the Mediterranean. What about their influence over Middle and Lower Africa...
  17. The Historian

    Greatest empire of sub-saharan Africa

    I'm going with the Ghana Empire. Any opinions? Also, if you have any other suggestions, so give them.