1. T

    Why did Haitian revolution succeed?

    History know thousands slaves uprisings. However, all of them ended up in the same away - brutally put down. Haitian revolution is different. Slaves not only defeated French army, but also established independent state. It rises a question: why? What factors made Haitian revolution successful...
  2. VHS

    The condition for Wang Anshi's reforms to succeed (Northern Song Dynasty)

    Wang Anshi of Northern Song Dynasty was well ahead of his time as far as policies went, as some claim that his policies require the efficiency of modern political economy to succeed. The Northern Song Dynasty already suffered from severe swelling of its bureaucracy and military. (Some people...
  3. Darth Raidius

    Could Che Guevara's revolutions succeed?

    Could Che Guevara's attempted revolutions in Congo and Bolivia realistically have succeeded, under different circumstances? And if so, what would the aftermath of those revolutions be?
  4. DrvanNostrand

    Why did the Marathas succeed in their mission but Vijayanagar didnt?

    Both Shivaji and the founders of the Vijanagar empire felt their mission was the liberation and protection of Hindus. While Vijayanagar did indeed uproot Muslim power from the south and defended Indic culture for nearly 3 centuries, it was playing defense for the most part and collapse while the...
  5. P

    Why did the Spanish Reconquista succeed?

    I think the Spanish reconquista largely succeeded before the Arabs were past their prime with the sack of Baghdad in 1258. Why did it succeed? Why did the Moors devolute in to Taifas? Why did the Arabs lose their hold on Spain?
  6. Futurist

    Monarchs Since 1800 Who Were Not Expected to Succeed to the Throne

    Which monarchs* since 1800 (who ruled from 1800 onward) were not expected to succeed to the throne earlier in their lives? As of right now, I can think of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia (he had two older brothers), Tsar Alexander III of Russia (he had an older brother), King George V of Great...
  7. V

    Why did Stalin succeed Lenin?

    I wonder why Stalin and not Trotsky succeeded Lenin Trotsky was much closer to Lenin and took a greater part in the Russian Revolution. Stalin was able to manipulate people, but is this enough to make him a leader? What happened? :huh:
  8. Joe Freeman

    British invasions of the Rio de la Plata succeed

    The British invasions of the Río de la Plata were a series of unsuccessful British attempts to seize control of the Spanish colonies located around the La Plata Basin in South America (today part of Argentina and Uruguay). The invasions took place between 1806 and 1807, as part of the Napoleonic...
  9. Jake10

    Why didn't communism succeed in Japan?

    Around the 1920s, communism was gaining support in Japan. Factory workers were fed up with bad treatment and constantly protested, repeatedly asking to be treated like human beings. This sounds like a country ripe for the pickings for a communist takeover, yet it didn't happen. Why?
  10. funakison

    Why did Absolutism succeed in France and fail in England in the 17th Century

    I am working on a blog about the rise of absolutism in France under Louis XIV and wondered why the acceptance of the divine right of Kings succeeded so spectacularly in France and failed so dismaly in England.
  11. Mangas Coloradas

    Wars Of Oppression. Do They Succeed?

    I found this article a few weeks ago. The author says that if you want to change a people you must be brutal, like the Romans. It apparently worked with the Japanese. They are pretty much passive...
  12. Mohammed the Persian

    Do You Think the Other Arab Revolutions will Succeed ?

    Tunisia made it. So did Egypt. And then the summer of discontent is starting to boil. A Civil war in Libya... Uprisings in Syria, Yemen and Bahrain... Will they be successful ? Oh and I just noticed there was a wikipedia page about it :nuts: Arab Spring - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. Salah

    Does Marcus Aurelius deserve a bad rap for letting Commodus succeed him?

    Marcus Aurelius (r. 161-180 CE) was the last in a line of four emperors who were adopted by their predecessor based on their merit and character, rather than their birth. Rather than grooming a successor in this manner, however, Marcus allowed his son Commodus to succeed him on his death, March...
  14. sylla1

    Would a Japanese attack have been enough for Barbarossa to succeed?

    That is, if instead of Pearl Harbor the Japanese would have invaded the Soviet Union from the the East by the summer or fall of 1941. Would that have been enough for the USSR to collapse? The more you might explain the rationale behind your answer, the better. Thanks in advance.