1. Ahsenhaukeh

    African History and Folktales, Sahara/Sahale/The Sudan, The Mali Empire........

    Hi my interests are: African History and Folktales, Sahara/Sahale/The Sudan, The Mali Empire, The Ghana Empire, Shonghai Empire, Sumer, Turkic Mythology, Swadesh lists, comparative linguistics, comparative mythology, and more, ill edit this....
  2. Punos_Rey

    Round temples discovered in Sudan, unique style

    Source: Really cool and knew you guys in here would appreciate it
  3. Swagganaut

    Relations between Medieval India / Sri Lanka and Sudan (Ca. 500-1500 AD)

    Hey guys, I need help from the fellow members from India and Sri Lanka. The subcontinent has a rich literate culture since millenia, and although much had been lost due to the climate I still think there might be stuff left for the topic I am researching, ie. Medieval Central Sudan (Alwa /...
  4. Swagganaut

    Source hunting for Medieval Central Sudan (Ca. 500 - 1500 AD)

    As already announced some days ago, I want to write a paper on the Kingdom of Alodia (Aka Alwa or Aloa), a Christian Nubian Kingdom which lasted from the 6th - early 16th century in what is now central Sudan. In contrast to Makuria the sources are fairly spare, especially archaeological ones...
  5. Frank81

    Gore news from South Sudan

    South Sudan report details cannibalism, rapes - Damn, so they wanted independence to behave like that :deadhorse:
  6. Darth Raidius

    Could the Federation of Arab Republics have lasted?

    Between 1972 and 1977, Muammar Gaddafi attempted to merge his Libya with Egypt under Anwar Sadat and Syria under Hafez al-Assad. Sudan under Gaafar Nimeiry was also a candidate for joining the union, which would be known as the Federation of Arab Republics. Popular opinion in all countries was...
  7. Romanianboy2013

    What was the Ottoman view about the Sudan uprising led by the Mahdi in 1881?

    Muhammad Ahmad bin Abd Allah was a religious leader of the Samaniyya order in Sudan who, on June 29, 1881, proclaimed himself as the Mahdi or messianic redeemer of the islamic faith. His proclamation came during a period of widespread resentment among the Sudanese population of the oppressive...
  8. mansamusa

    Ethnicity and Trade in the Sudan.

    The two most important groups in the Sharan Trade would have been the Sudani and the Amazigh(Berbers). The Berbers would most frequently have been pastoralist Nomads living in tents in the desert, with the Sudani being agropastoral town dwellers. And ofcourse there were those Berberic traders...
  9. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Why haven't countries like Ethiopia and Sudan changed their names?

    Ethiopia means land of burnt faces in Greek, and Sudan means land of the blacks. Both terms in particular I find to be nauseatingly silly, as black people didn't come from one particular land, and neither did, "people with burnt faces". I can understand people weren't pc back then, but you can't...
  10. mansamusa

    Gold Minting in Medieval Western Sudan.

    New light on the early Islamic West African gold trade: coin moulds from Tadmekka, Mali (Nixon et al 2011, Antiquity 85) | Thilo Rehren - New archaological finds in the medieval Malian town of Esouk--Tadmekka, point to evidence of coin minting associated with the gold trade of the...
  11. cachibatches

    35 Small Pyramids Foudn in Sudan

    Always found the Sudanese pyramids to be very interesting in their own right. Now there are a few more known: 35 Ancient Pyramids Discovered in Sudan Necropolis | LiveScience
  12. H

    some of sudan great history

    as we great everybody ( asslam alaykom ) peace be upon you i hope you're all doing just great i dont know exactly how i cam across this beautiful forum but anyway i am glad i did so i'd like to introduce my self my name is Anas and am a mixture of cultures :) so my father is half arab...
  13. Master Chief

    Origin of the word Sudan

    The other day, my friend told me an interesting tidbit, and that was the region of Sudan was referred to as Sudan when the Arabs were conquering North Africa. I know Arab referred North Africa as "Ifriqiya" and Egypt as "Misser" and Ethiopia as "Abyssinia", but I have never heard that the region...
  14. Thessalonian

    Sudan launches a new currency, following South Sudan

    BBC News - Sudan launches a new currency, following South Sudan The new notes are available in banks and currency exchange points all over Sudan, according to the Central Bank.
  15. Mohammed the Persian

    South Sudan Rebel Leader assassinated

    BBC News - South Sudan rebel Gatluak Gai killed after peace deal
  16. Satuf

    South Sudan!

    What are your visions for this young country? Will it succeed? Is it better off now?
  17. Naomasa298

    World's newest country created by warring factions in Sudan

    Here's some actual worthwhile news. In just under 10 hours, the world's newest country, South Sudan, will be born. BBC News - South Sudan counts down to independence While there are still unresolved issues, this is the culmination of the split of the country along religious lines, with the...
  18. MagnaCarta

    Cultural differences

    I thought that was a good vid. Video -- Cultural Differences -- National Geographic What do you think? It seems that it's from a movie called this
  19. Jes

    Southern Sudan finally decided to become independent

    BBC News - South Sudan backs independence - results Southern Sudan decided to become independent by the result of referendum. Over 90% of the voters agreed independence and the day would be July 7.
  20. Centrix Vigilis

    Sudan mayhem continues

    Always bubbling this place called Sudan. Evidently good intentions continue to mean nothing. Rebels report clash with Sudan army