1. 2

    Historica Investigation Suggestions

    I am entering my final year of high school and for my final history project, I have the whole next year to do it, I need to write an essay on an investigation which i do. It can be quite literally on anything from history. It can be a figure, a war, a theme, a time period, a day or pretty much...
  2. B

    Book suggestions regarding Dutch East India Company and related topics

    Hello! Lately I've been researching Dutch maritime expansion and trade in the Indian ocean of late 16th and 17th centuries. I'm also interested in metropolitan Dutch history insofar as it is related to this context, i.e., Dutch activities in Asia. So far I have managed to obtain some secondary...
  3. D

    Hi;Introduction + Any book suggestions?

    Hey everyone, new member here, name's DPikeman, I studied history in secondary school (or high school I suppose), I now pursue it as a hobby though Could anyone recommend any books that cover social and economic history of Europe in the 70s-2000 period? or anything regarding generational...
  4. E

    Russian history topic: suggestions?

    Hello everyone. I have to do research for school. We have to do research on a topic we like. You can choose everything, as long as it is a question you can answer. There can be more questions in one paper, those questions need to be asked to help you find the answer to the original question...
  5. M

    Teaching German History - Reading Suggestions

    Hi all, I'm a high school history teacher about to start teaching Nazi Germany, and I'm looking for suggestions for books I could read to help me prepare. I'm already halfway through Kershaw's great Hitler biography, and I'm going to read Shirer's Rise and Fall of the Third Reich over...
  6. R

    Character Name Suggestions

    You guys have been extremely helpful on this kind of stuff before, and I'd like your input again. I think this will be a continuing thread as these questions come up from time to time. So, I have a character from the late 18th century. He's from Holland from a (fictitious) rich and powerful...
  7. Torin

    Suggestions ?

    Hi guys, can you recommend some books about germanic tribes? thanks :)
  8. King Arthur

    Suggestions for replacing the term paganism

    I think it'd be interesting and fairer to stop using the label "paganism" and the associated "pagan" and "heathen". Here are some suggestions: Saxon Paganism: Eseism/Osism (They believe in the Ese, singular Os) or Irminsulism (Irminsul tree) Norse Paganism: Yggdrasism (Yggdrasil tree) Roman...
  9. F

    Suggestions of eponyms with references

    I'd like to invite you to present- any idiomatic expression or a subject for which there's currently no precise & concise expression; and then- propose an appropriate additional/alternative eponym (or other nomenclature) for it and provide historical/semi-historical/mythological reference or...
  10. Perspective

    Suggestions on a Reader for the Africa Unit

    Homeschool mom that's looking for a medium-difficulty reader in African history (maybe max 175-200 pages). 9th grade kid. Doesn't have to be all of Africa, it can even be a region of Africa.
  11. T

    What did children drink in 16th century England - source suggestions, please?

    For a project at university we have to write an essay on a topic of our choice, and I was considering the topic in the title. Areas I might look at are how much children's consumption of alcohol varied according to social class, and whether if changed over the century, especially focussing on...
  12. mark87

    Any suggestions for books on the Holocaust/Shoah

    I'm trying to decide what books to include in my next near future purchase, and I was wondering if anyone here more knowledgeable than me on the topic could recomend any titles on the topic. So far I have looked at Raul Hilberg's Destruction of european jews which by all reviews seems to be...
  13. R

    Teddy Roosevelt Book Suggestions?

    Anyone have suggestions for books about Teddy Roosevelt that high school students might especially enjoy?
  14. Precedence

    New to world history? Any suggestions?

    I've been on this forum for a while, but I've really only read about United States history. I want to explore other countries and time periods too. Are there any threads, online sources or videos that you can recommend as a start? I'm looking for very general information on ancient world...
  15. G

    Good book suggestions on the Pheonician empire

    I am looking for some good books which detail out the history of the Phoenician empire and Phoenician peoples
  16. B

    Suggestions of introdutory bibliography on Greek and Roman Ancient History

    Hello! I'm loking for an introdutory bibliography on Greek and Roman Ancient History. I don't mean just popular science, it is welcome, but I would like dense and classic books about these periods either. Thank you very much!
  17. E

    Homeschool History Suggestions

    I'm looking for history curriculum for my homeschooled son (age 7) and though I've asked on homeschool forums already, I'd like some opinions from some history lovers and figured this would be the place. I LOVE history but have barely tip-toed into teaching it because, frankly, I tend to be too...
  18. H

    Suggestions of biographies of U.S. Presidents

    I am planning on starting to read one biography of each U.S. President. Of course, I know that there are likely several biographies about each President. I would appreciate any suggestions for good biographies to read. Thank you for all of you suggestions!
  19. Otranto

    Any book suggestions on the conquistadors?

    What's a good introduction on these explorer-soldiers? I'd like to understand them and their expeditions from their point of view, not the author's, their motives for going, the circumstances under which they left, their encounters with new cultures and religions, etc.
  20. K

    Any Suggestions for Books on Anglo-Saxon England?

    I've been browsing Amazon for books on Anglo-Saxon history as of late. There are many choices available and I don't really know which one of them I should pick up. I'm currently having my eyes on this one: The Anglo-Saxon World: Nicholas Higham, M. J. Ryan: 9780300125344: