1. Tammuz

    Marilyn Monroe´s death - suicide or homicide?

    Is there something true about the theory that Marilyn Monroe was murdered by her psychiatrist Ralph R. Greenson on behalf of Robert Kennedy?
  2. Willempie

    Turkey commting assisted economic suicide?

    Today the Lira went to its lowest value. Today started already with a very low rate, then Erdogan gave a speech, which tanked it entirely. At that moment Trump kicked in and added extra tariffs on aluminium and steel for Turkey. My guess he had waited for that exact moment, to make the problems...
  3. C

    If she didn't commit suicide, would Eva Braun have been tried at Nuremberg?

    Let's assume that Adolf Hitler's star-crossed lover, Eva Braun, didn't commit suicide and lived. She would surely have been captured by Soviet soldiers. However, when the Nuremberg Trial started, would she be a defendant? All she seems to be guilty of was Hitler's point of affection and marrying...
  4. C

    If Hitler never committed suicide

    What if Adolf Hitler, near the end of the war, suffered a nervous breakdown that was so bad that he wasn't even able to plan and go through with a suicide, and by the time he came back to anything resembling a composed state the Soviets managed to burst into his bunker and captured him, his...
  5. tuesdayschild

    Suicide jehovah's witnesses

    Anybody come across one? Apparently the Russian government are deciding whether Jehovah's witnesses are a load of dangerous extremists. Never mind the Chechens/ Islamists / Kyrgs etc. It is the ones who keep ringing the doorbell that you have to look out for!!:)...
  6. G

    Suicide in Chinese culture

    I noticed how throughout Chinese history, a wide range of people serving the government from minor bureaucrats to military commanders and members of the nobility would commit suicide when a situation turned unfavourable for them, even for seemingly trivial or minor reasons. While I know that...
  7. L

    Leaders who commit suicide than surrender

    I know in some cultures they believe in death before dishonour. The ancients, did this, up to and the Japanese in WW2 and no doubt among The current Isis conflicts in Middle East. Did the Romans practice that on the battlefield when facing defeat? Did they have an equivalent of the Viking...
  8. K

    Looking for Details : Japanese Spy Executed - Father Committed Suicide

    Hi Folks, I'm looking for some help here - hoping that someone will recognise the bare bones outline I post from memory below, and perhaps give me some guidance as to the actual historical facts behind the story. A few years back, I read a factual story in one of those Readers' Digest...
  9. weezer17

    Opinions about Vince Foster's suicide?

    I need to begin this post by declaring that I am in no way a right-wing guy in describing my politics. In fact, I would call myself far-left and sans-culottic at heart. I began researching Vince Foster out of pure curiosity for unsolved or open crimes and mysteries of the past. I've also been...
  10. Frank81

    Beirut: two suicides kill at least 41 people and injured 200

    They have attacked a Shia neighbourhood south of the city Deadly suicide attack rocks southern Beirut - Al Jazeera English
  11. The merchant of Venice

    Is it ethical to stop a suicide?

    You get out of the house for a walk, reach a tall bridge and see a man - he clearly wants to end his life by jumping into the river below. There's nobody around there apart from you and him. What do you do? Do you think it is ethical to forcefully stop a suicide, and intervene like that in the...
  12. P

    self immolation as a protest suicide

    In June 1963 a Buddhist Monk walked into the center of Saigon sat in the middle of the street poured gasoline over himself in an act of protest committed suicide by self immolation. I was 12 at the time and remember seeing black and white TV coverage and newspaper coverage. I did not know that...
  13. V

    Suicide warfares and bloodpacts in India.

    I was going though late medieval documents on Malabar,mainly authored by Europeans travelers,I came across an interesting information on the tradition of warfare among Nair soldiers.Many early travelers who came to Malabar records a class among the Nairs called 'Amokos' who were literally...
  14. Valens

    On this day, 70 years ago, Adolf Hitler committed suicide

    April 30th, 1945, Adolf Hitler, Fuhrer of Germany and a person who rose from obscurity to become the master of Western Europe and a leading antagonist of a most destructive war in human history, shot himself in his underground bunker in Berlin. His death marked the definite end of the Third...
  15. S

    church burial from suicide in 1860s???

    Hey there, Here's an odd question if one could help. If a person committed suicide in the 1860s in the United States, would / could they get a burial in a cemetery or was there another plot of land outside of church grounds where they were laid to rest? Thanks.
  16. holoow

    Vargas's suicide letter.

    Was Vargas's suicide letter real or it was a fake?
  17. A

    Were there Japanese Samurai Suicide bombers?

    I'm not taking about the suicide fighters in WWII. I'm talking during the age of the samurai with firebombs. Were there samurai whose job it was to suicide bomb into battle?
  18. K

    Military Commanders who Committed Suicide After Suffering Defeat

    The only example I can think of is Adolf Hitler. Who else?
  19. Dawson567

    Is suicide morally wrong?

    Is it wrong for any living being with the means to end it's life, to do so?
  20. Naomasa298


    In the wake of Robin Williams' death, a number of public comments have been made from certain quarters, one newsreader calling him a coward, and another saying that he had no sympathy for suicides. Williams' daughter Zelda has quit Twitter over some of the remarks. Yet it's easy for people to...