1. Maoistic

    Was the Greco-Roman phalanx superior to ancient Chinese formations and tactics?

    This is a very common claim I've found here, in Total War and other forums, that part of the reason why the Roman Empire had a superior army to the Han dynasty is that it either had Greek phalanx formations or defeated Greek phalanx formations in its conquest of Greek states, something that the...
  2. Robert165

    Does Western Civilization really have superior values

    Look, normally I am very critical of Capitalism, Imperialism, and Western Powers in general. During these discussions a rebuttal is often brought up. That rebuttal is that even if the West is not perfect they do have some very good qualities. Qualities like: Freedom Individuality Democracy...
  3. Maoistic

    Is Steel really that much superior to Bronze?

    What the title says.
  4. C

    Why the Roman legion was superior to the Macedonian phalanx

    I've been thinking about this issue for a while now, but I think I've come to a conclusion, at least in my own head, and would like to know what you guys think of it. I think it's quite simple: The Roman infantry could act as its own flanking force, and therefore it's own decisive arm, whereas...
  5. R

    Is American freedom superior to European freedom?

    Should Europe as a whole adopt American ideas about freedom and get rid of its welfare state and loosen labor laws and introduce right to work laws and get rid of collective bargaining to maximise individual freedom at the expense of collective welfare? And should Europe adopt American second...
  6. xMathFanx

    Is a Meritocratic Oligarchy Superior to a Democratic Republic?

    IIs a Meritocratic Oligarchy Superior to a Democratic Republic? Consider the case of a Fictional Meritocratic Oligarchy found in Star Wars--The Jedi Council. The Jedi Order holds the Jedi Council at the top of a pyramid who dictate the rules, course of action, ect. ect. as the primary...
  7. notgivenaway

    were ancient Chinese philsophers superior Westerners of the same period?

    Most of what Aristotle, Plato or Socrates said has been proven wrong or false, with notable exception such as the Allegory of the Cave, or Aristolte proving the water cycle. Compared to Sun Tzu, or Confucius, haven't they both had more longevity, and said things that are near timeless?
  8. Karl XII

    Some cultures are superior to others

    Technically you cant argue that one culture is superior to another because everyone will say that all cultures are relative. However we can look for certain criteria that some cultures foster better than others. I think most people would say that womens rights, freedom of expression and economic...
  9. Saitp

    Does Mongols have superior history than Turks?

    Greetings. I'm a Turk (Anotolian Turk). I read a book about Turkish history. I saw there that old historians were thinking Turks are Mongoloid. Then they learns they are Turk. Much time i saw this. Then I thinked "why didn't they think Mongols are Turkic? They all thinked Turks are Mongoloid...
  10. M

    What would you rather have? A better Air Force or better Anti-Air defense?

    You are fighting a conventional war(no nukes). What would you rather have as a doctrine if you were a Commander in Chief/Joint Chief of Staff? Would you invest more on Air Power to gain Air superiority? Or invest more on Air Defense Systems to cover logistics and cities and defend the ground...
  11. P

    Did the English have superior numbers at the Spanish Armada?

    The Spanish Armada is a though provoking event; I won't go as far as to say it was overrated; but there are a bajillion ways in which it was. Maybe both. I read somewhere that it's a mythology that Spanish ships were larger. According to wikipedia; the English had more ships. Thus, would you...
  12. Earl_of_Rochester

    Is Ancient Greek Art & Architecture superior to any other form of Art?

    Is the legacy of Ancient Greek Art superior to any other art forms that have come after it? My apologies for posting so many fragrant displays of willies in the opening post, this must be some sort of record. I advise our more timid members to take necessary discretion when viewing this thread...
  13. Pillbox city

    NKVD vs Gestapo: the superior secret police force?

    The NKVD and the Gestapo, two secret police forces of two ruthless dictators, but which one was the superior one?
  14. N

    Could nowadays music like trance be superior to classic music?

    Trance is a kind of music that has many sounds and emotional intrumental parts,could be superior in logic and quality?
  15. M

    Battles decided by superior weaponry/equipment

    Title: Try to list some Battle of Marathon-superior equipment and weapons of the Greeks slaughter the Persian infantry. Battle of Cahrae-the lack of light missle troops of the Romans plus the superior hail of arrows of Parthians routes Crassus' entire army. Battle of Wattling Street-10,000...
  16. chagatai

    Is Pagan religion superior to Abrahamic religion?

    If you look at ancient history, Pagan religions contributed much more than Abrahamic religions. Why is this? Maybe it has to do with, don't question anything? I read some where that if Christianity didn't took over the world. We would have ipads by the year 1000, which of course is sarcasm but...
  17. Earl_of_Rochester

    Is the West morally superior to the Middle East?

    A bit of a hot potato this one, just reading Malakand Field Force by Winston Churchill and came across this quote: The Story of the Malakand Field Force, Chapter XIII: NAWAGI, Winston Churchill. Bearing in mind that this was written prior to WW1 and WW2 so he can hardly be very accurate in...
  18. P

    Why is the Roman Legion generally seen as superior to their opponents in every way?

    I notice the Romans are always seen as invincible and superior their opponents in every way. Like the quote by Livy above, the Romans weren't exactly the perfect army in military abilities, tactics, and strategies. In fact much of the time the Romans were outmatched in many essential areas!Roman...
  19. K

    Turkic- mixed Asians ruled White for 500 years. Are they military superior to Europe?

    Doesn't this mean they were historically far more military superior to Europeans? I've been to the empires forums before and the members there always talk about how Europeans empires had ruled the world and that no other groups achieved this but the Turkic people have conquered just much...
  20. koala

    During the fall of Amida (359), who is superior between Sabinianus and Ursicinus

    At last in 359, the long labours exerted by Shapur II brought to fruition in three roman important fortresses of Amida, Singara and Bezabde. A military historian, who himself then had been subordinate and respectful to Ursicianus, ascribed this loss to incompenent and remiss Sabinianus. I...