1. Spike117

    Ancient/Medieval Support Personnel

    Hello. I was wondering what ancient and medieval support/logistical personnel would be called. I mean the guys who would carry the supplies, help set up camp, cook, clean, etc. Specifically, I'm looking at medieval Europe around the 14th century but any information is helpful. EDIT: Another...
  2. V

    Rape of Hakka women, Taiwanese massacres by Japanese. Why Lee Tung Hui support Japan?

    How come Taiwan and it's politicians, leaders still supports Japan so much like former president of Republic of Taiwan Lee Tung Hui says Taiwan belongs to Japan? From what I've read they also suffered a lot under the Japanese rule too ( large number of Taiwanese women, Large number of Hakka...
  3. Visigoth Panzer

    What Countries in Modern Time can Support Oversea Troops

    In modern times (excluding USA) what countries can support and supply troops of at least 1,000, overseas (across an ocean) without significant outside help? This is assuming a low-level conflict in a poorly armed country.
  4. F

    What motivated support for ancient (greek/hellenistic) learning?

    This is just an idea about it. The learned men at least from the hellenistic era, especially under the dynasties founded by Alexanders generals (and here the Ptolemies in particular), seems to have been pretty generous towards arts as well as sciences (with sometimes great results), but also the...
  5. B

    How much support did eastern European communist parties have post WW2 1945-1950?

    Has anyone ever tried to work out how much actual support they had (e.g if there was a free election how many votes they would win). Btw I know that some of the prewar elections where relatively free.
  6. Jake10

    Do you support the concept of worker unions?

    What are your thoughts about unions and what they do?
  7. F

    The role of Close Air Support in modern war

    I have some questions about the role of close air support in modern war.First:In a modern war between 2 professional armies using SAMs such as the Patriot and the S-400 can aircraft such as the F-16 ,Superhornet and F-15 be used before neutralizing the SAMs ?Also,will the advent of stealth...
  8. Waterloofinalsolution

    Hitler and the Arab World. Did Hitler support Arab Nationalism?

    This is an on and on topic. White Nationalists in Europe love Hitler and strongly think that if he would have won WW2, he would have exterminated all the Muslims and Jews But when I traveled to North Africa, I noticed there are many Arab conservatives who love Hitler just as much as a White...
  9. Jake10

    Reasons for the support of Ruhollah Khomeini taking over Iran

    The Ayatollah Khomeini's views are often questioned, yet he was able to take over Iran with a lot of support. What were the reasons behind that support?
  10. Waterloofinalsolution

    DEBATE: Did Napoleon support Absolutism or a Democratic Republic?

    Everyone seems divided on this opinion and I would like a conclusion to it. There are many in France that strongly believe Napoleon supported the Libertarian values France represented after the French Revolution and there are other, more conservative people that believe Napoleon supported a...
  11. M

    US Support for Entente in WW I - how crucial?

    I just ask myself how important the support of the US in favour of the Western Allies in the World War One was. This contains deliveries and credits before April 1917, as well as the participation in war after that time. Does anyone have links to good overview pages? Or, if we put the...
  12. EmperorTigerstar

    Senegal Invades Gambia to Support New President

    Gambia crisis: Senegal troops enter to back new president - BBC News As the standoff between the old and new presidents of Gambia continue, Senegal troops are now entering the country to support the new president.
  13. Jake10

    Do you support vigilante justice?

    How do you feel about vigilante justice?
  14. Domnall Ballach

    Does Renamo prove guerrillas don't need civilian support?

    Basically, Renamo was (and is) a US and Apartheid-backed traditionalist insurgency that fought the Marxist-Leninist Frelimo government shortly after Mozambique's independence in 1975. Their strategy was the polar opposite of hearts and minds, even in the north, where they wanted to secure...
  15. History Craft

    Importance of allied economic support for the USSR

    How important were the supplies received by the USSR from the USA? Was it something vital? How was the eastern front impacted by these supplies? Also, would the USSR have made it without them? And if yes, how difficult would it have been? I've seen some minimizing the allied help and others...
  16. grey fox

    Primary sources that support theory that CSA embargoed Europe

    In James McPherson's book Battle Cry of Freedom, McPherson asserts that the Confederacy implemented a cotton embargo against Britain and the rest of Europe. McPherson asserted that the CSA embargoed Europe in an attempt to persuade Britain & other European states to intervene on the CSA side in...
  17. Space Shark

    John Paul II speaks out in support of Communism

    By "support", I mean that he says until every gainfully employed person has the resources to live a long and healthy life, wealth should be distributed much more evenly. He condemns the secularism, of course, but says that on economics Marx was spot on. How would the world react? I'd imagine he...
  18. G

    Why did USA & Saudi support Shia N.Yemen & USSR the Sunni S.Yemen

    US was always with Sunnis during cold war era and so was Saudi? So why did the two nations support the Shia majority North Yemen and USSR which tended to be with Shia states like Iran, Syria etc. support the Sunni majority South Yemen which had a communist state? I mean the sectarian identities...
  19. G

    Has Israel provided any form of support to the Kurds in Iraq and Syria

    Has Israel which is often percieved as being friendly with Kurds provided any form of military, financial etc. type of support to the Kurdish resistance anywhere in the conflict zones in Iraq and Syria. I believe due to relations with Turkey it wont support PKK but does it offer support to...
  20. Waterloofinalsolution