1. M

    Supremacy of the Eastern nomads

    Recently I've been studying and brushing up on the nomadic tribes of the steppes and from what I already knew and from the latest that I've looked at I've noticed a pattern. Eastern Tribes almost always exclusively dominate tribes to the West. My question is does any one have any explanation...
  2. J

    Poverty & White Supremacy

    Explain how and why poverty and white supremacy are foundations upon which the post-Civil War South was built. (Intellectual answers ONLY!!! PLEASE no negativity or race/status bashing!)
  3. Valens

    Papal supremacy

    The notion of papal supremacy has been one of the major causes for friction since the very beginnings of Christianity, as the Bishop of Rome (Pope), sought to elevate himself above other Church seats. From the first five primary patriarchies, Rome, Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria and...
  4. No Bias FTW

    Without the Progressiveness of Modern Western World: Could The World Have Done This?

    Assume for a moment that the Western artistic way of life did not become dominant for the last century. How long do you think the world would have to wait before the technology and attitude would allow rock concert (open air or otherwise) to become popular and epic? A very famous half...
  5. Nz Khan

    Who can claim air supremacy?

    Who can claim air warfare supremacy, at this moment? Who is the runner-up? - based on advancement, development, technology, capacity, superior number, etc. Air supremacy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. CathareHeretic

    india,russia,china to create new alliance to challenge USA's supremacy

    The dispute regarding the first priority in the foreign policy of Russia – whether it should have the Western or the Eastern orientation – has been going on for quite a long time already. The discussion was not surfacing much only during the Soviet era, perhaps. However, it would not...
  7. A

    Peoples/Tribes under Rouran supremacy?

    Which tribes/nomad peoples were ruled by the Rouran?
  8. Kirialax

    Supremacy of the Roman See

    Please do not let this end up in the religion sub-forum. When did the episcopal see of Rome begin to assert itself as the head of the Christian world? What do we have for documentation in that regard? While this is a topic that interests me, I know very little about it. I am under the...
  9. O

    China and Western Supremacy I found this article very interesting. It is suggesting that if China does regain its place as the biggest economy worldwide, it is simply regaining its Historical Position. This leads me to one question - has the last 2 centuries of Western...