1. grey fox

    What would have happened if the Soviets surrendered at Leningrad?

    Earlier tonight I discussed the Siege of Leningrad in World War 2 with my father. My father is not a World War II buff, and he does not know much about history. But my father said something that got my thinking. I mentioned how the Nazis besieged Leningrad in World War 2, and I mentioned how...
  2. VHS

    How and when did the concept of war crime arise?

    Atrocities in war has gone a long way back, and let's list a few commonly known ones here: According to Zizhi Tongjian (which is very much a secondary source itself, and it is meant to be lessons for rulers; consequently, it cannot be considered 100% historical), Bai Qi and his Qin military...
  3. R

    Would North Vietnam ever of surrendered?

    Would North Vietnam ever of surrendered? Was it ever possible for America to of won?
  4. C

    How many Wehrmacht soldiers surrendered from January to April 1945?

    How many Wehrmacht soldiers surrendered from January to April 1945? Why didn't they continue fighting against the Allies? You would think a military as indoctrinated and ideologically driven as they were would fight until the very end, which it seems only small numbers of them did. So why the...
  5. YouLoveMeYouKnowIt

    Japan surrendered because...

    The conventional knowledge is that Japan surrendered because of the atomic bombs but there are those who believe that it was the Soviet Union's massive offensive of 15 armies and 1,500,000 men that forced Japan to surrender. Is it a synthesis of the two? Certainly getting atomic bombed twice...
  6. Drakey

    Should Constantine XI have surrendered Constantinople?

    Before the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II had offered the Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI the chance to surrender on numerous occasions. They were outright rejected. Constantinople was the last bastion of Christianity in the East and it was unthinkable that any...
  7. S

    What if Poland surrendered Danzig?

    What would have happened after? would Hitler have been content and ready for a peaceful foreign relationship? Was WW2 unavoidable in Hitler's mind? Who would have been next to receive a demand? Poland for the rest of German territory or France for Alsace? How would the soviet union react...
  8. mister

    What Chian Kai Shek Surrendered to Japan?

    Title says it all? Would Japan still keep Korea? How would this affect WW2? EDIT: Forgot to add "if" :(
  9. sylla1

    Should a 3ird nuke be used had Japan not surrendered after another week or so?

    The OP is self-explanatory. It is inferred here that the predictions of the commander of the Manhattan Project for the US War Department were right and that a third A bomb would have been available for delivery over the target for the first good weather day after August 17-18, 1945. BTW...