1. VHS

    Could Yugoslavia survive?

    Yugoslavia fell apart soon after the collapse of the USSR. It was not a large country per se; it had some regions with ethnic majority which were divided into constituent republics (in the line of the USSR.) The USSR collapsed in 1991, and this might have proven the constituent republic system...
  2. Futurist

    The Valois and Bourbons become extinct while the Dreux survive

    I wanted to spice things up and thus came up with this scenario: John of Bourbon, Count of Vendome (this guy:,_Count_of_Vendôme ; he's the male-line great-great-grandfather of French King Henry IV) dies before he is able to have a son. As a result, the...
  3. Futurist

    Does Italy's monarchy survive to the present-day if Italy remains neutral in WWII?

    Without Italian participation in World War II, would Italy's monarchy have survived to the present-day? I know that this is a bit of a random question, but I am curious about this. Indeed, without Italian entry into WWII, Mussolini's regime survives and he probably lives long enough to die a...
  4. Athenian

    Would the USSR survive if it wasn't for the arms and space race

    Hey fellow histuromites. I have a simple yet not simplistic question. Would the USSR survive if it took no part in the arms and space race and did not antagonize with the USA for world hegemony? If yes maybe it could invest further in the development of its people both economically and...
  5. benzev

    BBC Radio 4- How to Survive the Roman Empire by Pliny and Me by Hattie Naylor

    Heard Part 1 of this Roman drama about Pliny the Younger on Radio 4 this evening. Set in the reign of Domitian, I was rapidly amazed to hear Pliny talk about the Baths of Caracalla and the Baths of Diocletian- Emperors who lived and reigned 130 and 200 years afterwards, respectively!
  6. S

    How did S.A. natives survive the dangerous animals?

    I hope this is an appropriate question for this sub-forum. I'm reading The Lost City of Z which describes the wide variety of dangerous plants and animals that Percy Fawcett's expeditions had to deal with. The various poisonous plants, venomous snakes, and dangerous insects took a severe toll...
  7. T

    Could Christian Nubia survive?

    I've recently read a lot about Christian medieval state of Nubia (present-day Sudan) - Makuria, Alodia and Nobadia. They created original christian civilization, merging Byzantine, Coptic, Arabic and local Nubian elements. Christian states of Nubia collapsed in the course of XIV-XV century...
  8. Naima

    Roman empire survive Timeline?

    What could be a possible timeline of a Roman Empire surviving till today? What I mean is are you able to post a sort of main event timelines that picks especially the turning points that could have allowed Roman empire to survive till today and be a major power ?
  9. VHS

    Could things developed differently in Japan in 1930s?

    The militarism in 1930s Japan meant "the beginning of an end" for the Japanese Empire, would any people provide a different interpretation? What developments might have allowed the Japanese Empire to thrive and survive? Pacific War was suicidal, as was the expansion into China beyond Manchuria.
  10. A

    Paleocene Non-Avian Dinosaurs. Did They Actually survive?

    Hey guys I wanted to get this off my back, shoulders and chest. I was reading an article about Non-Avian Dinosaurs that survived the K-Pg extinction boundary 66 million years ago (was 65 million years) and lasted well into the Paleocene epoch, which I found it completely absurd. Sure it'll be...
  11. G

    How did the Barzanis survive so long where other Kurdish leaders couldnt

    I mean how did they manage to survive so long where other Kurdish chieftains/generals/leaders ended up getting killed. What did they do differently that helped their longevity especially something as brutal as Baathist regime massacres.
  12. El Cid

    How did the mosaics in Ravenna survive under the Isaurians(iconoclasm)?

    When Leo III the Isaurian and some of his succesors ruled, they actually controlled Ravenna. They were iconoclasts. But look here: Why was the mosaic of Jesus not destroyed/removed under the Isaurians? Did they not have control over the city? did the population of Ravenna refuse the...
  13. Futurist

    Would the E.U. survive Frexit?

    Out of curiosity--if Marine Le Pen hypothetically wins the 2017 French Presidential election and holds an E.U. membership in France which results in a majority vote for "Leave," would the E.U. survive afterwards? Or would Frexit combined with Brexit (which is already in the process of occurring)...
  14. JoanOfArc007

    A WWII Russian prisoner of war remembers the Americans who helped him survive

    This was one of the greatest, if not the greatest video I have ever seen. Its like something out of a story book...a Cinderella story that happens to be real, oGwZ0pakhHE
  15. W

    Could the Ottomans Survive the !8th Century

    Ive recently been studying the 9 Years War and The War of the Spanish Succession and the relative weakness of the Ottomans struck me. If as Pope Pius had hoped the western Europeans could stop their incessant warfare and focus on the Ottoman Empire could it survive? The fact that the Hapsburgs...
  16. turtlemobster806

    Confederacy survive???

    Would the confederacy survive if they won the American civil war
  17. S

    Did Harold Godwinson survive or die at Hastings (survey)
  18. G

    How did Islam survive the Mongol destruction in Middle East

    Christianity disappeared after Muslim invasions, Jews after Roman, similarly Pagans after the Christianization of Roman empire, Copts and Zorastrians after Arab invasions, Syriac Christians after Timur invasions. Yet somehow Islam survived intact despite many times more barbaric invasion of...
  19. G

    How did Persian culture survive under Turkic rule in middle ages

    Its understandable that Persians got co-opted by Abbasids and also had many native dynasties such as Samanids, Buyids etc. which allowed them to retain their Persian culture (minus their original faiths). However how did they manage to survive the Turkic Koyunlu rule in the Middle Ages and the...
  20. F

    Country today with *conventional* firepower enough for 1945's Reich to survive

    Besides the usual suspects, like the USA, could you list the countries today each, if finds herself in the situation Germany was in in 1945, having the conventional capability to fight off the Allied forces from all directions?