1. J

    What if Paganism survived in Britain?

    First, let me get my apologies out of the way: Sorry, I tend to drift around in the realm of the "What if?" a lot! Sorry if someone else has already asked this! Sorry if this turns into a stream of thought style post! I am trying to envision a situation where Paganism remains the dominant...
  2. T

    WI: McKinley survived assassination

    In 1901, President William McKinley was assassinated. At the time, Teddy Roosevelt was Vice President, put there by Republican political bosses to keep him from getting more power. Obviously, that didn't work out. :) Well, this is the POD: what if McKinley isn't assassinated? This should have...
  3. Jake10

    If Henry VIII and Catherine's Son, (Henry, Duke of Cornwall) had survived

    If their son had not died, would Henry still have wanted a divorce? Would he have broken off from the Catholic church?,_Duke_of_Cornwall
  4. vans

    1914 BEF - how many survived WW1

    I have read many times that the British Expeditionary Force to France was virtually wipped out by the end of 1914. However, I have been unable to find out exactly what that means in terms of actual numbers of casualties. I wonder if anyone can help me? How many of the original British regular...
  5. Maki

    Would the USA have survived the Confederate victory? Would the CSA?

    So, pre-Civil War USA had a much more developed state rather than national patriotism. Many people, most famous ones being Lee and Jefferson Davis, considered loyalty to their individual states more important than the loyalty to the USA as a whole. The whole concept of states' rights was not...
  6. C

    Let's say the Third Reich won, or at least survived. Who becomes Hitler's successor?

    Let's assume that in WWII (if there even is one in this parallel universe) that the Nazi-led Third Reich wins the war, or at least survives as the same state led by the Nazi regime. Hitler would eventually grow old, so how would the Nazis and/or Hitler decides who is the next "Fuhrer?" Would...
  7. Naima

    What if Caesar survived the assasination attempt?

    LEts say that at the Ides of March Caesar brings a little protection in disguise among the senators and manages to be protected by the assassination act and succesfully escapes the murdering... What could have happened after?
  8. No Bias FTW

    How was the Mosin-Nagant advantageous for the Russian geographies for so long?

    I used to think that the Mosin-Nagant was more reliable than the K98 due to typical ruggedness people expect out of Russian products. Yet, it failed even more badly than the K98 in a test where most people expected the Mosin to win. JrV3Wq59mz0 On the other hand, here is an Arisaka (which is...
  9. notgivenaway

    Lincoln survived assassination and limited Manifest Destiny

    Say Lincoln survived getting assassinated, and managed to serve a second or even third term. Being more progressive than other whites by US standards then, he not only gives blacks the vote, but he protects native Americans and grants them rights under the Constitution. This causes ire, and...
  10. Naima

    What if Paganism survived Christianity?

    What if the Paganism of ancient Greece and Rome survived to the expansion of the Christianity that didn't go beyond a mere sect in palestine? What if the pagan religion of germans, greek , Roman and the other polytheistic cults in europe all merged into the same pagan pantheon? How would the...
  11. F

    Sovereign states survived after being decapitated and disarmed before 1900

    Countless sovereign states ceased to exist after the fall of the capital + the surrender of the armed forces. I suspect it was much more likely for a sovereign state to continue to exist after all that within a system of balance of power. Could you list the countries that were allowed to exist...
  12. notgivenaway

    How come some names survived the Norman Conquest and others didn't?

    William, Henry, John, and Richard for obvious reasons come in England post-1066. But then Edward, Edgar, Alfred, Harold, Edwin, even a few people are called Ethelbert or Egbert (not many granted). How come this is so?
  13. Australopithecus

    Could the Kingdom of Syagrius survived?

    The warlord kingdom of Syagrius, centered around the city of Soissons, was the last territory in Western Europe directly ruled by Roman authorities, and lasted for more than ten years after the fall of the Western Empire. The surrounding Germanic kingdoms referred to Syagrius as the King of the...
  14. T

    Could Imperial Japan have survived if it played its cards differently?

    Was Japan doomed after Pearl Harbour? If not, how would its leadership have had to strategize in order to carry on existing as a regime after the war stops in our timeline
  15. T

    Could the demise of Christianity in the Middle east have been avoided?

    As I type this, the sad fact is that Christianity is now nearly extinct in the region of its birth, whether you view this as a good or a bad thing, it does make one wonder - what would have had to occur historically for this not to be the case? One major factor to my mind would be Islam-...
  16. T

    Had the Mongols not turned back, would Europe have survived?

    So far as im aware (Feel free too correct me if im wrong) The only reason the armies of western Europe in the 13th century didn't have to face the Mongols was that a succession crisis forced their leaders to pull back somewhere in the mid to late part of that century. But what if this wasn't...
  17. Futurist

    Would (most of) the USSR have survived if that Aug. 1991 coup attempt never occurred?

    Basically, it appears that all 9 of the SSRs who participated in this March 17, 1991 referendum voted to keep the Soviet Union:,_1991 Thus, what I am wondering about is this--if that August 1991 coup attempt would have never occurred, then...
  18. The General

    if the byzantines survived to modern times?

    what if the ottomans never conquered the byzantines and they remained strong to the modern day? what would it have been like during the era of expansion, ww1 and ww2? which wars would they have participated in? would eastern orthodox be a much more major religion? would there be a much less...
  19. SNascimento

    If the Romans hadn't build Constantinople, would the ERE have survived for so long?

    Let's say Constantine decided to make another capital for the eastern part of the Roman Empire. Antioch, Alexandria... any major city really. Or any other place to build a capital. Without the key location and amazing defensive works that were possible, would the ERE have survived untill the...