1. K

    Very detailed video on the Swahili Coast

    Does anyone know where I can find more information about the creators of this video? They spammed my comment section one day on like 10 of my videos advertising their website. Normally this would bother me but they had some good stuff on their YouTube channel, however, all of their comments are...
  2. H

    Did the Swahili people sail a giraffe to China?

    According to many sources, (as well as a Chinese painting from the middle ages) a giraffe was successfully taken from Africa, across the Indian Ocean and to China in the middle ages. However I hear differing accounts of this. Some state that the Chinese sailed to East Africa and brought African...
  3. RockmanYoshi

    City states and empires in the Swahili coast

    What were some of the lesser known nations that were established on the Swahili coast. Of course I know about Kilwa, Pate, Mombasa, Malindi and Sofala but I feel that those are talked about too often when we discuss Swahili history (rarely!). I've been reading the Pate Chronicle recently and it...
  4. SultaniWaSawahil

    Something To Think About (Swahili Coast Edition)

    Non-Black Slaves In Zanzibar Book:Domesticating the World African Consumerism and the Genealogies of Globalization Side note: Sultan Seyyid Majid's mother was a Circassian slave.
  5. T

    The Destruction the Swahili Kingdom

    14 Kilwa and its Destruction by Europeans - YouTube
  6. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Why didn't the Swahili invest in a navy?

    I mean, they were easy targets for the Portuguese when they rolled in on kilwa with ships and cannons, but it just seems odd that a significant seafaring and trading power like the Swahili civilization would not have invested in a military. In the red sea and the Indian ocean, they're the odd...
  7. PreColonialAfricaFTW

    Who really ruled the Swahili Coast?

    Some people say the cities were founded and ruled by Persians or Arabs, others say they were indigenous creations(this much is true) and that they were ruled by Africans. Am I correct in saying that foreign traders to Swahili lands were assimilated into society and intermarried into the local...
  8. E

    The soulful chorus of the Swahili

    In my opinion when it comes to joint quire there are few who sing as beautifully as the Swahili people of Eastern Africa. The beautiful language and sounds coincide with their beautiful land of plains. Their rhythmic tune brings you in line with the song of their ancestors who walked among the...