1. J

    15th century English army, Hussite, Swiss pikeman vs Ottoman

    How do the - 15th century English army of the 100 Years War - Hussite - Swiss pikeman fare against the Ottoman of their respective period in a field battle with equal number? I heard that those forces can defeat other European forces several times their size. Also what happen if their...
  2. C

    What happened to Louis XVI's Swiss after Revolution?

    I have been researching my family tree on and off again for over a decade. On my fathers side of the family, everybody has basically been Dutch except for my great great great great grandfather. He was born in Switzerland in a village in the Canton of Zurich in 1767. In 1794 he is living...
  3. Ardiaei

    "Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe deliberately

    "Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe deliberately left them Aside." Swiss Historian: Albanians World Leaders since the Middle Ages, Europe Deliberately left them Aside - Oculus News Dr. Alexandre Lambert, historian, academic director of the "School of...
  4. P

    movie star james stewart and Swiss bombing court-martial.

    Many W.W. 2 buffs know about Hollywood actor James Stewart's wartime service with the USAAF flyng bombers out of Tibbenham England near Norwich over Nazi Germany where Stewart was a highly popular officer with all ranks. However, much less well known is that -against his wishes-he was appointed...
  5. No Bias FTW

    You, Commander Olivetti, are a leader of the Swiss Guard

    Please use actual, historical Swiss Guard performances for the basis of this speculation. You are Commander Olivetti of the one and only Swiss Guard at the Vatican and Rome. A Middle Eastern Hassassin (Hashashin; true Syrian assassin) kidnapped 4 Cardinals and threatened to blow up Rome with a...
  6. C

    Who were the rulers (landamann) or "patriciate" during the swiss ancien regime?

    Who were the rulers (landamann) or "patriciate" during the swiss ancien regime? Hello everyone I started to read some of swiss history, but I cant understand properly the main diferences between the old swiss nobility and the patriciate. The Nobility, according to the book that I am reading...
  7. D

    A few Questions about the Old Swiss Confederacy

    Hey, I just had a few questions to anyone knowledgeable about the medieval/renaissance Switzerland that I couldn't find a lot of information. -During the Guglerkrieg who exactly was 'De Coucy' and how was he related to/what claims did he have on the Habsburg Throne; why did he choose to head...
  8. JoanOfArc007

    The response to when a Swiss Catholic prayed for Hitler's death

    This perhaps could have been an opportunity to swing the momentum against Hitler when in the summer of 1936 a voice of light from the darkness emerged....a Swiss Catholic made worldwide headlines by praying for the death of Adolf Hitler.... In response the popular German Catholic Cardinal...
  9. Excalibur

    Swiss Train Attack

    7 people wounded in Swiss train attack including 6 years old kid. The attacker was 27 years old Swiss man. He used a knife and an flamable liquid. Several people injured in Swiss train attack
  10. P

    Swiss Andersonville in W.W. 2

    Most posters in these forums probably know that it was a Swiss guy called Wirz who was Commandant of the hellish Confederate POW hellhole of Camp Sumter, Andersonville, Georgia during the American Civil War.But in W.W. 2 Switzerland had its own Andersonville where interned U.S, Airmen who had...
  11. Haardrada

    The Swiss persue an expansionist policy in the 15-16th Century.

    What if the Swiss cantons had actually managed to control or prevent foreign powers from recruiting Swiss nationals and the Swiss Confederation cooperated effectively in an effort to expand Swiss territory?
  12. K

    No Swiss Neutrality

    World War One breaks out. Switzerland does not stay neutral. What would the benefits for joining the Central Powers? What would the benefits of joining the Allied Powers?
  13. Druzhina

    Early 16th century prints of Swiss Soldiers by Urs Graf

    Urs Graf (born c. 1485 in Solothurn, Switzerland; possibly died before 13 October 1528) was a Swiss Renaissance goldsmith, painter and printmaker (of woodcuts, etchings and engravings), as well as a mercenary soldier. Prints of Swiss Soldiers by Urs Graf including larger pictures of: Standard...
  14. Haardrada

    Films/Documentaries of Medieval Swiss or Wars of the Roses

    Hi I'm a fan of the European History of the late 14th- early 16 th century encomasing the Wars of the Roses and Swiss History from Mortgarten to the end of the Italian wars but can find little of anything in film or documentary form on this time period Available.Can anyone provide any...
  15. Haardrada

    Swiss Battlefield Supremecy

    From Mortgrten in 1315 until Bicocca in 1522 the Swiss enjoyed a formidable reputation and almost unbeaten reign of success on the battlefield.But what were the factors governing their success?Was Charles the Bold of Burgundy simply incompetent or mistaken in his attempts against the League of...
  16. bartieboy

    The Swiss in the great war

    Dear Historum muchachas, I thought you might enjoy this article about the Swiss contribution to the French cause in world war one. Lo siento pero yo no hablo espanol. Cheers, Bartieboy
  17. Druzhina

    Swiss Standard Bearers by Urs Graf

    Swiss Standard Bearers by Urs Graf including: Schaffhausen, Solothurn, St Gallen, Appenzell, Zug, Glarus, Schwyz, Unterwalden, Fribourg & Basel and Bearer of Julius Banner of Zug The Bearer of the Banner of the Canton Glarus MIRROR SITE Swiss Standard Bearers by Urs Graf Druzhina...
  18. Menshevik

    Swiss Government and Banks bow to U.S. demands.

    I don't know much about economics or international business, but, it always angers and confuses me when I hear about things like this: What I got out of the article was that...
  19. Jake10

    Swiss robot can be controlled with thoughts 100 Km away.

    Only a cap is needed to control this robot, and it allows a person to interact with and move around people 100 km away. Swiss scientists unveil mind-controlled robot - Gadgets - News - People who are paralyzed can use this, but I think it can go far beyond that. We touched on it...
  20. Rommel

    Who were the Swiss Guards?

    Who were the swiss guards? is it a cult? do they serve anyone? or do they kill for money? HOw'd they get their name? Were they Swiss?