1. Dose

    During the Dark Ages did people carry swords frequently?

    Were swords only brandished by certain classes? Was it expensive to purchase a sword? Were swordfighting skills something only knights and nobles honed?
  2. RidiculousName

    Curved and Straight Swords and Their Uses

    I would like to know more about why swords tended to take the shapes they did. I've heard that curved swords barely increase the sharpness of a weapon, so why did so many cultures use them? Why did the Europeans largely stick to straight swords with some exceptions. What benefits and...
  3. O

    Spears/Pikes vs Swords

    From what little I know, most melee infantry in history had spears/pikes rather than swords: the Romans stand out as a rare exception here. Elite units, however, tended to prefer the sword which has been a status symbol since the Bronze age I believe. In my mind, please do correct if wrong, the...
  4. RidiculousName

    Leaf-Blade Swords

    Why did bronze-age swords often have a "leaf" shape to them where they widen slightly before narrowing to a point?
  5. C

    Are Longswords the best swords in history?

    At first, I thought the Katana was the best sword ever made due to its reputation, but then I saw a German documentary which compared a Longsword forged similar to tradition and a Katana forged similar to tradition and not only does the Longsword have a cutting ability rivaling that of the...
  6. The Reality

    Weapons (Swords,Guns,Daggers etc)

    Let's have a weapons thread where we name historical weapons, their use and give a brief description of the purpose they served to the person who used the weapon. Post a picture of the weapon if possible. Say the weapons name (it must be a historical weapon) Give a short description of the...
  7. The Reality

    Evolution of Guns

    Anyone know how significant were the changes in guns made from the 1400s but prior to the 1900s? And which guns were the most commonly used by empires around the world during the times in the Late middle to the Early modern ages (1300-1800).
  8. Maryannu

    Swords and Axes in India

    Although the bamboo longbow is portrayed as the primary weapon of Indian infantries, how prominent were weapons such as the sword and the axe in ancient and medieval Indian armies? Do we have records of shock action performed by attack infantry in India? What was the social standing of warriors...
  9. RidiculousName


    I've watched enough HEMA guys on youtube to learn that spears > swords. However a few questions still rear their ugly heads. My question is, if spears beat swords, then why did swords sometimes replace spears as the most commonly equipped weapons of a nation? Most famously the Romans dropped...
  10. W

    Would European swords easily shatter Samurai armor?

    The pro knight side often assumes that European longswords were not only superior to Katanas that if the two sword impacted, katanas would shatter upon impact...... They even go as far as saying European swords were far superior to Samurai armor that one whack from a Scottish claymore or...
  11. W

    Would iron and steel swords slice bronze age weapons and armour or even shatter them?

    Obviously iron and steel weapons are superior to bronze weapons there's no doubt. But I notice on the internet and even a few TV shows like Deadliest Warriors there is a notion that bronze age weapons are so inferior that an Viking-age longsword or American Civil War saber would simply slice a...
  12. W

    Is it easy to cut through wooden weapons such as staffs, clubs, and mace with swords?

    Because I purchased Mount and Blade three days ago and my katana came in by mail I decide to do a little experiment. In Mount and Blade you can block direct blows from the sword's edge with a wooden staff, wooden clubs, and maces with wooden handles. By block direct blows I mean something...
  13. W

    Why are light swords (less than 3 pounds) feel so heavy to wield?

    This question was inspired because I finally got the chance to purchase a katana and also because I keep seeing sword enthusiast (including academicians and historians) argue that European medieval swords weren't heavy at all through forums posts and articles such as this one. Medieval Swords...
  14. Darth Raidius

    Two-handed swords in the early middle ages?

    During the early middle ages, particularly the Viking age, a vast majority of swordsmen wielded a one-handed, double-edged sword alongside a shield. In some rare instances, individual warriors chose to fight without a shield, or wield one weapon in each hand. But what about two-handed swords...
  15. Rex Hiemis

    Ancient Middle East curved swords

    Is it true there were no curved swords (like scimitars) in Middle East until the arrival of Turkic tribes?
  16. L

    calvary swords

    Help, I need a sword expert. In the television show Branded, Chuck Connors is court martialed as a coward. He is stripped of his insignia, has his sword broken in half and then has a "C" painted in yellow across his back to indicate coward. First of all, was this historically correct, was the...
  17. C

    Using different Metals in swords

    Don't know if this is the right forum. Does anyone know why swords have never been made of Platinum, Rhodium, Tungsten, Titanium or other metals? Why Steel? Shouldn't Tungsten be far better than any steel? And Titanium, though bendy, would be very lightweight and perfect for say a dagger.
  18. attila006

    Wounds from Swords

    Its a common fallacy that stab wounds are nearly always deadly. Here is a good article on the subject, which provides medical and historical accounts of severely wounded individuals who weren't brought down quickly after being "run through". People are actually pretty hard to kill.
  19. K

    Transmission of Military Technology Between Iranians/Central Asians and Vikings?

    Considering the fact that the Vikings directly traded with Central Asia and northern Iran, I wonder if they imported military technology from these regions. I have detected visual similarities between Viking helmets and some of the Sassanid Persian helmets for example, and there's the argument...
  20. M

    Best sword(s) for foot combat and horseback

    Title. If you had to go to combat what sword would you pick. You are allowed to carry whatever type of shield in history. Pick 2(1 for horseback combat and 1 for foot)